Saturday, September 8, 2012

Day 123- “What are they thinking?”

Here looking at a thought within myself that I have brought up many times before, this thought of, "what are they thinking?" This particular thought implies that I am attaching and thus defining myself to how I am perceiving how others are thinking about me. When I ask myself this I am usually doing something that I have defined within me as not good or somehow not socially acceptable, and thus I will go into a self judgment of myself, and then go a step further to go and imagine what others had thought in that moment about me within the fuck up that i just did based on my own SELF judgment.

This point of judging myself I am in the process of stopping as I have walked the self forgiveness in various dimensions, and thus can see the correction that is needed to thus stop this point. But here looking at the further dimension of this point of me trying to figure out what others are thinking of me through my own perception, I realize I can never be in fact precise or accurate in just wondering or creating an idea in my mind of what I think another is thinking of me, unless, I go to them and ask them direct what were there thoughts about me in that moment, they then could still not give me an honest answer, and thus I never really know in fact, for real, what another being is thinking about me. And furthermore, does it matter what another is thinking? Why am I defining myself by my perception of others thoughts? Why am I insistant on knowing what others think about me? Some points to open up.

So is this worrying and imagining what others are thinking about me beneficial or will it help me become a better human being? No, it will not benefit me or make me a more effective being because it’s not real, there is no facts, and thus there is no validity in defining myself by what others are thinking as I don’t know in fact what it is they are thinking.

Thus I can deduce from this understanding that I am in fact the one who is creating my own ‘what are they thinking?' with the personalities that circulate in my own mind, judging and comparing to others, and going into assumptions and imaginations within my own ideas, my own beliefs, my own dishonesties, and so it is me that is the only relevant point of looking at this thought of ‘what are they thinking?” So to switch it to 'what am i thinking?' So I can stop as it's me creating this

From here, I realize that thinking is from the mind, so thus it is not real as it can’t be touched, smelled, felt, seen, but it’s illusionary and abstract, if I can't physically touch it with the my physical body, does that make something real? I can think it is real, but is it real in fact, a thought? No, it’s not real as real is this earth, is life, is what can be proven as fact as physical evidence, and a thought, although it comes up, it’s not real it's energy, and energy comes from the mind, which is not real, but in an alternate dimension. So some self forgiveness on believing thoughts are real, and defining myself by who I have created myself as through my thinking.

Self Forgiveness and Self Corrective Statements to follow.

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