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Day 257 – Being Angry Because I am Offended By You 1.2 Continued

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When and as I go into a point of desire to indulge in my anger reaction in energy and go into an outburst onto another, I stop and breath, and realize the consequences of my actions of causing conflict within the relationship as this will cause friction immediately within the other as going into outbursts in anger toward the other will only create conflict as I am not considering the other in trying to be more rather then being equal.

I commit myself to breath through the emotional rush of energy as anger when I believe I have been offended by another, do not react or move myself until I am clear realizing that I will only cause conflict and more reaction within the other into a greater issue.

I commit myself to stabilize myself within this point to a point where I move myself in my own direction and am able to breath through and be stable within anger emotion.

I commit myself to only speak to the other when I am not in reaction and thus speak in a directiveness by my own reason and will, and treat the other as myself.

When and as I go into a point of seeking revenge due to taking another’s actions/words towards me personal and use anger as a tool to justify my revenge desires out on them, I stop and breath, and realize that this is a point that I need to bring back to myself as I am going into blame and not taking responsibility for how I am acting and creating abusive consequences within my living and thus require correction.

I commit myself to stop my desire to take revenge on another by seeing what it is that I took personal and walking self forgiveness and self correction to no more have this point have power over me but see it for what it is within me and correct into being stable within it.

I commit myself to breath and stop myself from taking others actions/words/gestures towards me personal as I understand where I can relate to the other and that the correction is to remain stable, standing on my own, and being humble in letting go points that need to be let go of because I am here and understand who I am as one ad equal with life.

I commit myself to breath through the reaction of desire to take revenge by not allowing the thoughts to accumulate of blame on another and letting go of these reactions of offense.

I commit myself to push myself to support others when I see I was offended and thus find the point of equality and support to become stable within these situations where I move myself and stop the desire to go into energy and release for a moment satisfaction.

When and as I go into a point of seeing I was rejected and others don’t like me, I stop and breath, and realize that this shows a sign of somewhere where I am not accepting myself, and so I investigate and find where I am not supporting myself and accepting myself and change this so I accept this and stabilize myself into a point of equality within the physical where I am equal with how I am and not moved by others minds/reactions.

I commit myself to stop the fear of rejection and thus walk the acceptance of myself in who I am and become stable within my correction of how I live.

I commit to stop taking offense by others and start to stand as an example in stability and understanding and humility.

When and as I go into memories of past scenarios where I was offended, I stop and breath, and realize that these physical happenings occurred and thus this is what is here as my life, I though realize I can stop my reaction within them realizing that I am stable, I understand who I was at that time and how I now realize and understand have changed myself to a person that is able to be stable with others and not moved through reactions of external forces empowering myself to be my own directive force in the solutions that I see will be best and thus always best for all.

I commit myself to stop the reactions to memories by investigating when this occur and stopping my participation in the energy of it through writing and correcting the point to see how I created the reaction and letting go of the ideas/beliefs/thoughts I held of myself that are not real and thus make myself real by living in reality and directing myself as my own self will.

I commit myself to stop blaming others for these reactions and memories by taking responsibility for myself and stopping my own reactions, stopping the blame, and living from the physical here seeing the memories for what they are and that they do not define me.

I commit myself to stop all points of definitions from the mind and walk in each breath here until I am stable through the writing and stability of walking the correction to breath here for real.

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