Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Day 250 – The Vengeful Character – Ownership – Self Corrections to Live

When and as I go into a possession point with stuff that is currently mine and become reactive if another takes or uses my things, I stop and breath, and realize that what I have or is mine is not only mine, but is something I am using within moments in my living, when I am not using them or another would like to use them, I can share this and thus if someone takes, then direct the person to ask first to make sure it is not already being used.

I commit myself to let go of the desire to possess my things and thus stop myself from going into reaction if another takes something that I am using.

I commit myself to not accept reactions within anger and irritation towards others if they happen to take something that is mine, and find out the why they took it and direct them into a solution that will work for both after I have stopped my reaction through breath I engage.

I commit myself to stop desiring to own my stuff and thus not allow others to use it without a reaction, so I commit to share my stuff when I am not using it or another requires it in all instances.

I commit to work out directions beforehand so the consequences are understood and thus live up to them as well.

When and as I go into a back chat thought when I find that another took my things without asking permission of ‘their so inconsiderate and rude’, I stop and breath, and realize that this is purely a point of blame to not have to face my responsibility of sharing my things and allowing others to freely use it without fear.

I commit myself to when this backchat thought comes up, stop it through breathing, and go to the person and find out what happen, and work out a point of solution or speak common sense so they understand the consequences of what they did and how to best go about getting things from me in the future so the point is cleared.

I commit myself to let go of fear within losing this item and give the item to those that need to use it and if something breaks, then find a solution and direct it with common sense such as have the other replace it or make a plan with the other who broke it to get another one, or let it go.

When and as I go into assumption and anger based on another taking my things and becoming spiteful towards them due to accepting this fear of loss of money that was spent, I stop and breath, and realize the item has equal value with the life I communicating with, and thus I realize I must stop money from dictating how I will react and thus live from a point of equality in hearing all sides and coming to a decision in stability within myself with and towards others.

I commit to let go of the fear of losing an object that is worth a lot of money, by realizing these things happen and either replacing it or buy something that is not so expensive.

I commit to use common sense within what I buy and not buy things based on the money worth of it, but practical reasons.

I commit to stop abusing others based on my fears of lose if they take or break something that was mine, I commit to to stop my fear of lose by thus giving as i would like to receive.

When and as I find that I am going into a possession within a feeling experience with an object and make it more valuable and important then the physical reality here I am living in, I stop and breath, and give up the item for a length of time and write about the point of why I am becoming so addicted to it, what am I not giving myself that I am getting within becoming obsessed with this item, and correct the point to align with life for real in the physical.

I commit myself to let go of the feeling of excitement and goodness when I am using an item I possess and enjoy through letting it go for a while until I am no more moved by feelings of possession.

I commit to walk the usage of the object based on it’s practical function, and not participate in energy experiences towards it through breathing,

I commit to stop defining myself by what I have and start living who I am here, seeing all here as extensions of myself and living among them in the best way possible, creating myself into the optimum I can be by using these objects as what they were designed for rather then using them to feel good and sharing with life as I would want for myself.

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