Sunday, July 21, 2019

Understanding Myself as the Physical – Day 589

When I look at the word physical and my experience within it, I see that for most of my life I have never considered the actual point of being a physical being, who we are as life here as the physical, it’s been something that has never been in my awareness. Yes, I realized that we are on earth and the physical world is what we live in and with to make us be alive, but since walking with desteni and understanding more of the scope and depth of what the physical actually is, it has been an eye-opening experience to say the least. And what has really been interesting is the realization that the physical world is simple, it is direct, here, in the moment, as everything is all ways in the principle of oneness and equality in what is best for all. Here direct as the moment alive, working with our own physical capabilities, our own physical mind and mental systems we have created as consciousness programs, we are in fact the living creation, yet we have never realized we are this or more specifically forgotten that we have done this.

We have forgotten ourselves as the life principle lived, it is mathematical, specific in it’s application, but within that there is freedom, acceptance, understanding, integrity, and much more. You can’t I have found put a definition on this creation principle, it is ever-flowing and ever moving, and when aligned to life here in what is best, it is the stuff of dreams, really interesting living experiences have been opening up for me. Things that I have always desired and wanted for myself are starting to manifest, and I have attested it to my living application for the past 10 years of self-forgiveness and living change in these very simple principles, being self honest as best possible, never giving up, holding the life principle of self as what is best within self, cherish yourself as life, and then expanding that out to the world you touch. It’s been extraordinary, yet difficult at the same time.

Difficult in the sense that it’s been a process of challenges, I have faced many demons of mine and still to this day have the threat of facing these points, yet, what I have held dear to myself and to what is here and has shown true in my own living experience is life is merciful if one act in this way to others as self. Who you are within your living within yourself and within the without, voices volumes of information to the universe and those supporting in the process of life in what's best on all levels big and small. This is a process of existence that is being walked and we are here together within it all, to support and show ourselves and each other how to live in harmony and peace. and this is through living principled within self as who you are as your best self through self-forgiveness and living change, and through this one will see life emerge within and without. It’s extraordinary because life can not be pinned down, it cannot be tamed, it can not be touched within the honor that resides within what is here as this point of self emergence as life.

So I am starting to explore for myself this physical reality, who I am as a physical being, how the self is as life as who I am as principled living in what is best, through living self-forgiveness and change. These simple points of support have changed my life in the most extraordinary of ways it’s hard to put into words. So I have been honored in this process tenfold and as I have been given so you will be given as well as you stand as life and do what is best. You change your living in your highest self, you align to what is best for all in your life. There is challenges I still face, but stability and self-trust become self and within this, no one can touch. So it’s a self-creation process unknown to not even the universe, all options are open, all possibilities, all opportunities, and do not fear because you are everything, use integrity and stand in your highest potential and you will be good.

This is what I have found as a point of support for me to face the unknown, it helps me to keep moving and forging forward. I also see it as an adventure and fun, playing as life as the child I am of this universe and discovering myself, seeing it for what it is within a child’s point of view, they definitely have something to share and have been diminished for far to long. It is time we stand as life for the children to come, stand up once and for all, and live what is best for all within and without. It’s time to stand in the physical as your directive will, let’s carry on and stand together as a support

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