Thursday, November 9, 2017

Working with Impatiences and Stability - Day 561

I recently had a quantum change kinesiology session with Kim Amourette, and again I was amazed at the accuracy and relevance of the information that came through this session. This was in relation to my feet, they have, what i thought was athletes foot, but come to find out is actually psoriasis causing lots of discomfort. This was inherited through the genetics of my family linage on my dad's side. This foot issue as psoriasis is not the core problem as most people would think, but a symptom to a pattern of behavior that has i copied and have been particpating in for most of my life. This pattern is impatiences and projection of others doing me harm.

First point I want to discuss is that the psoriasis is on my feet and specifically in my toes, so with support i realize that this irritation is in relation to balance, having issues with being imbalanced in my body due to the feet supporting most with body balance and so can correlate with my self/life processing showing this pattern that was revealed is bringing up points and issues with the balance in my self and living. The point that came through was an instant impatience that I go into in relation to blaming through my own projections that others are going to or already are attacking me or treating me badly, and thus in this belief I go into defense mode and attack them back first. Obviously making this up in my own mind and playing it out in reality, when there is no issues going on between me and others and I am actually creating these issues myself. This causing massive amounts of conflict and disfunction in my personal relationships I have participated in this life. I have justified my behavior for so long due to this lie I have been telling myself that other people are doing this to me, it's their fault, and I am the victim, all the while i am the one creating this conflict within and without.

So an eye opener for me for sure as i immediately saw the point and have been noticing it more and more in my work enviroment, so it is equally timely and specific i would say as well. I am grateful for these specifics because now i have the facts, i can work with it in absolute terms meaning I can stop the wandering in my mind about what could or what ifs, and change it within myself in a way where i am confident I have it, which cuts processing time down by much.

I will continue with my writing on this point in the next blogs to come. Thanks for reading.

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