Saturday, September 29, 2012

Day 141- Desiring Approval from Family- Self Commitment

Here I will walk a set of commitment statements to give living direction to myself and all who read this and find relevance in this, to thus change my living from being dependent on others to define who I am to become a being that live life as my own self willed direct in what best for all.

I commit myself to walk my own process of understanding the direction I have given to myself so thus I know the steps and understand the steps as myself to thus be able to walk the steps that support me and life as me based on the principles I live as as one and equal with all that live, so to create practical solutions in my world to help ease life for all and support myself to walk the process of stopping the mind and bringing dignity back to life starting with bringing dignity back as myself by living it.

I commit myself to live for self meaning consider me equal to all others in my world, and thus walk a self process were in I am not defined by another, but I decide and thus define who I am and so know who I am in each moment, where in I can create an outcome for myself that will support life through practicing this in my world and committing to the change that will create me as a new being that is life and the old that is self interested ego ends.

I commit myself to stop fear of being accepted and thus walk my own acceptance by walking my life in the process of creating myself to be in trust of who I am as I live self honesty, so I know in each moment who I will be and thus life in a sense will become easier as I am here as my decision and thus I can live this in all ways as I trust myself because I am honest with myself as life.

I commit myself to walk my own self trust by walking meticiulously to see who I am as my patterns as memories, so I can understand them and so walk the memories to become equal to them, where they stop having power over me and  I can then recreate my living to be someone who is trustworthy and I will support and push myself to support life in all ways I can.

I commit myself to live by principles of what life is as always doing what is best as what I can see in common sense and thus walking my own self trust through the principles of equality and oneness to thus have the path be direct and clear and so no matter if I stand alone or in a group, I walk what is best for all as this is what I would want for myself.

I commit myself to stop the thoughts of I am not good enough or I am not capable enough, and so push myself to learn and understand what it is that I don’t yet, so thus I walk in practicality as learning and stop the self pity as I can’t do it and I don't know how, I realize always I can do it, I just have to walk the steps of learning and thus live it.

I commit myself to walk my process of stopping all self interest and thus transforming this living into a living that will support all, through self forgiveness, self honesty, writing, and self change, so thus I can do all that I can to change these patterns to be from the mind as ego to life as what is best for all.

I commit myself to stop all points of self interest and secret agendas to get security from my family to have an easy life, when I realize nothing is worth what is going on in this moment as the abuse to life in all areas of this world, so I stop my ignorance and self interest to be happy in my bubble world, write myself out until I am empty, and thus walk the correction to life and living in all ways in what is best, no matter what it takes, I walk and I will stand up for life for a world that is honorable in all ways for all life.

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