Sunday, September 17, 2017

When is Enough, Enough? - Day 559

I have been exploring and applying this concept of having enough with something and changing direction within myself for the purpose of bettering my life and having a positive impact on the world around me. Though, I often thought of this concept or idea in a way of feeling good about it, wanting to access and achieve this goal, feeling like i am a hero if i indeed say enough is enough and so live it. What usually happens in such cases where i just start imagining living the statement enough is enough and thinking about it, is that I would eventually fall because I didn’t in fact do anything physically to live out the change. Fascinating how we can trick ourselves in the secrets of our minds. You can also test this, start thinking about a pattern you want to stop, go into the experiences of how it will be when you do stop, and from there in the next hour or the next day go and implement the imaginations you saw for yourself to stop and get to your goal. You will find that it is very difficult if not impossible to implement such change with such swiftness as the mind did in your thinking. That is because physical reality is real and takes actual creation, actual movement, and this requires ones self will to in fact do change self and remain consistent in it day in and day out. It's an actual doing rather then just sitting back and letting the mind do all the work with thinking.

So what I started to realize about this idea of ‘when is enough, enough?’ is that I was making it into a personality, making me feel a specific way such as powerful, important, superior, yet this did not in any way help or will me to actually live the change out in physical reality. What do I mean by creating a personality or a persona? It is like creating a character in a movie, pretending to be the hero in the film, saying all the right things, moving in all the right ways, and moving around the stage in the choreographed way to save the distressed person, but all the while it was never real as it was make believe, not being who one really is because when one actually go to reality and try and stop it becomes like climbing a mountain thousands of feet tall not enough of self is in the actual physical reality to be able to climb such a feat. The mountain being seen as impossible, when it's not that it is impossible, one has to only build the resolve and stamina, build the self, and live the change necessary to see it through. This can only be done through physical effort and movement otherwise it goes into the mind and off into image-land where it's easily let go of, given up on, and forgotten because it was never real, self was not here living it, and so it is not done for real.

These dimensions I had to work with for myself to in fact become a person who was no longer desiring fake persona’s, but working with the actual reality of myself and through that finding a way to will myself to change to in fact live the statement enough is enough. This is where the real journey starts because I had to investigate and understand myself within the patterns I was working with to stop, I had to forgive myself and stick to the corrective process of change I saw that would indeed support the change needed to stop and live differently. Also within this underlying the whole point the entire time one is applying this phrase is the unconditional nature of consistency that is embedded within living the statement enough is enough. One in fact has to become absolute within the consistency of the principle of what is being lived or rather the why you are doing what you are doing and also through that I realized that I also have to be flexible. 

There are in moments new dimensions of learning that can come into view in any given moment as one has stopped a particular point one no longer see is best, and so this new information or knowledge so to speak has to be considered, applied, and see if it is best. Thus potentially dropping the old and embracing the new, what matters is not the flow of the journey, but who one is within it and how one lives self honesty in doing what is best for all as this will always be best for self. This will take time, patiences, and a level of self willingness to be challenged and be courageous to stop one's addictions and live the statement enough is enough, I will change so all have the ability to change, and this world can change to be best for all. This is the more difficult path because one is going against the grain of what has always been comfortable and easy for oneself, though this journey is most rewarding as it builds a empowered practical being that has a willingness and proven ability to change self when it is understood to do so.

The purpose I am walking within myself in the statement of enough is enough is absolute in the sense that I am willing myself to stop all abuses within me, in my thoughts, in my words, and in my actions to become a being that is self responsible and able to be trusted with life, and this is a decision and purpose I have to keep assessing, keeping in my focus, and applying in my everyday life. As again it is not the usual path or the easy path. My function is no longer to be of service to myself alone, but to be of service to all life because this world indeed needs to change, and if i can’t change myself how will the world ever change. Only self can determine the hows and the whys of the statement enough is enough for one’s life, but putting it into practice makes for a powerful being, best to walk what is best as this will always in turn be best for self and create a world that is best for all. We need more empowered beings in this world that stand up to stop all abuse and say enough is enough, I will stop and I will change to be the best I can be in service of all life, let's stand together as plus ones in the statement of enough is enough of the abuse to life, til here no further I stop, I change, I live what is best for all.For more on how to walk the process of becoming physical and doing what is best, check out the links below.

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