Monday, September 17, 2012

Day 130 – Justification Character – Self Commitment Statements

Continuing with the Day 129- Justification Character –Self Manipulation points with some self commitment statements, to change this pattern to support self as life in equality.

I commit myself to stop all forms of thoughts that diminish me or another, and breath where I see that I go into the justifying thoughts to thus remain here and be able to move myself in equality in the physical.

I commit myself to walk this point of self diminishing thoughts, by stopping the participation in the thoughts, and walking the point I am fearing facing by allowing the justifying thoughts to direct me.

I commit myself to walk through fear in seeing and realizing the points that are triggering the fear, and through time practically walk the points out that I am fearing by facing the fear, and when it is of the mind to go into suppression, I move through it and interact with the beings or physical that I don’t want to face.

I commit myself to face my fears and walk the points out no matter how long it takes, fear is not real, thus it I realize I am able to transcend them, so I push myself to face them and walk point by point.

I commit myself to push myself to see where I justify myself in my mind to not have to face the fears, and thus go the easy way were I will suppress myself and pretend I am cool, when I realize that I am avoiding points based on deliberately accepting the fear as too much.

I commit myself to stop the thoughts that the fear is too much and I can’t do it, and investigate why I fear it, what is holding me back, what am I afraid to face, and thus walk the process to face these points.

I commit myself to stop the point of self interest where I want protection for me and be secure, when this is only looking out for me while life suffer as I am living into the mind and not pushing myself to face it and stop participating in it, which I realize is the only way to free the life being to really live, thus I commit myself to walk the path to freedom for all life by facing my self as my mind within the force of self interest.

I commit myself to stop and investigate all points of self interest so I can practice and perfect the living action of change to align with life in what is best for all, and stop the abuse of life by separating myself into my own self interested desires.

I commit to stop all experiences of desire and want for more, and thus push myself to walk the physical as breath within pushing myself to be here as the physical in my day to day living.

I commit myself to not accept self diminishment within myself and self compromise, where when I see I go into these points of blame and justification, I breath, move myself, and accomplish the task I set in front of me, stopping the resistances from directing me and making it practical within my living to support self. 

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