Sunday, September 23, 2012

Day 134 – Appearance Character – Fear Dimension Self Correction

 I commit myself to stop fear of survival and stop the desire to be the best in my appearance realizing this is based on self interest where I am trying to gain power over others, and not for what is best for all.

I commit myself to stop competition in appearance of self and so push myself to become more unconditional with others in understanding who they are and what they have been through, and let go of the idea that we have to compete to be somebody.

I commit myself to stop the competition of appearance and become more aware of who we are as physical beings, becoming more aware of my physical body, and so assist and support it rather then diminish it through desires to be the best.

I commit myself to stop the participation in thoughts and judgments about the appearance of myself and thus the appearance of others, and walk with others in the real issues that are relevant with helping change life from being about illusions of competition to living the best we can.

I commit myself to stop limiting myself based on accepting thoughts that there is a way to be the best, when I realize that the ‘best’ is not based on individual self interest to get ahead, but for all of this world, all life, and thus walk the solution as myself to live best for all life, by assisting life here to walk the implementation of an equal money system.

I commit myself to stop cycling within polarities of win/loss, and thus walk to practical solutions such as helping around the house, helping finish assignments, helping with projects, getting to know others that I react to and so I can walk the equality point within the physical, and stop existing within my head.

I commit myself to stop the thoughts, and thus the process of becoming abusive towards others, by walking the process of stopping comparisons between life through when a comparison pops up in my mind, speak ‘stop, delete’ and move my hands as I focus on the breath, to start to release and diminish the automatic reaction to go and participate in the thoughts.

I commit myself to let go of the desire to win and thus let go of all the material and system rewards one will attain for within self interest, such as fame, money, status, reward, and thus I commit to focus myself and all my resources to bringing about change in this world through and with the group supporting an equal money system.

I commit myself to stop fearing others, and thus stop taking things personally, where I walk the process to get to know myself and equalize myself by what’s here, to walk the living realization that all is me, and there is no need to go into a fear and creating an opinion about someone/something, as this is the mind, so stick with physical practical points with others, and if it turns abusive, stand up, practice getting comfortable with supporting myself with being directive and coming to solutions through common sense, using breathing and physical movements, to move through the thoughts and desires to react in these emotions.

I commit myself to face others and stop hiding through isolating myself.

I commit myself to stop the fear of change, and walk change in each moment, pushing this until it is a proven point within self trust, to thus show myself that I am more then the mind, and I can change to support all life.

I commit myself to stop fearing rejection from others, and thus investigate the points that I am reacting to in fear, so to see that part that I am not accepting of myself, and thus start to walk the process to equalize that point.

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