Sunday, March 10, 2019

The Gift that Keeps Giving - Self Forgiveness - Day 578

I am taking on a 30 day challenge of writing self forgiveness out in my blog every day, this to get back into the flow of writing my blog and working on daily points I face. I do lots of sounding self forgiveness and changing myself, I walk my process every moment, this process at desteni with the tools of self forgiveness and self honesty has become a part of the fabric of who I am, it has integrated into my cells is how I describe it, and it's due to consistency in my application, this similar to playing a sport and practicing. It is physical integration through repition, self will, and self creation.

Self forgiveness has been an extraordinary support in my life since I started practicing it many years ago, I can understand and so experience a release of the pattern and system I forgive and so giving myself the opportunity for transcendence by living the realization as correction from the self forgiveness itself.

This tool will always be here for me as I will always be here for myself, it is an eternal tool that is here for all to support all, it brings one back to themselves as life. All of life is now in the process of forgiving ourselves for what we have created as we see in this world many ills are occurring and so equally when I look in myself, many ills are occurring and have occurred. Though through forgiveness I can take each and everyone on and find solutions, live the courage to change, and in fact walk that change into my life and so all life as we are interconnected, equally as one.

Self forgiveness is a gift and it continues to give me the gift to eternal life, I see the alignments, one just has to walk it through this door and change oneself in honor of all life until all that remains is self here and so it is done.

Day 1 starts tomorrow!
Thanks for the support :)

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