Sunday, December 16, 2012

Day 189 – The Result of Irresponsible Living – Self Commitment Statements

Please check out this blog for perspective on these self commitments:

Day 188 – Result of Irresponsible Living – Self Forgiveness

I commit myself to when and as I go into a point of desiring to stop working or doing what is necessary to be done, I stop and breath, and walk immediately into the physical point that I desire not to do, so I am not enslaved into a point were I believe that I can’t or do not want to do it. I obviously make a common sense assessment to make sure it is relevant within my process, but I stop all backdoors of not walking my physical process of stopping desires for instance by physically walking through it and complete that which I didn’t desire to do realize that I have the opportunity to do so and many don’t.

I commit myself to when and as I go into points of greed within not wanting to share what I have in fear of being taken advantage of or being at a lost, I stop and breath, and make a common sense assessment in the physical with all physical considerations in self honest, and not allow points of self interest to direct me as I realize this will not allow me to effectively give if I am in want. I realize and commit myself to stop all points of want and desire and share with all what I have so we can create an equality within this living world as I see if a I am not willing to share then how can I ask others to do so.

I commit myself to when and as I see I am going into a point of greed to not give money or share what I have due to fear of not being fulfilled in my life and satisfied, I stop and breath, and thus within realizing that I am the other, I give to all what I have as I would want them to share with me. I commit to stop all thoughts and desires to be satisfied in my life, and walk the simplistic and basic points I need to live and thus establishing and give what I can to the development of an equal money system so we can establish a real system that supports all and all life can live satisfied and without fear.

I commit myself to when and as I feel the need to give to a charity to make myself feel good about helping, I stop and breath, and do not accept myself to fall into the trap of feeling good as I realize that charities are not asolution and should not be supported as they are perpetuating and keeping this current system of inequality in place, and thus I commit myself to walk and give to the establishment of an equal money system, so charities will cease to exist and all life will be supported in all areas within this world through a system that is lived and structured always on what is best for all in the realization that we are all one and equal.

I commit myself to stop all points of self interest and greed to have my own personal self interest and happiness while allowing and accepting others t live and suffer each day to lack of resources and money. I commit myself to do what it takes to walk an equal moneys system which will in fact support all life in this world and end the suffering and abuse to life forevermore by giving everyone what they need to live andeducating everyone on who to stand within self stability in self honesty and integrity as a co-equal with all on this planet.

I commit myself to stop all judgments and assessments on who deserves life and equal rights and who does not deserve equal rights as I realize I can not make that call as I don’t know in fact how that being has lived and where they come from, and what the being has been through, so I give as I would want to receive andjudge not lest I be judged, so I can and will walk in fact as equal to others in support and assistance to all walking this equality within themselves as I have learned for myself, so we can in fact walk as equals in this world. I commit myself to walk my process to equalize myself with the physical until it’s done.

I commit myself to let go of all attachments as definitions that I have placed on myself and what I do or who I am, and thus live within and as a point of humbleness realizing that all deserve the right to a decent and self fulfilling life, and thus I don’t stop until this is able to be lived for all through the only way this is possible by treating all equally and making this equality with and as all life as we are one life into a world system that will in fact support all in this way.

I commit myself to walk as my physical body by pushing myself in breath and practicing being here in breath, to realize myself as the physical so I can practically consider all the physical life that is here assisting and supporting my life while I breath and thus equally support with my life to help this world function and co exist as equals.

I commit myself to stop relying and living from intellect as self interest in seeing myself more superior to others, and thus walk as an equal with all life considering them and thus living the intellect I learn and apply it in my living that always supports life and does what is best for all.

Check out the Equal Money System Website, and educate yourself on the policies that are being walked in all areas of life to be what is best for all in allways, and vote and comment your ideas, perspectives, feedback.

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