Wednesday, September 4, 2019

Courage - A Guide to Self Creation - Day 590

One of the important points I have found within the reforming of who I have been into who I am creating myself as is the point of courage. I have recently started to recognize and understand myself as this living word, how I shape myself within and as the confines of the word structure of being courageous in my living and what does that mean for me? What I found innate within the word courage is the words core gauge.

Core Gauge is a point of self-honesty self here check-in, especially when i am in a point of no return, such as making a decision on a point of great consequence, how courage has supported me through was referencing and understanding myself within my core gauge. This core is the point of reference within and as me as the 'inner voice' of my self-honesty life beingness point, this is the point of self that I have found supports with living your highest potential to become and align with the life principle of doing what is best for all in oneness and equality.

There is always a decision to make in life, they come in waves or they could come like a thief in the night, out of the blue and unexpected, regardless of the circumstance one finds themselves in, the self of who one is has to make a decision on how to live and exist as one move in this world.

What I realized within walking the desteni i process through my mind designs and patterns in self-interest into a being who is able to walk self-correction, is that the keys of self creation are here, they are within and as everything that exists yet the self within it all has to find the keys and unlock the puzzle existing within self. And yes in a way it is like a puzzle finding the different pieces lying around the floor and having to specifically find the spot through many trial and errors that will eventually fit. Until one day the puzzle is done within and you are a complete being, whole and able to direct oneself soundly within the principles of life. The keys are already laid out and gifted within the process with desteni and eqafe, self forgiveness, self investigation, self honesty, self commitment writing, and living the change that is best on repeat until it is done and you remain.

Courage by redefining and living it within who I am as my core gauge, gauging within me on what decision I will make is of utmost importance that I always align it to the best of my ability to be of life in what is best for all. So for me there is no reason not to make it this life, to create a world that is best for all because I am walking this within myself until it's done, this point of determination and understanding of who I am in my core gauge, that I am life, I am worthy of life, and I will create this life I see I would like into my physical everyday life is indeed how I function. I push myself to walk the core gauge of myself, checking in with my being, my self honesty, my life point within me, and getting the necessary understanding to make changes for myself that will result in a world that is best for all. It's very simple in its understanding and mechanics, what I have found is that the mind within me as the self-interest and ego, can get the better of me and I go into compromise. This too also part of the process of learning who you are this life and growth will surely be forthcoming.

So courage has been a guide for me in a way, not to be afraid of having to stand in courage which has been my past beliefs, but to embrace it as myself and find the solutions within me to live as who I am for the betterment of all life as in principle that'll always support self, common sense reasoning and living.

Grateful for this journey of self-expression within living this word courage.

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