Monday, September 24, 2012

Day 136- Appearance Dimension Self Correction

I commit myself to stop judging my face as a point of self definition of being good, where in I stop all points of comparision to others faces, and thus walk the equality point by stopping the trigger point which would be judging my face as good/bad when I catch a glimpse of it somewhere or look in a mirror.

I commit myself to stop looking at magazines, tv programmes, media where in I see I go into a desire to be like someone or desire to get another, where in I will go into a comparison to see I match up, so stopping the trigger point of looking at the media until I am clear and able to stand within each picture.

I commit myself to stop putting value on my face and thus walk the point of equality as the physical as all physical parts, realizing that all here is physical and so all here is life, the face is just a face and thus need not be separated as a point of definition, so stopping the definition of the face as something more.

I commit myself to stop creating a polarity of perfection within defining life by pictures, as this is only done in self interest for myself to be seen as more and gain attention, so realizing this and stopping going into the thoughts of trying to be perfect and walk the perfection as myself as life.

I commit myself to stop living in my mind as a polarity of perfection where in I stop judging myself, so thus I commit myself to when I see I go into any point of self judgment or judgment from another, immediately take a breath, and stop, and apply self forgiveness until I see that I don’t have any points of judgment come up, thus pushing myself to walk the physical stopping the mind.

I commit myself to walk the process to equalize my inner and outer world, where I am stable as I stand, by walking the process of sorting out my inner reality to stop the points of separations and reactions of others and myself, and be able to walk as the physical with/as life.

I commit myself to stop the fear of not being like, and walk the process of accepting myself/becoming comfortable with myself, so I am not determined by others, but I decided who I am in each moment which is stable as I accept me here as all life and live the principle of simplicity – which is what is best for all, which will always be what is best for me.

I commit myself to live in the here as breath, stopping my thoughts of judgment as well as my backchat of judgment of life in pictures, stop this until it is gone, moving through the thoughts with self standing, not participating, breathing,  saying stop delete, until it ceases to exist and I am here as life and able to stand without any internal backchat of judgments of any sort.

I commit myself to bring myself back to the physical when I see I go into my mind as idealizing pictures, and walk the physical, stopping the pictures, thoughts, using breath to stabilize and move.

I commit myself to stop the internal conversations within myself of trying to be better, by stopping the internal conversation each breath, moving through it, and breathing one and equal to the physical here by moving as awareness in the physical.

I commit to stop fear of loss, by focusing on my self here in my breath, and walking the physical as myself, realizing that life is here as me, and I am one with it, so I use my physical as me to walk this as life, and stop the directing of the mind to tell me how I am, always I decide in each breath.

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