Monday, March 4, 2013

Day 241 – Leadership and the Mean Character – Self Correction to Live

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When and as I see I am going into a point of ego when I am given responsibility within a leadership role, I stop and breath, and realize that within this belief and idea that I am chosen or special due to this appointment of leadership over others I am engaging in my ego and thus allowing and accepting the abuse and competitionbetween me and those I am with which is not necessary. I realize I can walk within equality within this leadership role, and thus lead within practical and logistic points, and stop the mind experience of being more because I realize I am not, we are equal.

I commit myself to become aware of my physical body when I am given a leadership position or responsibility, and do not accept any form of mind experience, breathing through it and writing down what in fact I am looking to do and walk within this newly appointed set of responsibilities or leadership position.

I commit myself to stop the desire when it arises of being seen as more special or believing myself to be more special because I was chosen to be a leader.

I commit myself to when I see I am engaging in this belief of being and desiring to be seen as more special, I breath, and walk the point of realizing that we are equal, I am not special this is a mind delusion I have created to make me lose focus and not stay in the physical.

I commit myself to stop the anger and resentment of energy emotions when they arise when I don’t receive the leadership position and another does.

When and as I see myself go into a point of judgment of superior/inferior based on who I see as the leader within my reality and those who are not, I stop and breath, and realize that this is really sabotaging my own self standing with others and not allowing myself to be able to really see or hear others and what they are saying or living within their world, which I realize create more conflict and confusion when I am herestanding as an example to live equal.

I commit myself to stop this point of judgment of others and walk an equal process of physically moving myself to walk with them in what it is that I can support with as well as here support from others.

I commit myself to stop my definition of myself from outside sources by embracing me in these moments and realizing what I am able to accept of myself and walk in correction to thus stand stable and equal with life rather then be in comparison with it.

I commit to accept myself and walk the process of becoming self perfected in my life where there is no gauge by external forces but that which I live and assess in self honesty due to my own self awareness in how I live.

I commit myself to stop and investigate all points in my mind when I go into a comparison and stop the participation to others and walk the solution by treating others as I would want to be treated.

I commit to walk a process of humbleness by standing as an equal with another and walking the point of unconditional support regardless of who or what they are, I walk in equality.

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