Sunday, September 17, 2017

When is Enough, Enough? - Day 559

I have been exploring and applying this concept of having enough with something and changing direction within myself for the purpose of bettering my life and having a positive impact on the world around me. Though, I often thought of this concept or idea in a way of feeling good about it, wanting to access and achieve this goal, feeling like i am a hero if i indeed say enough is enough and so live it. What usually happens in such cases where i just start imagining living the statement enough is enough and thinking about it, is that I would eventually fall because I didn’t in fact do anything physically to live out the change. Fascinating how we can trick ourselves in the secrets of our minds. You can also test this, start thinking about a pattern you want to stop, go into the experiences of how it will be when you do stop, and from there in the next hour or the next day go and implement the imaginations you saw for yourself to stop and get to your goal. You will find that it is very difficult if not impossible to implement such change with such swiftness as the mind did in your thinking. That is because physical reality is real and takes actual creation, actual movement, and this requires ones self will to in fact do change self and remain consistent in it day in and day out. It's an actual doing rather then just sitting back and letting the mind do all the work with thinking.

So what I started to realize about this idea of ‘when is enough, enough?’ is that I was making it into a personality, making me feel a specific way such as powerful, important, superior, yet this did not in any way help or will me to actually live the change out in physical reality. What do I mean by creating a personality or a persona? It is like creating a character in a movie, pretending to be the hero in the film, saying all the right things, moving in all the right ways, and moving around the stage in the choreographed way to save the distressed person, but all the while it was never real as it was make believe, not being who one really is because when one actually go to reality and try and stop it becomes like climbing a mountain thousands of feet tall not enough of self is in the actual physical reality to be able to climb such a feat. The mountain being seen as impossible, when it's not that it is impossible, one has to only build the resolve and stamina, build the self, and live the change necessary to see it through. This can only be done through physical effort and movement otherwise it goes into the mind and off into image-land where it's easily let go of, given up on, and forgotten because it was never real, self was not here living it, and so it is not done for real.

These dimensions I had to work with for myself to in fact become a person who was no longer desiring fake persona’s, but working with the actual reality of myself and through that finding a way to will myself to change to in fact live the statement enough is enough. This is where the real journey starts because I had to investigate and understand myself within the patterns I was working with to stop, I had to forgive myself and stick to the corrective process of change I saw that would indeed support the change needed to stop and live differently. Also within this underlying the whole point the entire time one is applying this phrase is the unconditional nature of consistency that is embedded within living the statement enough is enough. One in fact has to become absolute within the consistency of the principle of what is being lived or rather the why you are doing what you are doing and also through that I realized that I also have to be flexible. 

There are in moments new dimensions of learning that can come into view in any given moment as one has stopped a particular point one no longer see is best, and so this new information or knowledge so to speak has to be considered, applied, and see if it is best. Thus potentially dropping the old and embracing the new, what matters is not the flow of the journey, but who one is within it and how one lives self honesty in doing what is best for all as this will always be best for self. This will take time, patiences, and a level of self willingness to be challenged and be courageous to stop one's addictions and live the statement enough is enough, I will change so all have the ability to change, and this world can change to be best for all. This is the more difficult path because one is going against the grain of what has always been comfortable and easy for oneself, though this journey is most rewarding as it builds a empowered practical being that has a willingness and proven ability to change self when it is understood to do so.

The purpose I am walking within myself in the statement of enough is enough is absolute in the sense that I am willing myself to stop all abuses within me, in my thoughts, in my words, and in my actions to become a being that is self responsible and able to be trusted with life, and this is a decision and purpose I have to keep assessing, keeping in my focus, and applying in my everyday life. As again it is not the usual path or the easy path. My function is no longer to be of service to myself alone, but to be of service to all life because this world indeed needs to change, and if i can’t change myself how will the world ever change. Only self can determine the hows and the whys of the statement enough is enough for one’s life, but putting it into practice makes for a powerful being, best to walk what is best as this will always in turn be best for self and create a world that is best for all. We need more empowered beings in this world that stand up to stop all abuse and say enough is enough, I will stop and I will change to be the best I can be in service of all life, let's stand together as plus ones in the statement of enough is enough of the abuse to life, til here no further I stop, I change, I live what is best for all.For more on how to walk the process of becoming physical and doing what is best, check out the links below.

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Monday, July 17, 2017

Focused Living - Day 558

How to Practically Live a Word - Focus

My current definition and how I see this word Focus:

Focus for me as how I have been seeing it and living it in the past is I am seeing as an undesired force put upon me in things that I did not want to focus on, mainly i am seeing my mom making me focus on things i had no real interest in like church or playing with dolls, this when i was little and thus being forced to focus on these things based on her needs and not my own. Also I am seeing school where teachers would make us focus on our school work in classrooms where i couldn’t get up and move around, and so I was forced to focus on subjects and topics in boxed rooms closed off to the outside world where i couldn’t move about in freedom, which i highly resisted. This would more be the negative attachments to the word focus i have placed in me. 

On the positive side, I am seeing the word focus as a means to an end where i get something, like money or accolades for focusing in on something, doing it well, and then being reward with some sort of praise or gift. Focusing then was done to inflate my ego or my experience of myself as superior through gaining something externally to make me feel more important or better about myself. So needing something externally like money or praise from others as a reward for me to feel something about myself in a positive way, and if i was focused in what i did I realized I had a better chance of getting these things that made me feel good about myself and my life.

My Redefinition: 

Focus - how i am seeing living the word focus is an actual physical movement within myself in moments where i become distracted in thinking and/or in things I am doing. So to live focus would be to move toward the center of myself in my awareness into the center of my body. It’s a supportive word that realigns my self awareness back to my center point and i am noticing that this center point focus is right in the middle of my chest, just above my breast bone and below my neck. This is specific this spot as it feels in a way like a source of strength, this strength is here within me as me and living this word focus when i move my awareness into my physical presence of myself as this center point in my chest and then i live it into the task i am doing I find my ability to live what it fact I set myself out to do becomes much more streamlined and specific, and I have less strain to in fact get it done. A support word I have found also is the words slowing down, which supports with moving from the busyness of the distraction such as thinking or getting entertained by something outside myself, slowing back to down to my physical breath and thus moving into the word focus which I again support myself with to move into this center point in my chest. From here, I move into the task I set out for myself to live. 

Contexts in how i will live this word Focus:

Work - In work i plan to write out a list when i first sit down at my desk and start my day, living the word focus, i am going to use this word as the redefined living of it to move my focus back to my physical body, working with centering my self awareness in that center point in my chest when i see i start to lose focus in my day and become distracted with desires such as checking facebook or getting up and speaking to people around the office unnecessarily just to not face what it is I must get done. Using the word focus and the action of become centered inside myself focusing on breathing and my physical body, I can move myself out of the desire to distract myself and stick to the task list i had made out in the beginning of my work day to stay on task and move through the day with more effective efficency. 

Yoga - Yoga is an activity i have been wanting to integrate in my day to day, though I have resisted it due to the uncomfortability in my body i feel in doing it because it is slow and hurts me as i am not that flexible. Here i plan to use the word focus to again focus my awareness on the physical, bringing me out of the distractions of my mind and into my physical body movements as i work with yoga positions and breathing techniques. 

Desire to give up at task during my day - I notice often how easily i tend to go into giving up when things become uncomfortable in my body or I have to put a bit more effort or even sometimes a lot more effort into something that I am doing. For example, I was bringing laundry up a flight of stairs and it was extra full and thus extra heavy. I wanted to give up and just drop it to get a break. I remembered this word focus with the movement of slowing down meaning moving out of my head in thoughts and back into my chest center point as my physical presence awareness, and from here i moved my awareness into my whole body. I found this supported with balancing myself in my body where i was using a lot more muscles and focus on these muscles rather then going into my head and wasting my energy in thinking and thus eventually giving into the desire to stop. So here i am going to use this word focus to support me in these moments where i want to give up and instead of giving up, center myself in my physical body, move into my self awareness as this chest center point, and from here as my self awareness is present live the word focus as i focus in on the task at hand and live that to get it done. 

Thanks all for reading and will report later in the week of how this is going. 

Friday, June 23, 2017

FLOW - As Art - Day 557

Playing with the word FLOW -- this word i have been looking at for a while and practicing implementing it more in my life, I came up with the redefinition of the word being - 'Flow like water -always here yet always moving.' This practically i can see living it in ways of moving through times that i am challenged where I want to give up, though with this word flow I remember to be flexible within the moments that are challenging because in these moments is where opportunity is birthed and solutions are created. The mind can make it seem like there is only dead ends, yet living the word flow, here yet always moving reminds us to keep pushing self creation in our own unique self expressions by not giving up, but expanding out and creating something from you here. Water creates life through flow, we can equally create ourselves as our life living this word flow....Test it for yourself and give feedback, enjoy. #water#flow #brucelee #livingwords #art#drawing #desteni Find out more on living words @schoolofultimateliving

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Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Eqafe Hangout: Purpose Has Left the Building - Day 556

Many thanks to Kristina Salas for particpating and sharing your realizations with us all!

Our Hangout will be discussing this interview on

Follow up interviews that was discussed: 

Interview Synopsis: 

"What is my purpose? What is the point of my life? What am I supposed to be doing? In this interview Anu reveals the systematic design of the mind consciousness system and its relationship with our beingness potential, and why it can often feel like we are so far away from our purpose and meaning in life when in fact they are closer than we may realize. What is the one question that we need to ask ourselves that will really help us to see and understand what having a purpose and meaning to life actually means?" 

Here Kristina Salas and I will be discussing our relationship to this word purpose. How have we experienced this word in our living and what in our process of self change have we gone through with working with our purpose in this life and if in fact we even know what this is for ourselves. Also, what in this interview supported us to see this word differently and what new insights and solutions came through that can support all to live their highest potentials. 

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Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Living the Word Freedom - Redefined - Day 555


Current Allocation:

Freedom is something i desire but believe it’s out of reach for my life in this world. There is a yearning for freedom, like i know it’s there, it’s somewhere, it’s possible, yet it does not seem as if it ever will be reached without great effort and inner and outer change. Freedom also is represented in my mind through flags and fireworks and parades, where it’s symbolized based on holiday parties and festivities ingrained over my life time in my country that my family and friends very much participated in and some in the patriotism of it. I myself felt uncomfortable with the country’s freedom as i know that to get this so called freedom, war was involved thus to me showing that this is not real freedom, and that we will always be enslaved to this mindset that there is some enemy out there and we need to dominate or win to become free. Yet this same dominance and winning status is always under threat and always able to be destroyed through conflict, abuse, and thus suffering. Suffering and freedom to me were counter-intuitive thus counter-productive and essentially made no sense, so my relationship with the word freedom is as if it is a catch phrase, not real, and that those who follow this are insane or just brainwashed and not able to see clearly what makes sense and what doesn’t. I am also seeing anger within me towards the holiday of supposed freedom we celebrate and those who don’t question, yet, i see that this is my own reaction within me of a desire to want to be free for real right now. Though i see it is not yet possible and so i go and blame everyone else when i see, realize, and understand I was equally within that group to such a possessed degree due to culture and it’ll take a process of understanding, support, self forgiveness, and self correction to change the way the world as self lives freedom within and without.

Dictionary Definition:




1) the power or right to act, speak, or think as one wants without hindrance or restraint.

"we do have some freedom of choice"

2) absence of subjection to foreign domination or despotic government.

"he was a champion of Irish freedom"

synonyms: independence, self-government, self-determination, self-rule, home rule,

3) sovereignty, nonalignment, autonomy; democracy

"revolution was the only path to freedom”

4) the state of not being imprisoned or enslaved.


freedom (n.) Look up freedom at

Old English freodom "power of self-determination, state of free will; emancipation from slavery, deliverance;" see free (adj.) + -dom. Meaning "exemption from arbitrary or despotic control, civil liberty" is from late 14c. Meaning "possession of particular privileges" is from 1570s. Similar formation in Old Frisian fridom, Dutch vrijdom, Middle Low German vridom. Freedom-rider recorded 1961 in reference to civil rights activists in U.S. trying to integrate bus lines.

It has been said by some physicians, that life is a forced state. The same may be said of freedom. It requires efforts, it presupposes mental and moral qualities of a high order to be generally diffused in the society where it exists. [John C. Calhoun, speech, U.S. House of Representatives, Jan. 31, 1816]

Freedom fighter attested by 1903 (originally with reference to Cuba). Freedom-loving (adj.) is from 1841.

Word Play:

Free-dumb, free-doom, free-dome, free = fear removed

Negative Placement:

Here i see that within myself there is a long path to become free and also a free world where life is able to co-exist and sustain itself as each one individual sustains themselves. So there is a fear here, fear of not having it, and thus more and more being removed from creating it as fear is not free, but the restriction of freedom. So bringing through a degree of stress, anxiety, and claustrophobia within the thought of if ever real freedom will be lived and what comes up within me is this world system, the enslavement of man over everything and everyone into destruction.

I forgive myself that i have accepted and allowed myself to go into a fear that freedom is inaccessible within myself and this world as i go into the idea that freedom is impossible to reach.

I forgive myself that i have accepted and allowed myself to look for freedom out in the world system, outside of myself, where i need to attain or reach something to become or get freedom.

I forgive myself that i have accepted and allowed myself to believe freedom is impossible to live within and as my self and so this world.

I forgive myself that i have accepted and allowed myself to separate myself from the living word of freedom within myself.

I forgive myself that i have accepted and allowed myself to project freedom onto the way our system is set up at the moment and believe that it’s never going to be doable with all the abuse as enslavement that is existing here.

I forgive myself that i have accepted and allowed myself to blame the world system and the people in the world system as the fault to why freedom is not able to be lived instead of bringing the point back to myself and seeing where in fact i am enslaving and limiting myself within my own self imposed ideas, beliefs, and judgments.

I forgive myself that i have accepted and allowed myself to judge and create ideas and beliefs about the way in which this world and within myself need to live instead of moving within the freedom of my own expression and through this working with what is here as it is here within the creative mobility that exist within any given moment as i create myself.

I forgive myself that i have accepted and allowed myself to place freedom as an idea within my mind rather then a living word to be physically lived and created and so in this idea move into disempowerment within myself because it seems unattainable.

I forgive myself that i have accepted and allowed myself to not see, realize, and understand that the function of myself and this world in this moment is not how it will always be and thus potential for growth and change is always here.

I commit myself to release the ideas, beliefs, and judgments of my expression in a moment and allow the expression of what is here as myself become free from limitations and expand within and through who i am as i create myself with what is here.

I commit myself to go into releasing the separation between who i am as the living word freedom moving into a flow of myself in any given moment taking responsibility for who i am and expanding through the support of this word as i move out of the dome of my limitations and exist here free as my fear is removed and i breath and live with and as reality.

Postitive Placement:

On the positive feeling side, I am seeing the word free is very light and electric feeling, like the potential for the best of life is possible within this world and it makes me feel airy and nice inside. There is an inkling of possibility, oh yes like a hope, and here i can see the complacency that settles into my mind and thus my physical where there is no real action of changing self and becoming self responsible through words and living. Thus the idea is nice to think about and ponder in my imagination of how great it’ll be or could be, yet all the while not actually really creating freedom within myself by living as it and so freedom does not yet actually exist cause it stops at the thinking stage because the energy fades and then I get hit with reality and it’s too much work/effort.

I forgive myself that i have accepted and allowed myself to move into a point of self desire as a dream state of what freedom would look like or feel like as i go imagining in my mind what this will look like or feel like, never actually making significant change to who i am in the physical as my words and living.

I forgive myself that i have accepted and allowed myself to exist within a hope of freedom coming one day if this and this and this works out and if i do this and this and this thing in the future soon to come, yet within my actual physical movement there is no significant change as i am spending my time dreaming about freedom and what i could and will be doing instead of actually living it.

I forgive myself that i have accepted and allowed myself to become complacent within myself with the imaginations of life in a free world and how awesome that would be tailoring it up with different technology and how humans will co-exist with animals and within this waste time and resources on mind generation and not self creation.

I forgive myself that i have accepted and allowed myself to give my power away to my addictions as positive energy such as lust for a place of peace and freedom, or excitement in the thought of what a world would look and feel like, or the happiness feeling when i see in my mind’s eye all the animals and humans getting along, and within that be fulfilled as the energy releases and i stop actually moving in the physical and changing myself because i have accepted and allowed myself to get off on energy addiction in these imagination feelings that get created thus disempowering me to move myself and limiting my potential to live and become substantial and so do nothing of real value which supports all life.

I commit myself to move into the living words ‘i matter’ as i ground myself into the physical letting go of the imagination thoughts and create myself as matter within how i live in every moment to create real value as i move myself in the physical in what will be best for all life.

I commit myself to live words such as self creation and consistency as i move from my mind illusions into my physical living and letting go of the complacent addiction to go into hope and desire thus not actual do anything to change what is here within and without.

I commit myself to life the word freedom as i release myself from the addictive thought patterns of positive feelings and move into the solidity of my physical living, expanding myself through my limited beliefs and ideas and imaginations and creating myself in a real substantial way that will eventually create all life to be free to express here as the will themselves as all align as i live for myself in what is best for all life.

Re-Defining the Word Freedom:

The direct definition I see for the word freedom is to become free from the dome that is my mind as the limitations within fear i have accepted and allowed to hold me back from living as my creative expression in every moment. Freedom is the removal of fear as i will myself to be free beyond my limitations that is currently existing as my mind consciousness system programs and constructs holding me back from being me and who i am in any given moment as a self created being in what’s best. Freedom is what is beyond the limitations of self imposed mind systems and self live free from fear here.

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Saturday, May 27, 2017

Eqafe Hangout: From Shyness to Self Confidence - Day 554

Thanks so much to Valentin Rozman for sharing your realizations and solutions you have walked in your process in this hangout.

Find the interview here:

Interview synopsis:

"How to Transcend Shyness and become Self Confident within absolute Unconditional Self Expression."

Here in this discussion, Valentin and I will be looking at our experiences in our life of how we have transcended shyness to live with more self confidence and self authority. We will share what tools and practical methods we walked to create this change for ourselves. Also, we will discuss what fears we had to face and work through in this journey of walking through shyness and transforming it into self confidence.

These hangouts are for the purpose of educating all on the support given at the website, which shares through thousands of audio recordings the understanding of the human potential in this life. Where the listener can gain practical support that can be walked to help themselves become more effective in their everyday living.

Saturday, May 20, 2017

What’s Best for all or Self Interest as Destruction? An Example - Day 553

Here i am seeing a pattern I have walked with people in my life that has been consequential where for myself, I have become less adapt at moving in my environment. I am seeing this restriction in lets say the flow of who I am is based on not wanting to compromise or more cooperate with what is here, the physical reality. The principles are clear in what makes for a harmonious reality, which is live in what is best for all, considered all things and keep what is good, stand in the shoes of another as the other is equal to self, and do onto another as how you would want to be treated, though I have to live these principles to in fact stand as them.

For myself not compromising or not cooperating with reality where i do not live these principles above, I am essentially defying reality, not moving in a way that is supportive of this physical reality and so everything in it, which doesn’t make sense as a part of life to live in such a way. Now if I pull this out to lets say a global context, where I walk a self interested path of not cooperating and so not standing within the principles I shared above of what is best for all, I could be responsible for the harm of many. For example, say my job was to add filters to all the water pipes in the world, that will filter out the deadly bacteria that resides in this water, once it goes through these filters, the water is pure and all who drink are well. I have to change these filters three times a year to keep everyone in the world getting access to clean water.

Now this is a lot of responsibility, and this work is routine and boring to me, I am having these emotions come up, I want to quit, I am so bored, though I know if I miss a filter change, I am going to cause many to die due to the bacteria leaking in to the pure water. What do I do?

Here what would the common sense dictate, I have redefined the word common sense to mean sense to be the physical thus all here as life and common to be what is best for all, so here common sense is what is best for all in this physical reality for all here, which is everybody and everything. And obviously what is best in this hypothetical scenario I shared above is keeping everyone healthy and harm free as this is what I would want for myself, fulfilling the principles of life as doing what’s best for all. Life being the physical as the physical is what is real, real is the reality we live in in each moment, what is actually happening direct, real time, here, in the physical of ourselves and all around. So it’s simplistic in a way to understand all of this, though to live it is a different story. Understand that each one is walking this process of realizing that our actions in reality have an effect on not only ourselves, but in fact on everyone we touch and beyond as those whom you touch go and touch others and so forth and so on.

So for me to go into self interest and not stand in the shoes of another and do what is best for all, it’s like I am poisoning and killing myself as I infect my environment equally so with this self interest of self desires coming before the common good of all. We believe when we move in our environment, we do not have an effect on it, though observe children, they are copies of our every move and who do children grow up to be, the adults of this world, the world has never changed, why is this so, because we have never changed how we have been living in a real, substantial way, where ALL LIFE is considered absolutely through living self responsibility for the whole. We are living from a reality that is not real, which is from thinking and our minds, emotional states and reactions of self interest. We are in a day and age, where this is changing, we are now being asked and in essence made to decide here by life as we ask ourselves, who are we as we see the death of billions every year because of not having access to basic human rights such as clean water. So unfortunately the hypothetical I used is a reality for billions, where their end is forced as they don’t have the physical means to do anything about it, mainly access to money in this world.

So it’s an understanding that when I do not want to compromise or cooperate with the physical reality I live in and support what is best for all, I will create equal to this and the reality you live in will start to show this to self. Life is aware and everything existent within it is equal and one, so we humans are not alone, we are part of this world not the dominator of it, it’s time to consider what we are creating and decide who self is within this and live. This is each one’s walk and path, who you are will determine your future, so make it count. This is the path I am walking and I stand for life and nothing less then what is best, we walk physical reality in what is here, so we can create a world that is best for all for real, with real solutions, through self responsible actions in directing the outcome to be what is best for all. It is time, no more waiting. So let’s walk together, create together with the principles of life and so let’s create life and honor who we are as beings.

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