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Day 248 – The Vengeful Character – “Believing I Require Possessing” Self Commitments to Live

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Day 247 - The Vengeful Character – “Believing I Require Possessing” Self Forgiveness

When and as I go into a desire or a need of something within my external world through my mind, I stop and breath, and realize that this need or desire is there based on something within myself that I am not giving to myself or accepting about myself, and so within this I am seeking outside myself what I realize is already here within me, I just have to accept it as me and correct it into equality and oneness with life.

I commit myself to investigate this desire and/or need that arise within me to go and search for something outside myself, and find the origin to what it is I am searching for and why through my own self investigation so I can give it back to myself and stand as it to correct it into alignment with what is best for all and essentially what is best for me as all through me living this change in my self realizations in these points through writing and corrective change.

I commit myself to walk the necessary process it will take to let go of all desires and needs outside myself and live within and as my own self direction giving to myself what I desire or need within a practical sense, and investigating and correcting everything that comes from an energy movement.

I commit myself to let go of the desire to not want to see myself and what it is I don’t want to accept by breathing through this and embracing all of myself in the realization that this is needed for real change, all is here in equality and thus I am all that is here, so there is no need for any energy, but only understanding of myself in what is here in the moment and walking the corrections in the moments to come until I have corrected this point and I stable in not being directed by desires.

When and as I go into a possession of fear of loss or lack within me, I stop and breath, and I realize this is purely a mind possession as I am not taking responsibility for what it is that is creating this fear. I realize that I am creating everything that is going on within my world and my mind, and thus I am denying this point of myself in something that is not real as fear and so I realize I have to let go of the fear to therefore be able to investigate it and see it as myself in all it's facets and dimensions to a correction within a stability as myself is reached.

I commit myself to stop what I am doing within a possession of the mind in fear of loss or lack and cross reference with another what I am seeing/doing to get support.

I commit myself to let go of my desires for a certain outcome and thus create a fear that this will not pan out by embracing what is here and working with what is here in each moment rather then resisting it and going into fear as restriction.

I commit myself to embrace what is here as myself and find ways to solution with what it is I am facing through becoming self honest, open, and vulnerable with others, and using common sense to sort things out rather then go into a point of competition mentality and restriction in mind creations of taking tings personal.

When and as I see I am going into a point of desire to take from others what I believe I have lost or was taken from me, I stop and breath, and realize that if anything has gone missing or taken by another, it is not to go into a state of reaction in emotion and create an abuse towards this person in a form of revenge, but breath and let it go, look at the point in common sense and practical terms and direct it into a solution that is stable and able to be looked at by both parties equally in communication and understanding walking the talk of putting myself in the others shoes as I would want for myself.

I commit myself to not take personal anything that was taken or goes missing in my world realizing that I am not defined by these items and that if and as a solution open up, I must direct myself within it free of energy but in stability as a communication with the other considering them as equal and walking to an understanding in an agreement, if not able to in this moment, let it go and walk common sense to see a solution in replacing it or finding other means of getting it again if really necessary.

I commit to walk in stability with another as my equal as I am seeing this as a point of misunderstanding that needs feedback and solution through common sense and consideration in communication, letting go of the desire to abuse this through letting go of the personal attachment to what it is that is now not with me.

I commit to stop the desire to get even as I see this cause abuse and that the other is myself in a different moment in their living where they have not yet realized the point of give as you would like to receive.

I commit to give to all what I would like to receive until all here have what is necessary to live and all share what is necessary for enjoyment and thus all benefit equally in a stable and peaceful environment as what I am currently creating within self as this is what is best for all and will be best for me.

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