Monday, December 30, 2013

Confidence in the Mind – In a Group/Alone – Part 7.1 – Day 367

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I see that within a group setting, I have experienced myself to gain confidence if within the group I am someone that is strong within the skill set that is common within what we are doing, what is usual in my life was on sports teams, the sports I excelled at I had a certain confidence within myself because I had a measure of value that I attributed to my worth within the group and that was that I was good at the sport. So I gained a sense of hierarchal power within the group in my own mind making me feel more special then others, more at ease with others, more accepted by others all based on the fact that within me I saw myself as one of the better one’s on the team, so I had the right to ‘strut my stuff’ and it made me feel more comfortable and privileged. This leading to arrogance towards others, not considering my actions and words to others as an equal point of consideration to myself, and treating others in a lesser way then I would those that I saw as more skilled. So walking the inner of what the outer of this world is showing, as within so without as the saying goes, elitism through living in an imbalance as positive/negative polarity play-outs lived out through competition and survival.

This obviously balancing itself out within other parts of my life where I would become inferior within my world because I was not as highly skilled and so saw myself now on the opposite spectrum of this competition game of survival of feeling inferior. So this constant polarity is playing out within everything I/we do which is what the mind does to keep us separate as beings from the physical body. The physical body being what is real, what is life, and who we really are. The mind for reference is generated and powering itself separate from our beingness and the physical body through consciousness as energy, so it uses these energies we produce such as confidence or inferiority and creates itself, but at the detriment of our beingness and our physical body as the mind uses physical substance/our physical bodies to create the energy that we participate in such as feeling confident or inferior in a group setting.

Also, alone I have found confidence within myself when I find solutions or move myself within a direction that creates a point of betterment in the environment I am in, within me there is a form of confidence that I see that I enjoy as my ego, where I feel that I have power over others and have a point of prestige because I am seen as someone who is able to create solutions or make a point better. Within making environments in communities better is excellent, but to do it to satisfy my ego in self interest and seek recognition obviously needs a realignment and correction in my living otherwise it creates abuse and inequality. I will be redefining this word as well as it’s opposite in the later part of this series.

So in my next blog I will walk self forgiveness and self correction to these two points of confidence. Thanks for reading.

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