Sunday, January 22, 2017

Eqafe Hangout: Atlanteans - The First Encounter with Anu - Day 541

My Guest: Marlen Vargas Del Razo

"In this Twenty-first interview, the Atlantean-female shares the First Moment/First Contact with Anu’s Presence within Atlantis and how the Atlanteans experienced that first moment of contact with Anu’s presence, as well as sharing why and how the Atlanteans were not Aware of what Anu was in the process of doing as Enslaving existence and only became aware of it when it was too late…"

In this live hangout event, Marlen and I will be discussing the above interview from We will discuss our history, the races that existed before humans and earth existed, and yes you read that right, we will be discussing pre-human existence as it was in the interdimensional existence of this universe. Who was Anu, and how we did he become God of this world/existence.

Also, our personal realizations within this recording through different understandings that came through, we are much more then we ever thought possible, this a discussion and glimpse to what is really here as ourselves.

This all for the creation and building of human beings becoming stewards of the earth, where we create a world that gives dignity and decency to all life through our self responsibility to stand as solutions and do what is best for all.

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Sunday, January 8, 2017

Not Wanting to Compromise - Day 540

Here i am seeing a pattern I have walked with people in my life that has been consequential where for myself, I have become less adapt at moving in my enviroment. I am seeing this restriction in lets say the flow of who I am is based on not wanting to compromise or more cooperate with what is here, the physical reality. The principles are clear in what makes for a harmonious reality, which is live in what is best for all, considered all things and keep what is good, stand in the shoes of another as the other is equal to self, and do onto another as how you would want to be treated, though I have to live these principles to in fact stand as them.

For myself not compromising or not cooperating with reality where i do not live these principles above, I am essentially defying reality, not moving in a way that is supportive of this physical reality and so everything in it, which in a logical way doesn’t make sense. Now if I pull this out in lets say a global context, where I walk a self interested path of not cooperating and so not standing within the principles I shared above of what is best for all, I could be responsible for the harm of many. For example, say my job was to add filters to all the water pipes in the world, that will filter out the deadly bacteria that resides in this water, once it goes through these filters, the water is pure and all who drink are well. I have to change these filters three times a year to keep everyone in the world getting access to clean water.

Now this is a lot of responsibility, and this work is routine and boring to me, I am having these emotions come up, I want to quit, I am so bored, though I know if I miss a filter change, I am going to cause many to die due to the bacteria leaking in to the pure water. What do I do?

Here what would the common sense dictate, I have redefined the word sense to be the physical and common to be what is best for all, so here common sense is what is best for all in this physical reality. And obviously what is best is keep everyone healthy and harm free as this is what I would want for myself, fulfilling the principles of life, which is who we all are. Life being the physical as the physical is what is real, real is the reality we live in in each moment, what is actually happening direct, realtime, here, in the physical of ourselves and all around. So it’s simplistic in a way to understand all of this, though to live it is a different story.

Understand that each one is walking this process of realizing that our actions in reality have an effect on not only ourselves, but in fact on everyone we touch and beyond as those whom you touch go and touch others and so forth and so on. So for me to go into self interest and not stand in the shoes of another and do what is best for all, it’s like I am poisoning and killing myself as I infect my enviroment equally so with this self interest before the common good of all. We believe when we move in our enviroment, we do not have an effect on it, though observe children, they copy our every move and who do children grow up to be, the adults of this world, the world has never changed, why is this so, because we have never taught ourselves and so our children how to live in the physical, how to live within and as reality harmoniously, and how to live in life principles. We are living from a reality that is not real, which is from thinking and our minds, emotional states and reactions of self interest, trying to dominate reality, but common sense, this is impossible. We are in a day and age, where this is changing, we are now being asked by life as we ask ourselves, who are we as we see the death of billions every year because of not having access to basic human rights, this is our creation, it is time to take SELF Responsibility.

So it’s an understanding that when I do not want to compromise or cooperate with the physical reality I live in and support what is best for all, I will create equal to this, and the reality I live in will start to show this to me as I have realized many times already. Life is aware and everything existent within it, so we humans are not alone, we are PART of this reality not the dominator of it, it’s time to consider what we are creating and decide who self is within this and live. This is each one’s walk and path, who I am will determine my future, so I make it count. This is the path I am walking and I stand for and as life and nothing less then what is best. It is time, no more waiting. So let’s walk together, create together with the principles of life and so honor who we are as beings in what is our highest potentials.

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