Sunday, September 2, 2012

Day 118- Blame Character Self Commitment Statements

I commit myself to take responsibility for all blame that comes up within me towards, another always bringing it back to myself, and walking the point of correction by facing the reaction in stopping it or directing the point to greater clarity and solution within common sense reasoning.

I commit myself to walk the point of self responsibility when a point of blame comes up within me towards another, by accessing what triggered the reaction of ‘wanting’ to go into blame, and thus direct the point to stop the blame byt not participating in the emotions and breathing through the reactions realizing that it is myself that is creating this reaction thus I am the point of stopping it by stopping the blame.

I commit myself to face myself within the point that brought up a desire to blame as I separated myself from the being and thus seek to regain my standing within ego within my own self interest to be more, thus I stop the point of ego and seeking to be more in self interest, and walk as equals with others in living here in actual equality within others directing myself in the physical instead of separating myself in the mind.

I commit myself to stop all blame on another for the reactions I had which the other triggered within me, thus stopping separation in blame, bringing the point back to myself and seeing what it is that I am not accept of myself and change the point to align with life in equality, I realize I am creating this for myself thus I can stop it.

I commit myself to stop using my mind as a point of self interest where in I will battle with others and make myself the winner, instead I commit to walk the process in the physical, where in I direct the point within myself or with others to resolve what triggered the blame and stop using the mind as the ego to be more.

I commit myself to stop diminishing other’s in my secret mind in blame and anger, and thus walk within the physical to stop the reactions and back chat thoughts, and deal with the situation in common sense.

I commit myself to stop fear of speaking up to others and thus stop taking points personally as this is the mind, and thus I walk what is here as the physical to a point that can be lived by all as self.

I commit myself to stop polarities of seeing myself inferior to others, and walk as an equal, where in I take responsibility for myself and direct myself to what is best for all.

I commit myself to stop the blame character for my own self interest gain to be more and gain a positive feeling as winning, I commit to stop the desire to win and gian positive feelings for myself as I realize feelings are real life and they only separate self from what is here in reality.

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