Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Day 256 – Being Angry Because I am Offended By You – Part 1.2

When and as I go into a point of taking anothers action towards me as an attack or an offense, I breath and stop my reaction, and realize if I react in anyway I will only fuel the fire and cause the conlifct and separation to continue.

When and as I go into assumptions and believe my thoughts and perceptions over reality and thus cross referencing what I am seeing/doing with others, I stop and breath, and realize if I don’t establish my starting point in self honesty in physical reality with others, I will not be able to see what is real as my ego is vested in the mind and thus in my perception as thoughts/reactions.

I commit myself to stop and breath and walk through the desire to react, do not engage if I see I am reacting to the others words/actions towards me, and only speak when I am stable and can direct myself with out energy reaction.

I commit myself to consider the other equal to myself in where I don’t accept myself to go into reaction in emotion or feeling, but breath, and become stable and see the others in the shoes I would like to be treated.

I commit myself to cross reference what I am assuming or perceiving with reality, cross reference with others around me, and make sure what I am seeing is real and thus can then be direct to a solution that will be best.

When and as I see I go into an emotional outburst or reaction, I stop and breath, and walk the point of bringing it back to myself so I can see and realize and thus correct what it is that I took personally, and so correct myself so I stand stable and not moved by outside influence such as others words/actions towards me. I direct myself into peaceful and harmonious living with others by being this myself through being equal in living with others and treating others in this way.

I commit myself to stop my desire to have an emotional release and thus move through the emotion through breath and focus my attention to myself to find the reaction and bring it to a correction.

I commit myself to investigate myself at all times when I react and am moved by energy to see where I stand and how I can correct so I stand no matter what is here in stability in the realization that all here are me in fact that I must walk to correction step by step.

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