Saturday, March 9, 2013

Day 246 –The Family Unit and the Vengeful Character

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Looking here at my family unit and how much we are imbedded with this desire to have some sort of family unit around us for protection, care, and attention, but within this what is not realized and what is not ever spoken about is the separation of life and fear that really exist in what we know today as the family unit.

I myself within looking at this vengeful character can see how I change myself and become this person suited up in this energy of vengefulness towards others when myself or anyone I care about is threatened. I will immediately go and change to this person of anger, forcefulness, and seeking payback for or if any harm was done to anyone close to me, but within this what is this perpetuating in my life and this world at large. Is fear and separation among us, fear of those who are not in our famiLies, fear of the unknown, fear of what will happen if one is alone, and there is a divide among not only our borders, religions, ethnicities, cultures, but also our very communities, our land, our streets even where we live separated into little boxes with a certain few that we can supposedly trust that reside within closed off from the outside world and protected as a unit.

And with this trust we rely on within our families is also a fear as well in losing that apparent trust and companionship we have with those in our famiLies, when I allow myself to fear this lose of trust and companionship through others who are not part of my family, I activate vengefulness and will when uncontrolled say and do anything to get this trust protected and me feeling safe again. This is unfortunate as it doesn’t have to be this way, we are not separate from each other, we are all one family here as life in equal value here among all. I will start the self forgiveness process in the next blogs.


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