Friday, September 14, 2012

Day 128- Justification Character – as Self Manipulation

Here looking at the justification character, where in I actually use self manipulation as justification to not have to stand up and face my fears that I am currently facing in terms of transcending my programming within the mind consciousness system that has been resisted through accepting this fear as myself. The fear is not in fact real as it comes from the mind, and thus is evidence that I am creating my own fear as I can only create the fear through my own mind, so thus justifying the fear and self manipulation to stay in this fear, through accepting my mind to direct me here in this physical reality through my physical body.

How do I justify myself is through accepting and allowing thoughts of self diminishment and self compromise, such as ‘you can’t do that, you’ll be seen as a fool’ or ‘your not smart enough, don’t even bother’ or ‘it’s too much, you won’t be able to handle the conflict that’ll arise’, so within the pattern of these thoughts, is justification and self diminishment, where I allow myself to fall back into the patterns and suppressions because I accept these thoughts as me, over and over again.

Within the justification character, it is self manipulation as it’s a point of giving into the mind and using a back door as points that if I look in self honesty, I realize is only holding me back and suppressing who I can be if I just stop the justification to live to my fullest potential. Why would I live in such a way, this based on fear and why do I accept and allow fear to direct me, because of the justification that apparently I can’t break through. But, having a look, I see and realize that this is just a limitation I am accepting myself as based on not fully wanting to take responsibility for who I am.

Thus justifying the abuse onto myself, where in I cycle through self sabotage as falling and becoming depressed, but creating this as I keep defining myself by the characters of inferior, not capable, and bring that through with justifying why I am this way, to thus be able to live into this point where in I fool myself believing that it is not possible to change and become who I really am as life.

But who is the one who is sabotaging who, I am the only one who is sabotaging myself with beliefs and ideas that I am not capable, and thus justifying it as so because I am not disciplining myself enough in my living, to stop the points I see that are not supporting me.

To justify who I am being as a person in the mind limiting myself to my fullest potential which is here in the physical, is an excuse to walk the easy way out, and not push myself in the forms and ways that must be pushed to stop this from continuing. It’s essentially, allowing the mind complete control and access into self and allowing the life force to be sucked out, like giving up, but within the giving up it’s an existential consequences as even if it is not faced here at death, I will face myself in the here after, just making it that much more difficult, and from what I have gathered through speaking to beings here on the farm and in desteni, it’s much more difficult in the dimensions because the physical is a point of stability that is lost at death.

So I will walk the self forgiveness in my next blog to face this point, and thus walk the correction, to stop the point of giving into justifications in self, and thus transcend the point of giving up, to only walk the point of life, in absolute dedication, and pushing to be more specific and detailed. 

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