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Day 268 – Redefining the Word Loser


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This word, loser, will have to be purified within yourself, the memories, the definitions, the beliefs, the fears you hold within it through the self forgiveness and self correction process that I have walked in the last few blogs I have referenced above. I am not completely done purifying this word loser as I still have memories and beliefs coming up within me, so I will continue my writing on this word in writings to come. But for the sake of this blog series, I will redefine it here within a point of how I see it could be walked for all in a universal purpose, what the word actually could be used for to describe and help encapsulate an action within reality.

So for Loser, we can see it as a derivative of the word lost, lost in the context of a competition, and no not the competition of ego in feeling superior over others, but the competition of here in reality to see what is best within the standards we live, and thus can be seen in what we will be walking within the equal money system for instance.

We will through test, trials, and errors walk through many different ways and means, products and services as we recreate this world into the best it could possible be. So within the different testings and trials of these different functions in life that we will use, we will have that which have proven in physical real time living to be best for all, such as a car design that is the most efficient, creative, long lasting, ect., and thus within this testing there will also be the cars that have lost. So within this context one could say ‘this car was the ‘loser’ of the testing arena, and thus car x is the best (or winner)’.

This establishing the practical use of the word ‘loser’ and thus also the word ‘winner’ as it’s not from a point of ego in making one better then the other in one’s mind reality any longer, but the word is the best in a testable, evidentiary, and practical physical reality way, it is what it is actually, there is nothing behind it or nothing anyone can interpret within it's meaning, but in it's realness of the word use it will be the 'loser' as it (place x here) lost in testing and it (place y here) is the winner because it won in testing.

We, within for instance the equal money system processing, will walk from the physical and thus live from the physical only as this is the only reality that is in fact real and able to be tested for real, so thus this is why we are in the process of stopping ourminds and re-birthing ourselves into and as the physical reality, so we are in fact real and can thus live from reality and be in reality. We are now in our minds and thus create all sorts of meanings and definitions in this word loser if you have a look, which create separation and confusion really within society. So living into and as us as physical beings here in physical reality in our presences, words, deeds, and understandings, we all will be equal and one in understanding of what the physical is and what words are in their universal meanings because in essence they will be what they are in it’s actual purpose, the universal meaning to be further discussed, but eventually this will become self evidentiary to a self realized being in the physical.

Another point within redefining the word loser is also as you can see we will redefine the use of competition as well, so within the equal money system for instance we will only create that which is best within life, and this will be agreed upon by all and self evident within all. So creating a number of the same things in different minute or small changes for making artificial competition to make money and profit, will be seen as wasteful and not necessary as it’s not best for all, so thus will be eliminated within the equal money system. Competition as we know it will be gone in our minds in self interest, and the real purpose of competition will emerge, to find what is in fact best for all in all that we do. And thus only that which is best will be created in all we do, which is the highest form of living possible and will create unimaginable results. The practical form of the word ‘loser’ will be necessary and functional as it will be for it’s real purpose, what it does in the physical word reason, create understanding for life in this word, and help life move through the living of words into living it for real within oneself in the best and most efficient way possible, lived for all.

Thanks for reading.
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