Monday, June 10, 2019

It's So Easy to React, Isn't It? But to Give is to Receive, no? - Day 588

Today I had a moment where I realized how much I have been allowing myself to react to my reality, react to the people in it, react to the noises, the hiccups, the interruptions, the pace, there is reactions everywhere, this is because it has become so easy to just react, release the built-up energy, and give into the experience of what it is I am facing in a way of self compromise and self insecurity. There is the motion of it, there is no effort, it comes, I live into the reaction, boom I am the reaction, and then I start creating myself into that reaction. The havoc that is lived out from the moment I decided to live into the reaction is unpredictable in it's scope and measure, once the energy has died out and I have 'calmed' down from the events playing out, I go into guilt, shame, and regret for what I had just participated in.

And then the cycle repeats, and one creates another round of emotional havoc on the body and in one's environment, potentially causing irreversible damage and consequence, which creates the spiraling into guilt, shame, and regret once again. The only point that I have found that has led me to ignore or forget the inevitable pattern of abuse I live out when I live into reactions is space and time, it moves slower and we have allowed the forgetfulness of our past to become part of who we are, who we have become, but how can we actually forgot something we have created in this reality? We must know deep down that this never goes away, who we are is recorded in our flesh and so we will face who have become in this life and if necessary the next. Though we are the creators so we can 'pretend' and so live as the 'I have forgotten my own abusive behavior' pattern, which will cycle the repeated pattern of abuse I continually accept and allow as my creation here in this life/reality and our home, it repeat and repeat until we stop, until we say no more, and we actually live the change to be a better version as self. Understand this is a self process, no one else, but self, so get in tune with who you are, your inner voice, the voice of life that is you, cherish that as that will be your guide in self-honesty, your beingness essentially is what I see it as for now.

What is different and empowering about the Desteni process that I have yet to find in other sources is the actual understanding and living of the knowledge of how to be a better human being in this world, who supports and nurtures all life equal and one to one's own life, how to physically, actually figure this out and do it. The step by steps are laid out in this site along with the other networks associated with desteni, those who are willing and ready to walk this jounrey will do so, nothing will stand in life's way in this regard. The question always comes back to self in who am I? Who are you? That is the question indeed. So one can indeed then implement and commit to the path of life, what is best for all as oneself by practicing the principles of self honesty, self forgiveness, self introspection, and self commitment, actually apply this, live it, and not give up until you have gotten it, it is all here, as the question is asked, the anwser will appear. This has been extremely true in my process, life is a gift, an adventure, and fun along with the reality always that it is in need of immediate change into equal life for all, never losing sight of this point until it is here and self is as one and equal with all.

These principles or living words that is here and taught/practiced in the desteni process and on eqafe intersect and split apart the cyclical patterns of abuse that I have accepted and allowed to playout in my life, it creates a 'remembrance' of who one is in one's action in the past because self was present in those moments, getting a grip and understanding of who one is, why one is, where one needs to go to be a better version, and the steps are walked step by step to become and emerge as the better version you saw the potential you could be, this is seen in the self forgiveness and self-commitment statements. This is the path to life, eternal life, and a world that is best for all, it's in the individual into the the collective equal and one as self.

It is easy to live into energy, live into the reactions, live into the mind, but this is only because we have made it a habit, it's become ingrained, and thus can be undone and how about we make our habits where I as self-support myself to be the best I can be as me as my every breath in my everyday life and we all do this? Where the better version of ourselves where those who seek help and support from are here, willing, able, and educated on how to be of support to stand as an example as the best possible potential one can be, and so one becomes a teacher and a leader in this regard of what one themselves have mastered in the principles of life, being an example of what is possible and what we erroneously allowed ourselves to forget, we are the gift, we are life. To be a master, one has to walk 10000 steps or do 10000 hours of a task. Are you willing to start this journey? Are you on your way? I can tell you all the steps in the world are worth more than any path of least resistance in giving into reaction, creating harm, and being the lesser version of a being you know you can be.

How about our habit is to give life and thus receive it equally so? Live the words 'give' first, and so receive without want as you are creating it within the act of giving itself, it is a beautiful thing and creates real beauty in this life. This journey I am eternally grateful for especially for all those who have come before to stand in my stead as I give to myself the ability to stand and do what is best in self honesty, self forgiveness, and living my change for all life to be one and equal until it's done and so do this for others as I have been given.

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