Sunday, October 27, 2019

The Child – Expression of Self as This - Series - Part 1

I am looking at within these next few blogs to explain how I see the structuring of the word child, adult, and family unit in a sense in a way that supports all involved and what is best for all in it’s outflow in times to come. I am walking this process currently within myself in many ways, and through this process of self understanding and self expansion in these words as me I have come to find some interesting expressions and realizations have come up in me that has supported me greatly. I have found an expression of gentleness, love, care, and for lack of a better word softness has started exuding out of me as my core self sharing I would say or like beingness expression as been described in many recordings at is starting to be physically lived as I live my forgiveness and correction process of who I am as a life being. So I have found it important that these expressions of the feminine alignments has been explored and understood within me and so for me to develop along with the more masculine expressions I was more naturally aligned to as a child as structure, groundedness, and physical drive. So for myself, I have as of recent years been finding myself more feeling balanced and stable in these two balancing expressions within self as the masculine and feminine expressions and so this I am seeing has been supporting me to see this 'new' way of living the word child and adult to child and wise child.

Though, please be reminded that we all have within our self presence these two expressions in varying degrees, they are just laying dormant or over-exemplified in ways as one live in this world and through the mind consciousness system, I have found through walking the desteni process these two expressions of the masculine and feminine are coming more into balance and symbiosis and thus allowing me to stand in support of what is here as this physical living reality as my physical location point (for more on this understanding check out this interview on eqafe - The expressions of the ying and yang can be explained and should be in other blogs, this though is not the point of this series of blogs I am writing out here, this series of blogs is based on looking at the word adult and child, but in blogs to come I will explore more these relationships of male/female and how I have integrated them more in my personal process with the desteni tools.

So back to child and wise child as child and adult redefinitions. Starting with the word Child, which if looked at it in the direct physical reality is the smaller, less experienced version of the adult in this world. We see no difference in terms of ability and reasoning skills in terms of growth and development as a life being between the two, one in essence is just further along in the journey we call life. So within this journey location point in the life cycle of the human in this current life we find ourselves in, the adult has more of a responsibility to stand and so support the child to be able to understand and so live the ‘laws’ of this planet earth. As there is indeed a natural order and balance that exist here in this physical world, if one need to understand this study more the circle of life in the natural world, nature and animal kingdoms how they function and exist within themselves and each other as species, an example would be trees and fungus's relationship.

Of course we also have the ‘current’ way the system operates with survival in place as the current functioning of how this system moves we have called 'human modern' civilization, this is what I call the ‘old’ way of walking the world system, this ‘old’ way will eventually be replaced with the ‘new’. The ‘new’ is where each one reading this comes in, we as the ‘new’ are in the process of creating that ‘new’ and one have to realize within this process of creating the ‘new’ you as the self have a responsibility to not only the children to come, but any and all children that come into your care in this current moment and the moments to come until you pass onto the next next chapter of your existence, and anyone for that matter you meet in your reality to support and assist them as best you are able to. This is the natural law and order of this reality as the life principles of what is actually governing and existing this world/life/physical existences, essentially ALL of us here. It is in service of all through and as self, giving and then receiving without want, this the 'extra-ordinary' of life I have found.

This understanding and alignment back into living self responsible being in relation to the natural physical order of this planet is what is being walked at ‘Desteni’ and ‘Eqafe’, there is much that is required in regards to educating self on this 'body' of existential material I have found in these sources, though this is a self journey and at the end of the day you have the tools of self forgiveness, self honesty, self investigation, self correction, and aligning self here in what is best for all as what is best for self in breath as all as one as equal.  And with anything the first step is all that is needed to get started, and yet the point of keeping up with the stepping after that is a will in self strength in who you are as life, and within that one will walk through the door and start your process, only you can do this, though there is many who will stand in your stead until you can do it for yourself, the journey to life is being walked here and the support networks you'll find within the desteni group and networks will always be here, so reach out, educate, and participate, it's all here for you to explore. And as with the children of this world, we learn to explore in pure enjoyment and innocence, this is key to remember as one delve in to the self correction process, don't forget to have fun, relax, and breathe ;)

This self journey of self purification (which is supported with Desteni I Process) is key in the redefining and living of the word child and adult in a way that is of support for self as one align and walk the words to support all life in what is best. This I have been looking at and working with as a point of self creation and how I would see and want to live these words for myself and for others to be one day manifest, this is my passion so to speak, what I am willing into this reality, if it is created I know it’ll be best for all as best I saw it in my journey at this moment in time. I am truth in this point for self and thus I am living my self honesty in what is best for all as best I am able to and so it'll be created as I am the creator, created, and creation. Same with the human life span, the creator as the adult, the created as the child, and the creation as the wise child. And thus a trinity is formed and a symbiotic relationship that restores order and balance to the physical and thus heaven on earth can manifest in this point lived.

So I suggest you check out the links below if you haven’t yet, and join me as I walk and explore the redefining and living words of the word child and adult into child and wise child in blogs to come!

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