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Confidence to Self Confidence – A Self Creation Process – Day 375

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So I am going today to look at redefining the word of confidence to self confidence. Within this I see that there is a point of self responsibility to ensure I walk this word into a living reality for myself and not make it a point of self interest where again I am allowing the mind to direct me as the awareness as life into the polarity that will be created through using confidence as an experience of living rather then living confidence as myself for real which would be lived as self not an experience.

A point that I have learned through eqafe interviews, such as the one’s I will list below is a more broader perspective on how to in fact live confidence, what does that actually mean, and within myself I have looked at it and through writing through the series I reference above that living confidence is through my actions of consistency within an awareness of creating myself in a better way and also working towards a path to create my environment in a better way. I use the things I realize will support myself and these ventures in a way to build self confidence. For example, setting a goal and reaching it, the act of actually walking the steps to reach a goal one sets for oneself and uses one’s resources in a way that will bring one to their goal is a feature of self confidence that will allow someone to build this within themselves. The point has to be walked in self honesty of course, which is a way in which one is walking principled within what is best for all and correcting oneself when they see they have acted in a way that is self dishonest. So it’s like a built in correcting system as no one will correct you, but yourself, and allows the highest potential of self to be lived, which is what life is in fact, the act of self perfection in self creation.

So self confidence is a point of expansion I see within the who I am as self honest and self corrected living, as I expand myself in these principled ways of living, such as being self disciplined, doing something to the best of my ability in perfecting this practice, and within this ensuring one keeps progressing and expanding within these ways of living, the self confidence within whatever goal you take on will follow.

This is based on the fact that your not creating the confidence within your mind and this where you can make all sorts of scenarios and falsifications about yourself and actually go into the point of believing it to be true and then act on it, but in fact it’s not real or true cause it wasn’t walked in fact in the physical. But through being self confident and building this within your living, you have walked the actual physical steps in reality, learned the ways in which to live a point 'better', understood the mistakes, corrected those mistakes, and essentially walked the path to bettering yourself and so you within the living of the ‘better’ version of you you have in reality lived and created, is a confidence you can in fact live as yourself because it is you. So it’s absolutely a worthwhile process to walk because it’s creating a better version of self, and as I said earlier this can only be done by each one for themselves, so it indeed is a point of self creation because it is in fact you creating a point to so build the self confidence of that point as you walk it and perfect it. Self confidence is, I would suggest, the result of the self creation process within any given point one engage in in there life within the process of self perfection.

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