Sunday, January 20, 2019

Some More on My Journey with Self Honesty and DIP - Day 574

"2. The Principle of Self-Honesty

Reflecting on myself and seeing every part of me (the good, bad, and ugly) without bias or judgment so that I can take responsibility to change that which I no longer accept and allow."

So in past blogs I shared on different aspects of self honesty and how I have lived these words for myself, though this process is a journey I have found, it is not something that I can see ending. This is because self-honesty always challenges you, always pushes you to your outer limits and then pushes beyond that, so it's like an expanding (as I see it) adventure we are on. The adventure is the process one walks as you touch depths that have been untouched for eons of time within self, we have through alignments being made and lived, finally got an understanding of who we are and how we relate to the mind consciousness system. This is explained immensely in and all topics of human and all life.

This process of self-honesty also requires real humility and understanding as one face the most intense parts about this world and about self within it all. One point I have found that has been solid throughout my ten years of walking this process with self honesty is the fact that whatever opens up and is here to be introspected and considered in my honesty, I find the moment it opens up I realize and have a trust within me that I will see it through, that I can handle it, that I must walk this path and see it through to realize who I am within it. I find this point of adventure is lined within this process of self honesty because one is always pushing the edge of one's existence, though it also is a simplistic process in terms of the repetition of tools that are used and support you throughout, they are often referred to as 'The Basics'.

The self honest path of life brings you to question yourself and ask yourself who will you be in the face of your own abuse, the worst of yourself, the pain, the suffering you caused others, and deciding in moments how to direct oneself through all the accumulated consequence that has been accrued. This task seems scary at times and at times it is, though through these moments one can and does empower oneself if lived in self honest consideration and live the solution that is best for all. I have fallen hundreds of times, but that does not stop me as it is said it doesn't matter how many times you fall, what matters is that you get up and make a change for the better. This is what matters, the life that is being created through these realizations of self in one's own inner self honest moments one is going to face and decide on.

There is always support, one must though align with one's self honesty and live this as who one is to access these parts of self that have always been here, waiting to be 'found' and 'discovered' yet it is just an illusion, we have always been here walking with everything, self honesty brings what is real into awareness for us to face and live as a redefinition to keep walking the path of self creation in what is best for all.


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Wednesday, January 9, 2019

How to Create a Presence of Ease - Day 573

I have been looking at this word Reliable, and to me, this word is very sturdy, stable, and within it, it exudes a point of results that put one's reality and self in a state of calmness and ease. How does this work?

Let's look at some word play -

Reliable - Really I am able
                 Real capable
                 Really I am capable

Well for most of my life I have been very anxious and afraid, lots of thoughts have been created and participated in creating unnecessary angst and experience of rushedness and never being satisfied with me. When there is this constant hum of noise as chatter going on in my head about many different things and all the while accumulating energy as fear and anxiety, life becomes rather unstable, chaotic, and not enjoyable most of the time.

For instance, say you are in a house and you have shit everywhere, clothes piling up, dishes piling up, books and papers laid across the counters, tables, and dressers. You are not able to slow yourself down and become calm in your own house because there is so much mess everywhere, causing a sort of chaos within, which causes stress. We all can relate to this experience, this sense of angst and anxiety that clutter and mess make us feel. And then the day comes where you have had enough and you do an hour-long clean or for the messier ones amongst us, a 6-12 hour long clean, and then things become orderly again, your space is simpler, is understood, and you are within yourself feeling more calm, stable, and at ease.

These moments in my past where how I lived my life, in like a rollercoaster ride week by week, never getting down to the actual living words I needed to embody to keep the experience of calm, at ease, and stability a constant in my everyday life. No matter what is here and what I face, like a sink full of dishes or a house that is a mess, there is no need to go into any anxiety because of it. If one has redefined and programmed essentially the tools and so the solution to keep the presence of ease and calm consistent in one's life, then the anxiety will virtually disappear.

The word I have seen that is most supportive in embodying the experience of ease, calm, and stability within and eventually to the without is the word reliability. This word is supported with a structure of discipline of self to bring about a resolution to have order, cleanliness, simplicity, and common sense practical application a constant consistent movement in one's life and living. If one practice and embodies these words and becomes reliable within the application of this step by step action, one can create a presence of calm and ease on a consistent basis in one's life, guaranteed.

Though I realize, there will always be times in our lives where we are caught off guard and things don't go to plan and becoming stressful and chaotic, though if one keeps to this application of being reliable in oneself, building trust in this consistent application of who one is in there best selves, and stay disciplined within the action of embodying this word reliable, the 'really I am capable' our lives will become much easier, simpler, and physical. Trust starts to build as one starts applying who one is as capable, able to do what needs to be done. It's a matter of will to live this and seeing the results for oneself. Working with physical reality is key because the key within the solutions is the doing and who you are within it, asking questions such as what makes sense here? where do things go that makes sense? what is the most efficient way to do this or place this? what is the simplest way to get this done or put away? how best can this task be accomplished? what do I have to do to get this done?

And push oneself through the challenges, to find out your strengths and support yourself in strengthening your weakness. Actions create results, and you can direct how that is going to go. By being reliable within finding a solution in the discipline of sticking to order, simplicity, doing what is best for all, and keeping consistent in the application to find solutions for your life, life becomes more at less stressful and thus calmer and so more content. Stay consistent in this effort within the word reliable of self, and you will embody it as yourself and so create a presence within self of ease naturally and for the long term.

It's a process, enjoy and be grateful for your self pushing through and standing as words of support not only helping you but others as well in your environment.

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Thursday, January 3, 2019

The Principle of What is Best for All - Day 572

For the next half a dozen blogs I will be walking through and sharing my realizations and awareness on the THE DESTENI OF LIVING - DECLARATION OF PRINCIPLES written out on the desteni site and what I have been practicing in my living to embody and become these specific principles as who I am. The first principle I will be discussing is the principle of what is best for all, here is a how it is described from the above document:

"Guiding myself in thought, word and deed to always, in all ways, direct all things to the best possible outcome for all.

Taking into consideration the effects of my thoughts, words and deeds on the world around me (people, plants, animals, environment) and ensuring that the thoughts, words and deeds I am living honour the best potential of myself and all of life on Earth, to the best of my ability.

Standing unconditionally in the shoes of all people and all things, and being able to at the end of the day say that I have fully considered all within the context of creating the best possible outcome for everyone and everything – that I have honored and considered them in the way that I would like to be honored and considered."

I also suggest reading Bernards Poolmans blog on this principle with his sharing of self-forgiveness and self-commitment statements, I myself found this blog very impactful and supportive for context and understanding to live this way for myself. 

I have found this principle of 'doing what is best for all' is an intrinsic understanding and awareness I have had ever since I can remember, did I always act on it and make it part of my actions, words, and thoughts, no, though underneath the self interest or words of harm I unleashed onto another person say, there was always an awareness that there was a better way to walk that, I could have done better, I could have done more, but I didn't. 

Another point I have found within incorporating and making the principle of doing what is best for all part of my moment to moment living is that it is rather simplistic in its understanding on how to do it, what to do to live what is best for all, and I found the solutions are intrinsically again within self. To do what is best for all is to do what would be best for you, letting go of all of the desires, needs, wants, and self-interest, and first putting others into consideration in all ways in a given moment one can see and living that before considering what self would want or do, and then in that way self will also be taken care of because what you'd do best for others is what you'd do best for yourself. Putting others first ensures that everyone is always taken care of, considered, and so this equally will support self as well. This is simple common sense. 

As one start to practice this in one's living, one will very quickly find out how one's mind and self-interest and greed and all the behaviors of ourselves that is not best for all start to become very prevalent. The thoughts become active to be in service of self, do what is best for self, forget about others it's too much work, it's too hard, I am not good enough, I don't have the tools, I this, I that, and the list will go on. Also, the physical experiences will come, the apathy, the resistance, the excuses, the justifications because self has always accepted and allowed this way of living to supersede what is best for all. When one start to investigate why this is occurring, one will see many different moments that contributed, many thought patterns that are possessing and promoting behavior that is self-interested base, and so the worst of self is lived out rather than the best. 

So this process at desteni I am walking is the process of self-change to indeed be able to live what is best for all, building the resolve and stamina slowly but surely through at will changing oneself over time to do what once seemed impossible, and through time and consistent effort you indeed start to make the 'impossible' the 'i am possible'. The world starts to become more understood, order and stability start to be developed and experienced within self, and one is able to direct oneself in one's living through living by principles such as this one, to do what is best for all.

There will certainly be challenges, falls, and complications, though each time one does what is best for all, which is getting back up, understanding what happens and what to change, and then changing self to live what is best for all. Living also the principle of never giving up no matter what to change self and do what is best for all. This is based on the understanding that it'll eventually create a world that is best for all through and through which is the world we all want to live and have been yearning for. Understand it will not be handed to us, we have to create within for it to be created into our world. It starts with self always and who self is. 

The decision is key in this equation and principle of doing what is best for all, and this is the most empowering position for self to be in because only you can decide who you are and thus you have all the power to do whatever it is you decide, you most certainly can choose to live what is best and so live it. It takes action and will and through the tools of self-forgiveness and self-correction, the alignments in one's living will be created to in fact do what is best for all in one's living in this reality.

This makes for a human being who has integrity, who can be trusted with all life and ensure what is best is lived out, and so becomes powerful as one is full of one's self-empowerment within the alignment of life here in all facets and capabilities through this principle of living what is best for all. It's a simple way of living, though it is a process to walk as I myself have found as I started my journey with this 10 years ago, though I walk with no regrets and am proud of the being I have become. Much more to understand and develop within myself while this principle in living action will guide self through, like a beacon in a storm, it'll show you the way one just have to walk it and in fact live it, it's as simple as that. 

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