Saturday, March 2, 2013

Day 239 - Mean Character - Self Commitments

When and as I go into a point of passive aggressiveness towards others in my words or mannerism, I breath and stop, and realize that within this way of living towards others I will create consequence of abuse and conflict as I am not considering others as equal but really in self interest to have it my way rather then coming to a solution that is best for the group.

I commit myself to when I see I go into this point of being passively aggressive towards another I breath, and do not speak or get some space and investigate the point of my reaction and correct it before I engage in the point again.

I commit myself to move through the desire to have it my way or no way, by implementing and pushing solutions that will work for all and have clear direction and consequence so all points are understood.

When and as I see I am going to backchat about the patterns of thought of blame from another, I stop and breath, as I realize this is not acceptable or real as it’s a point that I am using within my mind to make me right and the other wrong within only terms that benefit me and are based on my own perception not fact.

I commit myself to stop my backchat and internal conversations whenever they come up by realizing that this is not based on fact and thus realize it is only a point to serve myself, I use the physical to help stabilize myself in what is real, and not allow this to accumulate within me.
I commit myself to move the energy of anger and irritation through me by grounding it into the earth through my body, and not allow it to direct me through breathing and investigate why it is occurring and correct it through self forgiveness and self commitments.

I commit myself to stop all forms of aggression towards other and practice putting myself in their shoes and becoming humble to walk the solution that is equal and ends my self interest as ego.

I commit myself to clearly state the expectations of a project and clearly state and give time to integrate and ask questions and adapt to procedure before consequences is put in place, and thus I commit to walk the consequence within a understood term in what is known and not base it off my emotion and experiences in moments of energy bursts.

I commit myself to stop assumptions and stop walking within and as my mind, and move to the physical, walk fact, and walk what it is that is here and can be developed within all through collaboration and cross referencing.

I commit myself to accept others as myself and become a support for betterment of others in self honest assessment in what will be best for the group.

J commit myself to go the pace of the group and the physical and breath through the desire to move fast.

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