Friday, September 7, 2012

Day 122- Disappointment Character- Not Enough Femininity- Self Corrective Statements

I commit myself to stop the comparison of myself with life around me in relation to ideas and beliefs about physical bodies. Thus I commit to stop defining myself as life by ideas and beliefs through the mind, and see life here for what it is in fact.

I commit myself to stop the comparison of other females and thus stopping the idea that I can define myself as more to make myself feel better.

I commit myself to stop the comparison with others and thus stop the self diminishment when I find that my idea of who I should be does not live up and compare to the other and thus judge myself as less then.

I commit myself to stop the polarity playout of others where in I infeariorize or superiorize myself based on my idea being lived up to of myself in comparison to another, thus stopping comparison and remaining here.

I commit myself to remain here in the physical and what is physical happening as reality, and stop defining life within and through my mind as thoughts, memories, backchat, and ideas, and push to live in practical common sense for what is best for all life sorting myself out within the mind through the writing tools placed by and through the desteni site.

I commit myself to stop the idea of how I am as a female and thus stop the definition of this through who I am within my sexuality, and thus push physical expression one and equal to who I am in each moment, and stop the definitions of limitations by accessing my mind.

I commit myself to stop the desire of who I want to be and just simply live here as me in pushing to stop the desires and ideas and express as the physical here in physical living pprefection.

I commit myself to stop disappointment within self as I stop the ideals of the mind, and live to perfect self within actual living as I physically move.

I commit myself to stop judgment of self and others through becoming present within my movements and focusing on the life that is in my environment as equal to me stopping and deleting the thoughts that separate myself from the physical.

I commit myself to stop fear of rejection and face life within understanding of who I am without expectation but only within princples of what is best for all, and thus how I can become the most effective being I can be, so I push myself to stop expectations and work within and as pushing my physical living equal and one to what is best.

I commit myself to stop the defining myself by others and walk the acceptance of self in whatever it will take, pushing to get this done.

I commit myself to push myself to walk effective agreements with all my world in where I come to understand and compromise within equal consideration of all, and push reality in living effective with all equal and one, and stop my mind from trying to get MY desires met.

I commit myself to stop competition to thus stop the win/loss polarity and walk what is best for all which always comes to one solution that is always clear and always here equal among all.

I commit myself to stop desires and thus live what has to be done in what is best for all which in turn will be best for me, directly or indirectly.

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