Sunday, December 30, 2012

Day 196- “Taking it Personal” Personality – Reaction Dimension – “Rudeness Demon”

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Here looking at the point of the reaction dimension within this point of the conflict situation with my co-worker in which I have been writing about all the different dimensions that opened up within this event in the latest series of blogs. I have found that when I accepted and allowed, the thought dimension and thus thebackchat dimension, and the fear dimensions, I automatically energized the physical reaction stage of my actions within this event that caused rudeness and compromised my relationship with her due to my behavior towards her. The thought dimension was the initial justifications of my reactions of rudeness towards her based on believing the thoughts that I had created in my head, but within this they were not based on reality and thus were not based on fact. So my justifications were invalid and thus only followed through on based on my self interest to be right.

This assumption of what is so and thus me following these assumptions for my own self interest of being right is causing me to be abusive and unstable within myself, and where does that lead me, it compromises my self stability based on the fact that I will create and thus accumulate more conflict based on just trying to win. And when in competition the other will have to lose, which cause instant friction and conflict, and thus cause instability within my world and thus myself

My reaction of rudeness was the outflow result of these different dimensions of fear, backchat to fuel this rudeness and haste within being with her, were I lashed on in anger and deliberately made her feel bad. I find I would have approached the situation different if I had not followed these thoughts, and thus just been here in breath. So will walk the self forgiveness and self commitments to correct this point, and thus stop myself from going into these reactions of abuse through prevention within my own self will.

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