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Day 262 – Using Fear to My Advantage and Enslaving Another– The Problem of this World is Within Me - Part 1

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I have come to see growing up how we as humans tend to exploit others weaknesses for our own gains, this in the pursuit of survival because if I don’t survive, I’m dead, so my acts are justified because I am just doing it to survive right? But looking really at this statement and thus this way of life, do we really in the way life is on this earth require survival? Is survival the only way of living on this planet? Why has this world come to this way of life where we require surviving on a planet we were born in to? And why do we exploit the lest protected and vulnerable among us? (I will walk these questions in later blogs).

In my experience survival has caused me to be nasty towards others due to the root cause of fear, fear can direct people to not consider what they are doing and what they are treating others, but use fear to justify the atrocious actions and acts we as humanity and thus me as the human do onto our fellow human beings and life forms that reside with us on this planet.

So the problem is fear, and fear that is not investigated and stopped due to rational consideration and applying common sense within it, it will create self interested beings only looking to survive and enjoy as much of the pie as they can to ensure they stay alive and indulged. So thus brings me to the other propagator of what we see today as the human being and our acts of atrocities we commit onto others and ourselves on a daily basis and that is greed.

Greed is indulged within through desire and desire is like a virus within self, like a nagging temptation always there so long as you continue in the desirous thoughts within your mind over and over again until finally you will burst into the living out of these desires in instances where you will take more then your fair share, and within taking more then your fair share leaving others to not have enough, thus you have become greedy. Desire breed greed and greed is lived out through the human will to fulfill their desire. This greediness being fueled by your desire to manifest your fulfillment over the actual life that will be affected by these cravings, and thus not alone causing abuse, but cause an act of enslavement over others to bend to ones will over the equal consideration of all involved.

One really sick and inhumane act that I did and will do self forgiveness on and correction in posts to come was when I was younger, I was in third grade, I was responsible every day to pick up my younger sister who was in kindergarten at her door at the end of the school day and then we would walk out to the car together, I don’t think she knew where to go, so this was an establish routine developed for her to feel ok where she depended on me to make her safe and get her to the car to go home.

So within this dependency on me of my sister, I immediately calculated it as a weakness within her that I could exploit, and in so seeing this, I did exploit it. I would say to her that ‘if you don’t do this for me, I will not pick you up at your door tomorrow’, and within these words I had enslaved her to me because she was very afraid of not being picked up and thus she would then go and do what I said. This going on for months, where I would use fear and threats of harm of her safety (being left alone) and exploit that fear to get what I desired, which was a personal slave to do whatever I wanted. My greed of actually having this power over her and desire to not have to do the things I didn’t want to, created the perfect justification in my mind to do such a thing as enslave my own sister because she was letting me, she is weak and thus why not. She finally couldn’t stand it anymore and told my parents, to which I got in trouble and that was that. I didn’t think twice about it at the time, I for a long time just saw it as I was sorry to get caught not realizing or really caring of the impact and anguish that I put on my sister through each day with threats and fears of abuse of not picking her up as she expected and having her feeling trapped within this.

I see here how I developed this desire based on my greediness to get things quick and free, and enslaving another human being as my means to get my desires met. I mean I was a child, and already at this young age, I had the desire to enslave another and use her for my own greed/self interest. And I not only had this desire, but I lived it out with no remorse or consideration for her and the experience she was going through. I had no care for her well being, but only for my self interest, my own happiness, and my feeling of success through fulfilling my desire of a personal slave to do what I wanted. Does this sound familiar? I am the micro of the macro of this global system, where we abuse and exploit others weakness every day, those who can't stand and voice themselves, those who by a dignity standard should be the most protected and considered in this world, but are used and abused for those who are the supposedly the strong and powerful in this world to benefit, we those who live a life of comfort benefitting off the most weak and vulnerable among us. And it's not that they are inherently weak or vunlnerable, but we have specifically designed such a system to create this, so us as the greedy can get the most for the cheapest and quickest benefit possible, even if it mean the eternal abuse of life on this earth in all it's forms and in all ways imaginable.

Our current money system is the systematic enslavement of the global living of all, and the human is the creator as the enslaver of life onto each other for greed and fear. But we are equal in life, we are able to be free for real in this principle of equality of all and all being life as one, we are able to walk a process of self forgiveness and correction to again be able to honor life and be worthy of this gift we have been given. I am a living proof as many others are to the ability to walk this journey really every breath I take til I redeem myself and life here as myself until this is done and we are free for real in our directive will.

More to follow in posts to come, thanks for reading.

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