Sunday, November 24, 2019

Balancing the Yin and the Yang of Self - My Process - Day 593

For me the expression of the yin and yang is the 'masculine' and 'feminine' expression of ourselves, this most would have a picture pop up of a male human being, maybe in a uniform or a business suit representing the 'masculine' word and for the 'feminine' word represented by a beautiful women in a sultry dress and ready for the town. And for me for many many years, this also was how I saw the words yin/yang, male/female, basic static pictures in my head.

Though once one start the process with self-forgiveness and living change that is best for all in self-honesty, which is the desten-i-process, one eventually will come to realize and see more within and as these natures, expressions, and living words of the masculine and feminine. So for me, I have realized these words are not just words but can be moved into expressions of oneself in a way of living in a new or refreshed way for instance. Like for me, I never much categorized myself as a feminine woman, yes I am a woman, but I did not see me as this picture in my mind of this beautiful, sultry woman and thus I believed then I am not a feminine woman. So it was an idea created in my mind of what I had to do to be a feminine women instead of understanding and realizing that it is not a picture i have to become to be feminine, but a way of existing, being that can incorporate the strengths and expression of the feminine design within this world and existence.

I found the masculine expression is similar to a blueprint or infrastructure, holding the placement for the feminine expression to merge and join in as the movement and flow of the creative expression that colors the blueprint infrastructure with creative ability. Through this with the support of each one holding the balance of who they are within and without, one get a balance of the expressions in a cohesive and ever-expanding way to give life and receive it equal and one.

I found within my own process, I as a female within my reality had to step up within myself in confidence, creative skill, stability, reason, logic, and truth and meet the male counterpart within me and within my reality on a balance equal level, where the male within this equation has to become humble to meet the female on an equal balance level, where he is able to interact and receive the creative expression of the female in her movements and flow.

So there is a meeting in the middle so to speak I have found within my own self as the masculine and feminine within me, the 'ego' of the mind/masculine within and the 'suppressed' expression of my own self worth and self-respect, and redefining and living my own self-expression within these two expressions, I have found I was able to come to a balanced medium within my living reality. Where now I am able to move from one to the other with ease and express or become stable in moments where I see fit to walk as such, so stepping up as the feminine expression within me as my passions, my expressions in living words, my flow as a river of life into the extended lands of the masculine structure and support networks to be creative and see and live with and as my creation in wonder and awe. And be a plus one as the building and leader of the future to come for all in what is best, standing more in the masculine expression as blueprint, planning, and building the 'new' world we would like to live in and have our children live in. The balance of the inner dance of the yin and yang, silenced in-breath and lived in what is best for all through one's self-responsible expression. 

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Sunday, November 3, 2019

The Child – Expression of Self as This - Series - Part 2

For Reference and context, the first part to this series:
The Child – Expression of Self as This - Series - Part 1

Continuing with the process of opening up and redefining the word child and adult for myself, and how I see it best to be lived in what would be best for all. I am reflecting on my own process of how I have come to understand this word and living of these words child and adult for myself based on who and how I have walked within the desteni I process that I have been diligently walking for the last 10 plus years. The desteni process I have found is important with supporting me with a foundation point to be able to indeed redefine this word child and adult to be child and wise child, because it’s the process I have found of the adult being birthed again as the child of existence and from there one walk into the ability to respond to reality directly and so learn the way of this physical world and reality, the laws, how it’s designed, engineered, and structured, and within this how to be able to stand in the stead of another and raise this other to be a wise child, holding onto the wondrous nature of the child in this world as well as harnessing and using to all’s benefit the understanding through experience to live in a way of harmony and symbiosis to support oneself as all as best possible, thus the adult birthing as the child of existence through the desteni of the universe which is the desteni i process becomes the child of existence and through time and space becomes and creates the wise child, which will be what self create as there legacy.

This all will be cyclical of course, so one will indeed individually walk the process of becoming the adult, which is the a dull in one’s location point as the adult’s in this world currently are living disconnected and void of the understanding and so example of giving the child they create into a being that honors life and so stands for solutions that are best for all. Now a days and in the past, we see that this world was not created in symbiosis, support for all, understanding of natural order, and doing what is best, we have lived mostly in survival, fear, brutality, and death, and thus our children are not becoming the solution as we have hoped, they are becoming the a dull, meaning arousing little interest, lacking liveliness, boring, they are not operating in the means in which we as life are meant to and have the potential to live, which is like a child, innocent, engaging, alive, here, present, curious, adventurous, wild, carefree, freedom, independent, and much more, this point of child in our reality is a gift that has been given to ourselves from life itself to once again see self in a pure form and through that learn how to live in a way that supports all, as this will support oneself and so one’s child as well cause you can take care of it and know when it goes it indeed will expand in all ways possible as self has given that gift of self.

Without though understanding the how to take care of a child properly in this world, one will have difficulty transcending this dullness that occurs to ourselves when we come to adult hood, not everyone in this world does this, but the majority of us do, meaning we settle, we go into the system, survive, don’t question ourselves, don’t question the status quo of this world, don’t question why we accept and allow the annihilation of billions of people, animals, plant species, our clean environment/natural cycles in our eco-living system, and much more. We go into the idea that we are not enough, we can’t do it, we are not smart enough, good enough, there is not enough resources, money, knowledge, but when push comes to shove for myself, what always comes up within me in these moments were I have to face what I am doing to my own inner child and any and all children I meet in this life that I can potential support in a way of what is best for all life, what I do when I don’t stand and essentially let that spark of life that we all see in children’s eyes get snuffed out within me when I settle for a mediocre life, a settled life in the system, a life that is not what is best, this in essence is what the adults in this world have done, we have snuffed out the life within the children to come cause we have essentially done this to ourselves over generations of time and programming. But things have changed, life has emerged in the most unlikely of places and spaces, and is here, standing, with and aligned with all children to come to be able to stand as guardians of not only the children's lives to be best for all, but equally so the home and land in which we were birthed from is lively, enjoying, expressing, and aligned in symbiotic relationships that are supportive and life giving always in all ways.

So it’s a switch of perception I have found into a single focus of what is best for all life in oneness and equality as what would be best for self, and through the tools at desteni and eqafe explained in unbelievable detail over hours of material resources (this source a few of many, but here I see desteni i process my tree of life, my root system from which who i am as a being from this point of starting my process is growing from, so it's a foundational platform to support one to stand as life and essential i have found if one walk this journey with what is here, which I highly recommend) you too can become the steward of the children to come, making them grow from child to wise child as the adult in essence births themselves equally so as the child of existence from a dull location point one was walking into the wonderment of living as a child of existence and through this process of self forgiveness and living the change, one become and so can stand as a support for the children that are here to become wise in the sense that they know and have examples of how to live to be there highest potential, along with and aligned and integrated as best possible with all life around them as oneself, as one's example, as one has done it for themselves, and so now can stand and give the gift to another of self creation. 

This is a journey and a process, though this particular structure I have seen as a pattern for myself of the journey I have walked and now can say am able to stand for the children in my care and to come to be able to give them wisdom to live there best self and truly be able to live life here in joy and peace and prosperity for all life as we know it. And for all life children to come as our future selves, long live ourselves in the best life has to offer. 

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Sunday, October 27, 2019

The Child – Expression of Self as This - Series - Part 1

I am looking at within these next few blogs to explain how I see the structuring of the word child, adult, and family unit in a sense in a way that supports all involved and what is best for all in it’s outflow in times to come. I am walking this process currently within myself in many ways, and through this process of self understanding and self expansion in these words as me I have come to find some interesting expressions and realizations have come up in me that has supported me greatly. I have found an expression of gentleness, love, care, and for lack of a better word softness has started exuding out of me as my core self sharing I would say or like beingness expression as been described in many recordings at is starting to be physically lived as I live my forgiveness and correction process of who I am as a life being. So I have found it important that these expressions of the feminine alignments has been explored and understood within me and so for me to develop along with the more masculine expressions I was more naturally aligned to as a child as structure, groundedness, and physical drive. So for myself, I have as of recent years been finding myself more feeling balanced and stable in these two balancing expressions within self as the masculine and feminine expressions and so this I am seeing has been supporting me to see this 'new' way of living the word child and adult to child and wise child.

Though, please be reminded that we all have within our self presence these two expressions in varying degrees, they are just laying dormant or over-exemplified in ways as one live in this world and through the mind consciousness system, I have found through walking the desteni process these two expressions of the masculine and feminine are coming more into balance and symbiosis and thus allowing me to stand in support of what is here as this physical living reality as my physical location point (for more on this understanding check out this interview on eqafe - The expressions of the ying and yang can be explained and should be in other blogs, this though is not the point of this series of blogs I am writing out here, this series of blogs is based on looking at the word adult and child, but in blogs to come I will explore more these relationships of male/female and how I have integrated them more in my personal process with the desteni tools.

So back to child and wise child as child and adult redefinitions. Starting with the word Child, which if looked at it in the direct physical reality is the smaller, less experienced version of the adult in this world. We see no difference in terms of ability and reasoning skills in terms of growth and development as a life being between the two, one in essence is just further along in the journey we call life. So within this journey location point in the life cycle of the human in this current life we find ourselves in, the adult has more of a responsibility to stand and so support the child to be able to understand and so live the ‘laws’ of this planet earth. As there is indeed a natural order and balance that exist here in this physical world, if one need to understand this study more the circle of life in the natural world, nature and animal kingdoms how they function and exist within themselves and each other as species, an example would be trees and fungus's relationship.

Of course we also have the ‘current’ way the system operates with survival in place as the current functioning of how this system moves we have called 'human modern' civilization, this is what I call the ‘old’ way of walking the world system, this ‘old’ way will eventually be replaced with the ‘new’. The ‘new’ is where each one reading this comes in, we as the ‘new’ are in the process of creating that ‘new’ and one have to realize within this process of creating the ‘new’ you as the self have a responsibility to not only the children to come, but any and all children that come into your care in this current moment and the moments to come until you pass onto the next next chapter of your existence, and anyone for that matter you meet in your reality to support and assist them as best you are able to. This is the natural law and order of this reality as the life principles of what is actually governing and existing this world/life/physical existences, essentially ALL of us here. It is in service of all through and as self, giving and then receiving without want, this the 'extra-ordinary' of life I have found.

This understanding and alignment back into living self responsible being in relation to the natural physical order of this planet is what is being walked at ‘Desteni’ and ‘Eqafe’, there is much that is required in regards to educating self on this 'body' of existential material I have found in these sources, though this is a self journey and at the end of the day you have the tools of self forgiveness, self honesty, self investigation, self correction, and aligning self here in what is best for all as what is best for self in breath as all as one as equal.  And with anything the first step is all that is needed to get started, and yet the point of keeping up with the stepping after that is a will in self strength in who you are as life, and within that one will walk through the door and start your process, only you can do this, though there is many who will stand in your stead until you can do it for yourself, the journey to life is being walked here and the support networks you'll find within the desteni group and networks will always be here, so reach out, educate, and participate, it's all here for you to explore. And as with the children of this world, we learn to explore in pure enjoyment and innocence, this is key to remember as one delve in to the self correction process, don't forget to have fun, relax, and breathe ;)

This self journey of self purification (which is supported with Desteni I Process) is key in the redefining and living of the word child and adult in a way that is of support for self as one align and walk the words to support all life in what is best. This I have been looking at and working with as a point of self creation and how I would see and want to live these words for myself and for others to be one day manifest, this is my passion so to speak, what I am willing into this reality, if it is created I know it’ll be best for all as best I saw it in my journey at this moment in time. I am truth in this point for self and thus I am living my self honesty in what is best for all as best I am able to and so it'll be created as I am the creator, created, and creation. Same with the human life span, the creator as the adult, the created as the child, and the creation as the wise child. And thus a trinity is formed and a symbiotic relationship that restores order and balance to the physical and thus heaven on earth can manifest in this point lived.

So I suggest you check out the links below if you haven’t yet, and join me as I walk and explore the redefining and living words of the word child and adult into child and wise child in blogs to come!

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Wednesday, September 4, 2019

Courage - A Guide to Self Creation - Day 590

One of the important points I have found within the reforming of who I have been into who I am creating myself as is the point of courage. I have recently started to recognize and understand myself as this living word, how I shape myself within and as the confines of the word structure of being courageous in my living and what does that mean for me? What I found innate within the word courage is the words core gauge.

Core Gauge is a point of self-honesty self here check-in, especially when i am in a point of no return, such as making a decision on a point of great consequence, how courage has supported me through was referencing and understanding myself within my core gauge. This core is the point of reference within and as me as the 'inner voice' of my self-honesty life beingness point, this is the point of self that I have found supports with living your highest potential to become and align with the life principle of doing what is best for all in oneness and equality.

There is always a decision to make in life, they come in waves or they could come like a thief in the night, out of the blue and unexpected, regardless of the circumstance one finds themselves in, the self of who one is has to make a decision on how to live and exist as one move in this world.

What I realized within walking the desteni i process through my mind designs and patterns in self-interest into a being who is able to walk self-correction, is that the keys of self creation are here, they are within and as everything that exists yet the self within it all has to find the keys and unlock the puzzle existing within self. And yes in a way it is like a puzzle finding the different pieces lying around the floor and having to specifically find the spot through many trial and errors that will eventually fit. Until one day the puzzle is done within and you are a complete being, whole and able to direct oneself soundly within the principles of life. The keys are already laid out and gifted within the process with desteni and eqafe, self forgiveness, self investigation, self honesty, self commitment writing, and living the change that is best on repeat until it is done and you remain.

Courage by redefining and living it within who I am as my core gauge, gauging within me on what decision I will make is of utmost importance that I always align it to the best of my ability to be of life in what is best for all. So for me there is no reason not to make it this life, to create a world that is best for all because I am walking this within myself until it's done, this point of determination and understanding of who I am in my core gauge, that I am life, I am worthy of life, and I will create this life I see I would like into my physical everyday life is indeed how I function. I push myself to walk the core gauge of myself, checking in with my being, my self honesty, my life point within me, and getting the necessary understanding to make changes for myself that will result in a world that is best for all. It's very simple in its understanding and mechanics, what I have found is that the mind within me as the self-interest and ego, can get the better of me and I go into compromise. This too also part of the process of learning who you are this life and growth will surely be forthcoming.

So courage has been a guide for me in a way, not to be afraid of having to stand in courage which has been my past beliefs, but to embrace it as myself and find the solutions within me to live as who I am for the betterment of all life as in principle that'll always support self, common sense reasoning and living.

Grateful for this journey of self-expression within living this word courage.

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Sunday, July 21, 2019

Understanding Myself as the Physical – Day 589

When I look at the word physical and my experience within it, I see that for most of my life I have never considered the actual point of being a physical being, who we are as life here as the physical, it’s been something that has never been in my awareness. Yes, I realized that we are on earth and the physical world is what we live in and with to make us be alive, but since walking with desteni and understanding more of the scope and depth of what the physical actually is, it has been an eye-opening experience to say the least. And what has really been interesting is the realization that the physical world is simple, it is direct, here, in the moment, as everything is all ways in the principle of oneness and equality in what is best for all. Here direct as the moment alive, working with our own physical capabilities, our own physical mind and mental systems we have created as consciousness programs, we are in fact the living creation, yet we have never realized we are this or more specifically forgotten that we have done this.

We have forgotten ourselves as the life principle lived, it is mathematical, specific in it’s application, but within that there is freedom, acceptance, understanding, integrity, and much more. You can’t I have found put a definition on this creation principle, it is ever-flowing and ever moving, and when aligned to life here in what is best, it is the stuff of dreams, really interesting living experiences have been opening up for me. Things that I have always desired and wanted for myself are starting to manifest, and I have attested it to my living application for the past 10 years of self-forgiveness and living change in these very simple principles, being self honest as best possible, never giving up, holding the life principle of self as what is best within self, cherish yourself as life, and then expanding that out to the world you touch. It’s been extraordinary, yet difficult at the same time.

Difficult in the sense that it’s been a process of challenges, I have faced many demons of mine and still to this day have the threat of facing these points, yet, what I have held dear to myself and to what is here and has shown true in my own living experience is life is merciful if one act in this way to others as self. Who you are within your living within yourself and within the without, voices volumes of information to the universe and those supporting in the process of life in what's best on all levels big and small. This is a process of existence that is being walked and we are here together within it all, to support and show ourselves and each other how to live in harmony and peace. and this is through living principled within self as who you are as your best self through self-forgiveness and living change, and through this one will see life emerge within and without. It’s extraordinary because life can not be pinned down, it cannot be tamed, it can not be touched within the honor that resides within what is here as this point of self emergence as life.

So I am starting to explore for myself this physical reality, who I am as a physical being, how the self is as life as who I am as principled living in what is best, through living self-forgiveness and change. These simple points of support have changed my life in the most extraordinary of ways it’s hard to put into words. So I have been honored in this process tenfold and as I have been given so you will be given as well as you stand as life and do what is best. You change your living in your highest self, you align to what is best for all in your life. There is challenges I still face, but stability and self-trust become self and within this, no one can touch. So it’s a self-creation process unknown to not even the universe, all options are open, all possibilities, all opportunities, and do not fear because you are everything, use integrity and stand in your highest potential and you will be good.

This is what I have found as a point of support for me to face the unknown, it helps me to keep moving and forging forward. I also see it as an adventure and fun, playing as life as the child I am of this universe and discovering myself, seeing it for what it is within a child’s point of view, they definitely have something to share and have been diminished for far to long. It is time we stand as life for the children to come, stand up once and for all, and live what is best for all within and without. It’s time to stand in the physical as your directive will, let’s carry on and stand together as a support

Monday, June 10, 2019

It's So Easy to React, Isn't It? But to Give is to Receive, no? - Day 588

Today I had a moment where I realized how much I have been allowing myself to react to my reality, react to the people in it, react to the noises, the hiccups, the interruptions, the pace, there is reactions everywhere, this is because it has become so easy to just react, release the built-up energy, and give into the experience of what it is I am facing in a way of self compromise and self insecurity. There is the motion of it, there is no effort, it comes, I live into the reaction, boom I am the reaction, and then I start creating myself into that reaction. The havoc that is lived out from the moment I decided to live into the reaction is unpredictable in it's scope and measure, once the energy has died out and I have 'calmed' down from the events playing out, I go into guilt, shame, and regret for what I had just participated in.

And then the cycle repeats, and one creates another round of emotional havoc on the body and in one's environment, potentially causing irreversible damage and consequence, which creates the spiraling into guilt, shame, and regret once again. The only point that I have found that has led me to ignore or forget the inevitable pattern of abuse I live out when I live into reactions is space and time, it moves slower and we have allowed the forgetfulness of our past to become part of who we are, who we have become, but how can we actually forgot something we have created in this reality? We must know deep down that this never goes away, who we are is recorded in our flesh and so we will face who have become in this life and if necessary the next. Though we are the creators so we can 'pretend' and so live as the 'I have forgotten my own abusive behavior' pattern, which will cycle the repeated pattern of abuse I continually accept and allow as my creation here in this life/reality and our home, it repeat and repeat until we stop, until we say no more, and we actually live the change to be a better version as self. Understand this is a self process, no one else, but self, so get in tune with who you are, your inner voice, the voice of life that is you, cherish that as that will be your guide in self-honesty, your beingness essentially is what I see it as for now.

What is different and empowering about the Desteni process that I have yet to find in other sources is the actual understanding and living of the knowledge of how to be a better human being in this world, who supports and nurtures all life equal and one to one's own life, how to physically, actually figure this out and do it. The step by steps are laid out in this site along with the other networks associated with desteni, those who are willing and ready to walk this jounrey will do so, nothing will stand in life's way in this regard. The question always comes back to self in who am I? Who are you? That is the question indeed. So one can indeed then implement and commit to the path of life, what is best for all as oneself by practicing the principles of self honesty, self forgiveness, self introspection, and self commitment, actually apply this, live it, and not give up until you have gotten it, it is all here, as the question is asked, the anwser will appear. This has been extremely true in my process, life is a gift, an adventure, and fun along with the reality always that it is in need of immediate change into equal life for all, never losing sight of this point until it is here and self is as one and equal with all.

These principles or living words that is here and taught/practiced in the desteni process and on eqafe intersect and split apart the cyclical patterns of abuse that I have accepted and allowed to playout in my life, it creates a 'remembrance' of who one is in one's action in the past because self was present in those moments, getting a grip and understanding of who one is, why one is, where one needs to go to be a better version, and the steps are walked step by step to become and emerge as the better version you saw the potential you could be, this is seen in the self forgiveness and self-commitment statements. This is the path to life, eternal life, and a world that is best for all, it's in the individual into the the collective equal and one as self.

It is easy to live into energy, live into the reactions, live into the mind, but this is only because we have made it a habit, it's become ingrained, and thus can be undone and how about we make our habits where I as self-support myself to be the best I can be as me as my every breath in my everyday life and we all do this? Where the better version of ourselves where those who seek help and support from are here, willing, able, and educated on how to be of support to stand as an example as the best possible potential one can be, and so one becomes a teacher and a leader in this regard of what one themselves have mastered in the principles of life, being an example of what is possible and what we erroneously allowed ourselves to forget, we are the gift, we are life. To be a master, one has to walk 10000 steps or do 10000 hours of a task. Are you willing to start this journey? Are you on your way? I can tell you all the steps in the world are worth more than any path of least resistance in giving into reaction, creating harm, and being the lesser version of a being you know you can be.

How about our habit is to give life and thus receive it equally so? Live the words 'give' first, and so receive without want as you are creating it within the act of giving itself, it is a beautiful thing and creates real beauty in this life. This journey I am eternally grateful for especially for all those who have come before to stand in my stead as I give to myself the ability to stand and do what is best in self honesty, self forgiveness, and living my change for all life to be one and equal until it's done and so do this for others as I have been given.

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Monday, April 29, 2019

How to Live the Word Extreme that Service All Life - My Findings - Day 587


Continuing with living this word for myself, i wrote some sf and a blog last night on this word and the programming within it, and found it was due to the extremes of energy distractions i have lived into in the positive as indulging in these feelings, being happy, being excited, being curious, being elated, ect. in a way how i physically stand within these points in my body is it's a rush to my head from my solar plexus/stomach area in many cases and warm sensations come over my body and within my head area i am following a line of thoughts, pictures, and im off somewhere in my mind in a way distracting me from the self responsibility I am to face, understand, and change within walking my desteni i process of self forgiveness, self honesty, and living change until it is done.

The polarity of these extremes has been wanting to rebel against the system and those i blame for creating it, underneath that I found deep petrification of survival and death, so still working through these memories, though the realization and change process i am seeing to walk and in a way have redefined this word extreme to be from the outer world as my behaviors through the mind as separation in positive chase for the experience of feeling good for a moment and so balancing it out with the negative experiences of most fear, instead flipping the script and working with the word from the within to the without of self.

I am redefining the word extreme to be an inner fire, passion, that point of life essence that is burning inside of me, pushing, gentle yet in the ultimate strength of never giving up, never giving up on life here in what is best, and using that will as self as my realization and understanding of who i am as life, as the source, as the solution into my expression for all to learn from, be supported by as I have been supported, and creating life here, through the worst, coming through the ashes like a phoenix, that life force that makes it possible to breath and live, that is what extreme i will live, for life, the passion and fire that burns within to use as a force for what is best as my own self will, as my own living word, as who i am in all ways until it is done.

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Thursday, April 25, 2019

Extreme: Working with the Extremes in the Mind to Life - Day 586


Art By: Andrew Gable

We had a chat on this word extreme that you can find here. We all wrote out self-forgiveness on this point and then corrections, for me I found the word was in relation to getting an ego boost in seeing it as a word I define myself by being a rebel, going against the system, and within that blaming and judging the ‘system’ for what it is. The polarity of this point is fearing the extremes of this world, and so being in fear of my everyday life and the people and experiences that I walk in to or potentially could. So there is a lot of emotion within it, not much grounded and so I am interested to clear this world and redefine it to something of life value and direct living in what is best for all.

Self-forgiveness on the points:

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to go into a belief system that I am only able to fight the system and get some sort of experience of feeling good is through going to the extremes of rebelling against it, spiting it, hating it with my emotional force, yelling, screaming, blaming, fighting essentially everything and anything that is part of the ‘control’ as the system set in place.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to go into a rebellion extreme of energy in relation to the system set up and how I feel isolated, restricted, and enslaved based on how I judge and learn about the leaders of this world in the past and what has been created with what is here.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to believe that who I am is someone that dislikes and needs to go into the extremes of emotional anger and spite to get my release of built up thoughts and accumulated energy as I have participated in the build of the emotions by thinking about and indulging more in the system conspires and shit that was done, instead of in those moments bringing the points back to myself and realizing where I am doing the exact same thing in myself, how I am participating and creating the same outflows within me and so without, and how what I am going to do to take responsibility to stop what is here. As I see, realize, and understand this is the only way to self freedom and so freedom for all because if I can’t stand equal and one with all as the correction process that must be walked within and without and become the solution, then I am equal and one to what is here as the system abuse and the abuse of life as I am equally doing it within myself, self honestly understanding and seeing this, and not changing it for the better and what is best as I always have the capacity to do this because I am alive and able.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed me to play into the imaginations of destroying the system, taking down the people I judge as evil and using my words in a way to manipulate the message to blame and defame others who are living a specific way, when I myself have never spoken to them, do not have any direct understanding of what path they walk, and so have no factual truth to be able to make any such judgment or go into blame.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to distract myself with these imaginations of blame and how has done what, instead of working with the reality of myself as the evil and am judging others for as I equally am participating in the same evil.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to compare and so compete with others in this world and put people in boxes as more or less, I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to want to be more and fear being less. I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to play into this polarity and not take responsibility for my actions and stand as the solution in all ways until the point is cleared and I remain.

I forgive myself that i have accepted and allowed myself to live into the the extreme petrification of the way in which this system is designed and the human being in it living from a distorted view of life.

I forgive myself that i have accepted and allowed myself to live in extreme fear of dying, being murdered, being tortured, being in a fire, being harmed in any way and so within this create the desire, need, and want to have happy feelings, happy moments, where i can suppress this fear and deny the reality of this happening to many beings in this world.

I forgive myself that i have accepted and allowed myself to decide to seek out good feelings and happy times to the more and more extremes of these feelings as each time i become more and more needy as the energy dissipates and i have to face the reality of my life, the fears, and the extremes of despair i have myself in due to only seeking out blame, rebelling, and revenge on those i believe are at fault, when all the while, i am doing the exact same thing within myself toward others and so this point continues of the extremes of emotions and experiences in my world never being stable and life at peace because i myself am creating it as such - war like, extreme, imbalanced, and so separate from life here in what is best.

I forgive myself that i have accepted and allowed myself to go into a point of self-delusion within energy extremes, making it about me and my own self-interest experience rather then standing within this reality, what i have created, starting with self change up into a physical level and doing what is needed and takes to change myself so i can stand self-responsibility and be a part of the solution in this world in what makes sense, walking this process of self-purification through common sense living in self-honesty and self-forgiveness until i am stable, clear, breathing, and living what is best each breath and so creating this as my within and so equally will be created in the without and the solution thus will be created as self-responsible being here.

Self Commitments to Live:

I commit myself to let go of the point of needing to bring this extreme of living in emotions and feelings through fighting the system and I commit myself to stand within myself, breath, and bring each extreme force as the energy pull of the mind to walk into the extremes of energy indulgences, I live the word self-responsibility and work on the extreme of my own self process of living change into a being that has respect and honor for the life here and does whatever is necessary to bring through this life as myself in my thoughts, words, and deeds.

So redefining this word extreme, I am using it as a point of motivation and movement to when I want to go into indulgences into the extremes of emotion through the pull of the imaginations and desires that come up especially in relation to blaming others, I stop, breath, and move into that force within the physical, using it to move me to do a point of self-investigation, find a point to forgive, and live the commitment in real time. I commit to living the word extreme for the self-movement of who I am to do what is best and honor this word as life rather than the mind taking it and my allowing and accepting self-interest as an indulgence to reign.

Thanks for reading.

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