Thursday, September 13, 2012

Day 127- Letting the Past Go – Self Commitment Statements

Here a continuation with self corrective statements from yesterdays blog, Day 126- Let the Past Go.

I commit myself to let go of the memories as they come up, and direct myself to walk here in the physical, in practically stopping my mind through actually stopping my mind through writing and moving in the physical, and not accepting any reactions with what comes up within me as pictures or thoughts based on the past.

I commit myself to let go of all memories of the past when they are here within a reaction, and thus live from breath, moving myself physically when I find I am going into memories, to thus stabilize myself and not participate in reactions based on the what the memory brings up, so thus stopping the memories from directing me and equalizing myself with what is here.

I commit myself to stop taking others reactions towards me personally, and thus walk what is practical as myself in what I am living to thus stop the distractions as separations I create in separating myself from others as well as myself, and walk here as me and correct the points that are not supporting me/life in self honesty.

I commit myself to direct situations that are here in common sense and what is best for all, making decisions in the best common sense assessments I can and directing myself to solutions and support, and stop the separation based on feelings and emotions.

I commit myself to stop abusing myself by stopping the thoughts of polarity as good/bad, and walk the physical as the physical in practical living.

I commit myself to stop the I am a fuck up character, by realizing and thus living the commitment of walking self integrity and self acceptance in who I am, nad thus not accepting and allowing myself to separate myself due to thoughts that come up based on the past, so thus breath through and support myself in the physical.

I commit myself to let go of the memory of me skiing into a picnic bench and thus stop defining life as myself as weak and others strong based on how I perceive how others see me based on this memory of being perceived as being seen as weak thus stopping this point of defining myself by this, so to walk as the physical in equality and out of the mind in separation.

I commit myself to stop taking things personally by stopping defining myself by feelings and emotions, and stand here within as who we are as equals and direct in the best solution for all.

I commit myself to stop bringing the emotions of less then based on the memory of being made fun of, realizing that it was a point of life in where I learnd who I am in terms of facing this point, and thus walk the correction to support life in all areas as I would want support for myself and treat life in equality as what life is in fact as the physical, stopping the abuse of myself by stopping defining myself from the past.

I commit myself to the reeducation of myself as life in living one and equal with all and stopping all points of separation through the mind, to thus stand as a support for the children/beings to come for them to learn and re-educate on what it means to be a life being here in the physical.

I commit myself to stop the definition of age as more or less then me based on stopping the idea that those who are older hold more wisdom in living, and thus live here in practicality in all aspects that are here that will support life, no matter the age it matters who the being is as life.

I commit myself to stop taking criticism personal from others and realize the gift that is within it, to learn and expand within who I am as it as equal understanding to become a better human being in equality with life.

I commit myself to stop the doubt within me due to comparison with others, so thus I commit myself to stop comparison and walk my process in time of expansion and understanding to thus be stable here and direct  myself no matter what is here as self in what is best for all.

I commit to stop the beliefs that older people are more wise and younger people require learning from them, and just live here in breath with equal with what is here in common sense living.

I commit myself to walk self trust by walking self discipline and application to thus realize within living that I am as capable as any other being in this reality and thus what I require to do is walk my process and support myself as life in all ways I am able to.

I commit myself to walk my expression into a natural expression where I breath and live and stop the mind from directing me within thoughts, emotions, beliefs, and so I can direct myself in the physical and live as such in equality and oneness.

I commit myself to stop self abuse as the separation of the mind to be less then who I am capable of being as life in equality and oneness so thus all abuse will stop eventually as i have stopped it within myself, and life will eventually live to it’s fullest potential in all aspects possible.

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