Sunday, October 8, 2017

Enough is Enough - Stopping an Addiction - Day 560

There is a specific power that comes with making a decision for self and living that decision into a proven fact in reality, and this specific power is self empowerment. What is self empowerment? To me, I have found this empowerment is the ability to move myself in my reality within self awareness in a direction that I create. So much of our days move with stimulus being pushed in our face, consumerism products, ways to escape life’s challenges, mind altering substances, the list goes on, though through it all and in the end there is a choice and a decision that one makes to either live out the controlled reaction of consumption or direct oneself to decide on if that consumption is something you in fact want to live out or not. So the power of self moves from this force to consume based on like a compulsion within self or an internal decision to move and decide for oneself in self awareness and direct action in reality.

The phrase enough is enough is supportive for the act of stopping an addiction one has, though one has to get to this point and in many cases it does not even have to get to the point where one realizes ‘ok, enough is enough?’, but in most cases I have found at least in the beginning of stopping addictive patterns and habits, this self realization is in fact supportive to stop. For me, hitting rock bottom so to speak was a terrible experience, it was not comfortable and it was not easy, though what i realized about myself in that moment is that I have to get up and I have to stop, I can not continue on this way or my life is going to go to shit and be a waste. I had to do this for myself, my life, and my functioning in my reality in a way that is best for me and continues to support my enviroment the best i am able to. In short, i realized instead of continuing to destroy myself how about I actually support myself and the potential i have seen many times and creates this infectious passion that drives me to grow and expand. This is what I want my life to be about self expansion, self growth, and not only supporting myself, but supporting as many as possible to realize and reach their highest potentials as well.

Stopping an addiction is not going to be done with just a phrase though, yes it supports with self realization, but to stop an addiction one has to decide and then apply that decision every day until the addiction is transcended. And you will be challenged throughout with temptations, with new dimensions opening up, with physical stimulus and desires being triggered, but within oneself there is a power that resides and this power is the power to decide, live, and thus prove to oneself that I can in fact stop and change. Once this is realized, this creates a confidence and a self authority that no one can take away from oneself and will only support who one is in the life that will be lived. Though in the meantime as one walks the process of stopping the addiction, these questions supported me, questions such as understanding why I am stopping my addiction? What is the purpose? Am I doing this for me? What will I do if I fall? Also, answering questions such as why am I so addicted to this point? What comfort is it giving me? What am I trying to escape from? What is my capacity? Who am I? What can I rather do or create that’ll support me? What is my strengths?
I work with the desteni I process as well which is a process of supporting oneself through one’s mind and behaviors with self forgiveness and self corrective change in writing and living. This process and self forgiveness specifically works with the inner workings of self that is happening and that is in fact driving our behaviors in many ways to do what we do, and thus to understand why and also find solutions for it. This platform is laid out in a structured way and definitely supported me to stop and transcend many addictions such as alcohol, weed (heavy user), masturbation, self sabotage patterns, and I am continuing.

There is also the 21 day support process where I have stopped an addiction for 21 days, if I fell and I went into the addiction again I would start the 21 days over until I was complete with stopping for 21 days. For heavy addictions, I would walk this in phases, so 21 days, then 1 month, then 3 months, then 6 months, then a year until I no longer have any desires. Again the desire does come up once and a while, but not as strong and potent. All the while through that process, working with my mind and thoughts to why I kept on with the addiction, working with fears, working with insecurities, working with self judgments, and writing out self forgiveness and self correction solutions to then in real life living be equipped and prepared to live out the correction as solution that I wrote out for myself. It is also helpful to speak self forgiveness when the moment comes up to to support with real time moments of change needed or to release built up emotions. There is much more on these points in the sites below so please follow the links for more or can ask me questions in the comment section if need be, I would be happy to support.

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