Friday, February 22, 2019

The Principle of Investigate All Things and Keep What Is Good - Day 577

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"4. The Principle of Investigate All Things and Keep What Is Good
I unconditionally investigate, consider, and introspect all aspects, expressions, perspectives, and avenues of life and assess what can practically be applied within the Principle of What is Best for All." 
From the Desteni Declaration of Principle

Here this principle in application has been a ride for sure, in the sense that it is an adventure of sorts, it is a journey within reality as one journies within self and it is equally as vast within and without.

Though I have found when I stick to the application of what is best for all through changing myself in self honesty, the simplicity of life becomes visible, like I am aware of more and how things work on a physical level and this opens up these amazing doors as opportunities to discover, from the great to the small and back again.

This journey and adventure is also riddled with challenges and the unknown, so as this word courage has come up a number of times today in my daily life, it is fitting for this blog topic as one in fact must have courage. Courage meaning you have to be willing to face the unknown and at times face it head on because in this principle of test all things and keep what is best, you physically practically have to test out that which you are walking. Say a pattern of self compromise, as you walk the process of self change, you will face a number of challenges and uncomfortability, but the incredible thing about it is that you will realize that you are able, more then capable because we have as a species always underestimated our worth and potential in this life. Once you show yourself your own potential within the principles of life in what is best, which is the highest honor of all, you start to thrive.

And man you find your passions and you get to explore and discover who you are within these, you face immense amounts of fears, but you realize eventually it’s only moments in time and energy that is fleeting, and that your physical living change is no match to any mind dimension of sorts, thoughts, addictions, emotions, though don’t get me wrong I am continually challenged to my core being, the courage, the core gauge of myself to see who am I, within self honesty you realize this point, and there is only one way to get there, direct, facing the shit, forgiving self, and changing in what is best.

This requires a point of testing everything, so it’s to not judge what is here because it is all self, everything is a part of self because everything is life, same as self, once this is realized self starts to go deeper and understand who one is as life more, and the fun continues. It’s a self adventure, trust in who you are, trust in life here, support others as you’d like to be supported, forgive ourselves, and walk the solutions necessary to keep what is good that benefit each and all one and equal.

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Thursday, February 21, 2019

Dependency - Day 576

I have been seeing within this specific relationship I have in my head toward a particular being that I enjoyed and want to get to know more, but they are not showing signs that they want to get to know me more intimately and deeply. There is a couple points of reaction I am seeing causing this point of compromise within me where I am reacting in anger, jealousy, inferiority, and desire, and through this is based on projections I am having of what could be, what I would want to have happen, fear of lose, and so I am seeing this is all being created because I have allowed this point of dependency on others to define and so give myself direction in my life instead of creating this for myself.

This is stemming from my childhood where my parents always supported me with giving me words to who I was in a positive way, and so taking on this positive outlook of myself and in a way believing that this is all I am. Then others in my reality showed points of negativity where I would then start to question who I was within me due to a belief that I am defined by the words of others and believing that what is said to me is who I am. This obviously causing conflict within me, a desire to be a follower of others who give me positivity, seeking out those who give me this, and so create a dependency on this experience I get within me when someone gives me a compliment or an experience is created from the words or actions shown by another that is making me have feelings of acceptance, cause within myself I am not giving this to myself and directing myself through living words that are best for self and so best for all.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to become dependent on the words and gestures of others that give me an experience within myself of positivity, where the experience of feelings come up as energy that I follow as a ride I go on, and from there when the energy has diminished within me as energy feeling and so the ride I was on is over, I go into a depression, a sinking, an experience that I am now less because I no longer have the experience within me of feeling something ‘good’.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to define myself through the experience that come up within me as points of energy with thoughts of how another will give me something or gave me something such as a positive loaded comment where I experience myself different from the usual lack of confidence I have experienced myself within due to the lack of positive feedback I have received from my reality and so created this seesaw within me as conflict of feeling less then myself here as a being that is physical and present, and so become dependent on others in my reality to show me who I am and within that, be defined by the energy experiences within me as energy that comes and goes as the fleeting moments in time I participate in, which is participating in the mind consciousness system feeding off the reality I am living in instead of standing one and equal within it and directing who I am based on my living as words and so actions.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to follow thoughts within my mind of ‘I am not able’ ‘I am not good enough’ ‘I need a partner who will give me a sense of my self as a ‘nice’ person and through this compromise my stand as life here one and equal to all beings here, where I am not dependent on taking from others and within this needing others to support me to live here as a being of worth.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to experience the words of others within me through energy as positive reinforcement where I have defined myself solely on what others say to me rather then standing as a point of support for myself as myself and walking with reality as me as a stand for life as a pillar within who I am as I live and so from here am able to be an equality and oneness with others in all ways and be interdependent in the sense that I am not in need of others to give me life as energy experiences in me I follow and ride, but I give life to myself as living words as my self honesty in action and so can give life as I equally receive the life of who others are here in return and thus expand and learn about life here in oneness and equality in what is best for all.

 I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed jealousy of the relationships of others that is built on solid ground and are a living example of what this stand as this point and so instead of creating this for myself, I disempower myself through self interest and create jealousy because within myself I am in self diminishment as I am not as of yet walking the path of self forgiveness, self honesty, and so living change to become empowered within myself as I change who I am from dependent on others to standing as an equal and realizing the oneness that does, in fact, exist here and that can be created as this equality is lived through words I redefine and live for myself and so share who I am with others on solid ground as I am grounded in my living here by actually standing within me and without equal and one.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed anger toward others in my reality to have what I want instead of realizing, seeing, and understanding that this has nothing to do with the other beings in my reality, but all to do with my own compromise within myself as I am showing to myself that at this time I am standing as not willing to walk the path of correction, which is a process of realignment in my living to define who I am within and so to the without in self introspection, self forgiveness, and living change and become my own understanding and presence of life as I live the correction process I walked in writing or sounding within self-forgiveness to learn what it’ll take to walk the path and process of self standing, self-empowerment, and self real-i-zation of the reality of self being here in who I am as my words redefine to align and so become one and equal with my living.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to become angry at others in my reality who are standing as this point through and through, not realizing, seeing, and understanding that this anger has nothing to do with beings in my reality, but all to do with my own self anger as I am understanding within me I am compromising myself due to laziness, apathy, and non movement of the path and process that is required for reprogramming who I am in these moments of dependency on others and so creating myself in reality as a real being who speaks words and stands as my own living words as I redefine who I am in writing and sounding forgiveness and directing myself in my reality in total self-responsibility in what is best for all.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to participate in backchat hate and spite of others in my reality as I accepted and allowed the experience of self-pity and self inferiority, through this only diminishing myself and my own stand in my reality as a being with integrity and the maturity to do what has to be done and walk the necessary physical steps of change required to walk the path of self creation in self responsibility in what is best for all.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to blame my parents for not showing me the reality of what is here and so blame others in my world in many ways for not being there for me, when this is actually a gift and doorway to the path of forgiving myself for my miss-takes and living my forgiveness where I change myself to stand on my own two feet grounded in reality and standing as an equal as I redefine who I am as life in words that are supportive and best for me and so will equal and one support others as well.

I forgive myself that i have accepted and allowed myself to compare myself to others in my reality and so diminish within the experience i have created of a belief that i am not as good as others or i am better, creating a lack within me and so a lack in my living where i go into an experience that i need something someone where because within myself i am not giving it to myself. 

I forgive myself that i have accepted and allowed myself to create competition to beings in my world that i see that have what i desire, instead of realizing that i am not standing within myself as a being with integrity to walk the actual walk it takes to stand as that beings equal in care, regard, and consideration of what is best for all, and in that spite myself as life and become compromised as life as a diminished version unwilling at that moment to walk the process of change. 

I commit myself to stand in the words integrity as my internal grit to walk the change necessary to stand as an equal to life as i live what is best for all in regard of all and create myself within  my lviing to be here present as the precense of myself willing and able to create agreements that is best for all and no longer need or particpate in mind games as competition, comparision, or spite as i let go of these experiences within myself as i walk the living change necessary within me and so give myself as life within  my living to create what is best for self and so best for all. 

I realize and understand that I am able through and through and in fact is the only way to walk the change process necessary to create myself as a real being in my physical living that stands as a equal in my words and so is able to be independent of the energy experience I have accepted and allowed through becoming polarized in my reality through energy as emotions and feelings, I commit myself to let go of thoughts through breathing, and live the word independent as a point of reference that I have a process of physical change that is necessary through writing and living words that I can direct myself within and so live that is best for me and so best for all.

I realize that I am whole responsible for myself and the change that is required within to stand as a plus one in the reality as my physical presence to align back in the physical world as an equal walking the breath here in what is best for all through living words of support for self and flowing like water in my reality to change who I am to stand in this regard where it’s about who self is and how self lives here.

I commit myself to walk the dimensions of mind compromise I am existing within that separates me from life here in equality and oneness in what is best for all and so the cross-reference I can use as support is the polarizing within me of energy and the experience of dependency that comes up moving into breath and living words such as independent, self worth, self love, and self responsibility to change self in the moment to let go of energy and physically live the correction to stand as an equal as my living matches my words that is here as me.

I commit myself to let go of the experience of blame onto others as I take responsibility for my own experiences through walking the process of self change to live as an equal to others and so live as a pillar within me that is self sustaining as I walk the process of self purification through self forgiveness and become real as a being that is in physical.

I commit myself to redefine the word dependent to stand as a dependable being who walks the talk of living words that I redefine and live in alignment with all life as so honoring the life within and so without equal and one as a being that is in fact equal and one and not taking from life and not giving as I'd like to receive first and foremost. 

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Wednesday, February 6, 2019

The Principle of Self Perfection through Self Creation - Day 575

"3. The Principle of Self-Perfection Through Self-Creation
Self-Perfection is the process of reflecting on and investigating myself through writing, releasing myself from the past through Self-Forgiveness, and changing myself through Self-Application and living change. These tools allow me to develop a deep intimacy with myself, enabling me to see the workings of who I am, how I came to be this way, and how to create myself into the best possible expression of myself that I can be."

From the source: Desteni Declaration of Living

This principle is like the gift that keeps giving within the hard work one puts in, you do the work, you live and become your highest potential, you will start to align to and create for yourself a perfection in self as who you are in your living. So the equation I see here is walking the process of self change in what is best, investigate and understand who self is as the pattern, live self forgiveness, walk the change necessary to do what is best for all as best for self, and so move into the quality of living that is self perfection, which gives substance in a multiple of ways unknown and I have found can not be predicted. It is a similar process of the seed of a fruit tree, it's starts out very small, very fragile, needing lots of tender, care, understanding, patience, discipline, creativity, perseverance, courage, and integrity to name some support words, to be able to grow to be a big mature tree bearing countless amounts of fruit over it's lifetime.

The fruit tree is a cool visual example of what the living of self-perfection is within oneself and in one's life, this is accomplished through walking both self frogiveness on a pattern that is of abuse to life as yourself and others, and living the corrective application to do what is best for all until it is proven through time by your own self honesty. When one lives this through and proves who you are through time, it is like another layer of substance as the tree bark and leaves and branches grow to hold the space and ability to bear the fruit for everyone to enjoy.

With walking the process to self perfection you create substantial creational abilities within yourself which empower you in your world and reality, you are also gifted with self trust and an understanding of who you are and what you are capable of in this life because you walked the talk so to speak, you created this path yourself through and through, step by step, breath by breath. This no one can take away from you here or beyond, it becomes your legacy and can be an incredible gift, you become your own fruit tree bearing sustenance for all life to enjoy and be supported with.

The journey of self perfection is an individual journey for each one as the path has to be walked for self and changed within self and in one's world by self, though there is and always will be the basis of support here in this physical world to support with this process. For example, some of the main sources I use on the daily as I walk this process is bernard poolmans videos and words, with the portal sharing, work environments that I am involved with every day, and all the people I interact with online and in real life, there is support within everything I have found if you open yourself up to it. As been said many of times, use your resources, they are here to support so go ahead and use them for support to be your best self!

So the self perfection of self within walking the tools of life in what is best is a gift in itself to self real-i-ze yourself and bring to fruition the seeds you sowed within yourself to gift to others in your life as you become a source of life-giving, unconditional to all for all in what is best, and your life becomes fruitful, incredible, and indeed extraordinary like a matured fruit tree standing firm, rooted in the earth, and giving itself as life support for all to have.

Check out the resources, and investigate who you are as life principles lived, self forgiveness, self honesty, self-commitment to change, and in fact living the words self perfection in who one is. Let's walk together and support each other until this life is created in the perfection that has always existed here, within and to the without. Support and educate yourself on the links shared, thanks for reading! - Check out the new unlimited subscription plan at Eqafe, it's fantastic!