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Day 261- Using the Mind in Place of the Physical – Part 1.2

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When and as I see I am going into a point of suppressing myself when I am in a conflict with another, I stop and breath, and realize that what is going to be the outflow of this is abuse in my mind as well as accumulating the suppressed emotions of anger which will turn into rage which eventually I will live out into my reality as an anger outburst to whomever or whatever triggers it, which is abusing and separating myself based on me not willing to change this pattern.

I commit myself to stop this point of suppressing my expression into myself when I am angered by another through letting it go through breathing, and direct the point with the other in what it is that caused me to react, so it can be discussed and a solution can be walked by both me and the other in reality.

I commit myself to release the anger through speaking in the moment that I am one with the other, I am responsible for this anger not the other. And so I commit to stop my reactions in anger through breathing and letting it go within realizing that it is only energy and it will end at some point, and only speak when I am clear and stable.

When and as I resort to myself within myself in suppression due to fear of the other or facing a conflict with the other, I stop and breath, and realize this point of fear is disempowering me within compromising who I amwithin the physical as an equal being to only existing in the mind in illusion lost in thoughts and emotions of inadequacies based on past memories that are not real, and so do not define me here and thus do not define who I am.

I commit myself to not move based on a reaction to fear, but breath through the fear, and thus face the point that I am resisting such as speaking to the other in a point of conflict and stopping going into myself in suppression not facing reality but hiding in illusion as the mind.

I commit to face my fear of others by stopping defining myself by memoires and my judgments, by notaccepting theses inadequacies as me and accept me as an equally valued person and live from the physical in what will solve the issue and allow myself to live the solution through what it will take to become resolved.

When and as I go into my mind to fight the other in words or actions as imaginations, I stop and breath, and realize the consequences of this is that my mind becomes layered as these conflicts are not being directed nor resolved within me and my world, but are just accumulating this energy of anger and fear to face the other and thus creating more and more points of reaction and abuse that will continue to accumulate as I am not directing it, but suppressing it to an eventual outburst as moments of rage in the physical.

I commit myself to when I see I go into my mind to fight another, say, no, I will not participate in these image playouts of abuse any longer, breath, and move myself physically to break up and end the participation pattern of suppressing myself and fighting others in my mind reality.

I commit myself to not accept anger to accumulate through suppression, by directing the anger through breath and stopping my participation in it through writing out the moment that occurred causing the anger in the first place and correcting it to be lived in my life.

I commit myself to stop abusing people in my head in words and pictures, and find ways that will practically support a change into a solution with the other through communication and compromise in considering what is best for all and thus will support us both and what is best in the situation.

I commit myself to stop my self interest in getting what I want through winning and being able to competewith the other by not participating in this ego game through stopping this self interest when it arises and writing out the solution that will be best for both and practicing this until I can stand and direct myself to the best outcome within a direct of will as automatic.

When and as I go into a point of self compromise within thoughts and ideas of myself as inadequate, I stop and breath, and realize that I am not this in reality, I am equal in our physical bodies and living, and thus I respect this as myself by standing up for myself and who I am, and direct the situation into a point of equality and honoring life in equality within all in all ways.

I commit myself to breath through these thoughts of feelings of inadequacies by not being directed by them realizing they are not who I am, they don’t define me, and thus move myself to live in honor of myself in equal regard as all other life here.

I commit myself to investigate and write out all the inadequacies that come up in the moment of these moments where I want to suppress myself with another, to release it from having a hold on me through writing and thus living the correction of this in my life, so to be able to walk stable with the other without fear or self compromise.

I commit myself to let go of my self judgments that suppressing and compromising my living until I am here and nothing moves me but my self in the realization and consideration of life equal to me and doing what is best for all in all that I do.

When and as I go into my mind to become powerful because within myself I feel powerless, I stop and breath, as I realize that this is due to me giving my power away in the physical to fear and self judgment and believing what the mind is telling me is who I am when I realize I am not my mind as thoughts, memories, pictures, ideas, but am here as life in the process of self perfection and the ability to direct myself into self correction.

I commit myself to stop giving my power away in the physical by stop believing the mind as thoughts, emotions, ideas, memories of my past in feeling inadequate is who I am, by focusing on myself here as the physical equal to all, and walking myself into stability through educating myself in what is real, what is relevant, and walking this knowledge as living words to live this in reality in what is best for all solutions.

I commit to accept myself and all others as physical beings and see us as the physical life here, the bodies, the buildings, the nature, the movements, what we are physically doing/communicating, and use my breath to stay grounded and here and push myself to stop participating in the mind realities of illusion.

I commit to stop all participation in the mind of fighting others and becoming the victor in my head in seeingmyself as powerful by stopping this imaginations at it’s core through seeing the other as my equal and finding solutions in the physical.

I commit myself to stop my reactions of fear and anger and so direct myself in the physical with the other to empower both through compromised agreements through communication in finding solutions for the issues/problems that arise always taking into consideration the physical reality and ending the mind reality from directing me.

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