Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Life Support through Reacting to Another's Words - Day 410

Tonight I saw an interesting energy come up within me when my partner asked me if something I was about to do was best for all, I within myself went into an immediate reaction of defense and protection, and I lived it out by saying to him, why are you saying that to me, explain yourself? (with a fighting face on) This was done because within myself I reacted to the fact that I was not living what is best for all, I actually very rarely ask myself this question, I would like to think that I ask and so consider my actions within the alignment of what is best for all in an accumulation of the amount of years I have been in process as this is what process is about, but I have certainly not physically lived the amount of thoughts that I have thought about in relation to asking and never mind living what is best for all in physical reality. I have been living in my own desires and wants, I have been existing within self interest in many different areas of my life where I can see I can make changes, but I realize that though I have the intention to change, if I don’t actually change in physical reality, I will never actually change for real. So continuing in self interest is not the solution to do what I would like and so think about doing as it only caters to my wants/needs/desires, and so missing the rest of the world that is out there and creating me to be a person I don’t not see myself continuing to be.

So I want to explore and do self forgiveness and self correction statements on this specific reaction of being ‘caught’ red handed so to speak by another and how to see how to change the reaction from a resistance to an embracing of the words, and where can I learn and change myself to be more effective in my physical living to indeed live my life in the best way possible that will create a better world for all and so myself. I see and realize that there are many parts of myself and personalities playing out that I can’t in fact always see and understand, so when the opportunity comes up for support from another, I would like to rather embrace it, understand myself within it and learn from it, and find the solution that will support me to change to the person I would like to then live.

So, I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to create a point of defense towards another when I hear something within there words that is not in a positive or openly expressed supportive way towards me and so take it as a personal attack.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to determine who I am within the reactions I have in my mind/physical feelings as energy to the words said or actions done by another, where I realize, see, and understand that these reactions are NOT directed by myself in a self supportive way, but are created through automation and cause me to go into a point of ego where I will put up my guard and protect and defend, and so not hear/listen/am able to discuss the support that was be given by the other within the communication spoken in a moment.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to become afraid within myself when another points something out about me that is not going to make me look positive or in a way where I will be thought of in a high regard, and so I realize, see, and understand that this desire for positivity from others is creating and so holding this fear in place as within me I see and understand that I have many areas that require to be changed and lived in a new way that will support life/myself, I see often where I abuse and am in self interest so this support is definitely relevant.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to hold onto desires to be seen positively by others/my partner because within myself I see my flaws and imperfections and judge these as bad and unacceptable.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to create a fear of imperfections within me based on my judgment I hold that imperfections is a way of showing that one is less than others and less than the potential that one could be, I fear not being perfect.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to see imperfections as a judgment and create a relationship towards it that I can not be this and so create a fear of not ever being this.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to create a relationship towards imperfection as if it is something to be resisted and not accepted within myself.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to see imperfections as a flaw and so create a self diminishment and self abuse where I have sabotaged myself on a daily basis because I fear being imperfect and seen in this way.

I forgive myself that I have not accepted and allowed myself to see that imperfections are part of being within and as this process to create ourselves to be self perfected, the imperfections are actually gifts in the physical to show me how and where it is that I require to change, to specify my application, to find solutions to the reactions and resistances that I am creating and facing, and so walk a point of creating an acceptance to the imperfections that are here so they can be embraced, understood, and so changed within myself and my living in a way that will empower and support my self growth.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to judge points within the physical that in it’s manifestation has imperfections within it not realizing or understanding in these moments of judgments that there is an existential history behind each being in this existence, and that all are equal within life, so imperfection is a point of understanding this equality and so oneness that indeed exist and is herer and supporting the correction process when and as it becomes relevant for all that are here to indeed be able to live in a way that is best for all.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to not hear or listen to others when they speak, but instantly follow my reactions and go into a defense towards them, and so miss the opportunity for support and so the opportunity for self growth and self understanding.

When and as I go into a point of compromising myself through following reactions when something is said to me that doesn’t create a positive feeling, I stop and breath, and realize by following the energy of reaction I will create a consequence of abuse and self compromise. I realize by breathing through the reaction and actually listening to the words being spoken and then bringing it back to myself, I see and understand this is the place where self change is born and the opportunity lives to build more of a real and intimate relationship with others as I embrace their words/them rather than reject and go into a corner by myself as an ego that will have no real power in the end anyway, so I realize it is not worth it.

I commit myself to when I am faced with this reaction of desiring to attack another, I stop and say ‘no I will not accept this reaction’, let it go, and then look within myself and find the support/solution that the other is showing me.

I commit to find out how I can learn to be better and become more embracing of others where I stop the rejection and become more a part of others lives.

I commit to push myself to discuss with others what they are seeing about me and unconditionally listen and hear what they are saying before I reply.

I commit myself to clear all reactions within me through self forgiveness with the other or with myself before I go into a discussion with another when I initially get offended or react in a protection mode.

I commit to realize that I am just reacting as a program as mind and energy and so I commit to let go of the program and allow myself to be vulnerable.

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Thursday, April 24, 2014

Redefining and Living the Word - Work - Day 409

So I would like to redefine the word work for myself because a point of overworking or overdoing it at work has emerged in my world creating the experiences of being drained or burned out. Also, I am seeing that when I am at work or doing work, I am doing it from a starting point of obligation and within this I have an experience of heaviness and low. So work for me is a negatively charged word where I see that it’s a time where i will be doing things that I don’t enjoy necessarily doing and pushing myself to a point of imbalance where a polarity is created of wanting to have an experience of joy all the time or a positive feeling, and so experience work as a drag and negative, I find myself in a loop and cycling through life in a way that is not supportive and can be and has become exhausting. So I will walk some self forgiveness on the word work and what attachment’s I have to working, and so be able to more clearly see a living redefinition of the word where I can start to live and create my world with it in a new way that is best.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to define the word work within an energetic experience of heaviness and burden, where I see I have defined this specific time of doing things outside my desired experience when I have ‘free’ time and am at ease and relaxing.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to create an experience of desire achievement attached to who I am within what I do and so when this desire achievement is not met through the experience of positive feelings, I resist doing it and go into a form of low experience much like the experience I go into a lot when I do Work related responsibilities.

I forgive myself that I have not accepted and allowed myself to see, realize, and understand that energy within a positive or negative experience is the same cycle and will create either experiences in varying degrees within my world, creating the consequence of becoming stressed and feeling overworked and balancing it out with burst of positive fun, never here, always in desire for good feelings which I realize never last.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to define work within a specific experience as heaviness and burden based on holding onto memories of repetitive actions I have to continue to do over and over in a way to ensure my job is done properly not realizing, seeing, or understanding the greater effect I am having on the bigger picture where I am supporting and assisting the expansion of the goal I and the groups I am working with have set out to accomplish in a way I have found to be within integrity and will support an outcome that is best for all eventually, and so the acts I am walking in the day to day living is supporting the outcome that is best.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to judge some of my work as more worthwhile than other parts of my work and so create an imbalance in perception of what I am doing, where I have created a reaction and resistance to who I am in my living when something I am doing is perceived as not worthy which is creating an experience of stress when I see, realize, and understand that each task is and can be lived within breath and done within its ultimate potential that I can live it. I realize and see that what I am doing within the physical can not be judged or compared if done within a point of self honesty and consideration of the whole of what is being walked, all work is equal within the practical living of it in the day to day living activities that I will face while i am on this planet, it is all here to be done, priority is one point to consider, but the judgment of some as less important than others causing unnecessary consequences in myself and others I am engaging with in my world. I commit to stop judging what I am doing and so walk what makes sense and is practical in the moment to achieve the best outcome possible for all.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to judge and compare some work as not as worthy as other work and so create a polarity within what I am doing and a resistance to the living of this work to the fullest potential I can then live it if I was here and directly moving as the task/work I was assigned and/or took responsibility for.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to define the word work within a way where I see it is eating up my life not realizing, seeing, or understanding that this is what is accumulating my life and who I am in each moment, so who I am here no matter what it is that I am doing is equally as important as any other moment that is here because it is creating the "I" that will stand as who I have become.

So work I will redefine as the living of that which I have committed to or been assigned within a manner of responsibility I have accepted and decided to live, and so I realize that work as a word is a placeholder for the times when the living I am doing is focused within making a salary to continue to further myself in the pursuit of self perfection/doing what is best for all and also work is the action of walking what is necessary to be done in self honesty so I can fulfill my purpose to the best of my ability in this life in a way that is defined as more routine, repetitive, structured, and continuous. Work is defined as a job done in this way.

Living the word work as myself, I will walk it as a reminder that this word is supporting me to walk the steps I am pushing towards to be the highest potential I can be in this life, and when I find I am in the experience of feeling low, tired, or burdened while walking my day to day activities and responsibilities, I stop and breath, and look within to see if I have been over doing it to adjust and allow myself rest. I commit myself to walk a balance within work and rest to ensure longevity and the healthy consideration of what my body requires for it’s physical support in this physical reality such as food, exercise, massage, rest, sex and purpose of action in self honest consideration. I commit myself to live the word work as a reminder and a motivation of ensuring I am accumulating a plus one as who I am that will ensure a new self is created that will do what is best for all and support all life I touch to realize and live the same to ensure life prevails and what is best for all is a living expression of who we are, I realize this living starts with myself.

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Wednesday, April 9, 2014

We Are, What We Eat – Day 408

This saying is quite popular in our world today and what it is implying seems to make sense because what our physical bodies are fueled and sustained by is mostly what we put into our mouths. The body is an organic system and there are certainly foods that substantiate it and foods that diminish it. A practical point to look at is why would we eat or drink something that would not support our bodies, it makes no sense, but we can then also ask ourselves a similar question such as why do we still allow billions to go hungry every day. The answer is within responsibility of oneself and one’s world, we are the solutions to these issues we are facing, we just have to change what we see that is not working, and walk this into our lives and world until it is here using common sense and the principle of what is best for all.

The food we eat if one has does some research travels long distances and get treated and processed in many different ways, so the natural original fruit getting plucked off a non chemicalized tree is like an unknown occurrence in this day and age. We don’t go and pick our fruits and vegetables from our local farm or garden, we don’t go the local farmer and get raw milk from the local cows, we don’t go and drink freshly squeezed oranges off the orange tree in our back yard, these things rarely if ever happen to the average person. There is cause for some of this, but on the norm it is because there are no localized farms or gardens that are pushed or common, and those that are not affordable. Most of our food is mass produced, and stripped of its ultimate potential for nutrition due to the underdeveloped soil it was produced in, chemicals it was sprayed with to keep bugs away, the date it reaches the mouths of those who eat being quite long as well as when at our houses the food is cooked, which diminishes a lot of the nutritional content due to the heat and the bodies molecular reactions it goes through when cooked.

“When food is heated past the heat-labile point, its chemical configuration changes. Pasteurization, deep-frying, and barbecuing are all forms of cooking where food is heated past the heat labile point. The body does not understand these new chemical configurations and does not have the enzymes to digest the food easily. However, the immune system comes to the defense of the body, and makes these undigested particles back into substances that the body can use or escorts them out of the body. We ask our immune system to do the job that our digestive system did not do. The immune system was not designed to do this on a daily basis, every time we overcook foods or over-process foods. Over time the immune system becomes exhausted and the door is opened to infectious and degenerative diseases.” – How Cooked is To Cooked? By Nancy Appleton, Ph.D.

Cooking is obviously a necessary thing in this time and space, but something to considered about the way in which our foods interacts with our physical bodies rather then going with what is desired which is a mind idea usually not conducive to the physical in itself. 

Another important factor that we should be considering and pushing in our
society is the need for these local farms and gardens as well as food that is nutritionally optimal and being nurtured in a way that nature intended, naturally and organically grown and produced. Again, I am not saying that this is possible now, but in the future when we do what is best for all, there is certainly ways in which we can develop our living situations to cooperate and co-create food that is best and optimal for all. In Switzerland they are doing just this, where they have created a project called “foodscaping, each yard is a vegetable garden and neighbors consult and plan what each will grow so they can trade.” Projects like these are solution based for the whole of the community and so these always can be scaled to the globe so all are able to take part and benefit, it’s always a matter of will of ourselves. As we know we are all in this together, so why would we not?

And so the vitamin and minerals within the foods we eat are equally linked to how healthy we will be. If we eat a balanced diet with high foods that support the body and drink lots of water, cutting down completely on refined sugars and processed foods, alcohol, and other foods that don’t support the physical, your livelihood will be significantly more aligned with what is best for your physical body and so best for you. Many people are not educated to the types and kinds of healthy eating that is necessary to live a long life, we are not taught what a well balanced nutritional meal is, and what vitamins and in what quantities they are needed to keep the physical body at it’s optimum level.

So it’s a point of responsibility we all need to take within ourselves to educate what in fact is really going on in the health industry and who are the one’s who are benefitting? What are the proper nutrients and vitamins necessary to live a healthy and sustainable life? And support the initiatives such as the Living Income Guarantee, which will help support those who are not able to support themselves in their lives have access to an income to get the food that is needed to live. This LIG initiative will also start the ball rolling for fixing the parts of ourselves and our world that don’t live up to the best we can be, spearheading project such as the “foodscaping” one above. Our whole food and nutritional way of living is in need of a great overhaul where the desire for the good of all be the starting point of how we create our world systems rather then the desire for the good of the company/profit/few/me. Many people have and are dying due to improper nutrition and care for diseases, this is preventable because there is certainly enough of everything for all to be sustained, and the food we eat should always support all to the ultimate of who we can be.