Saturday, December 21, 2013

My Experience Before and After Beginning Process with Animals and Nature – Part 1- Day 361

I want to walk a few blogs on the support I have been given through living and working with animals and nature since I started process. Before walking process, I did live with animals, but did not see animals in the way I see them in this moment, and that is I see all animals and all that live on this planet equal in all ways as myself here as a human being from the great to the small. In my past, I thought animals were less intelligent then humans, they were subordinate, and did not have much going on cause they couldn’t communicate with each other and with me (this so I thought, please hear this series on eqafe as I have gained a whole new insight and understanding to animals and nature and who they are as physical beings on this earth.). As a kid they had there place in the home, they were our pets, I saw them as a toy, a point of play and fun, and when occasionally pushed them or hitting them or was rough with them, I did not ever consider at all that they are aware and are feeling physically everything I am doing same as how I would feel it.

I always had a deep love for animals though in the sense that I loved being around my dogs, I felt comfort and enthralled by their expressions of play and looks of beauty in the seemingly normal moments of there every day life. I really was moved when my dog would come over to me and put his head on me when I was crying after a fight with my sister or a fight with my parents, and he would just give me comfort unconditionally even with all the rough and crazy things we would do with him, like dress him up in clothes or spread peanut butter all over his coat (this as a kid). I am extremely grateful for this process at desteni being opened up to me as it was where I was introduced to the actual reality of the real sameness and equality that exist not only between my dog and myself, but all the life that is on this planet, the animals, the insects, the plants, the sky, the ocean, the trees, the humans, the planet itself, it all is part of what is here and we all exist here together, that was empowering because I had never conceived of such an intimate way of how in fact we are all in this together, we all are brothers and sisters here in the family that is life on earth and our survival depends on the living of this simple truth if we only live it into reality.

Once I started walking process, man, I really had an appreciation for everything, I would talk to trees on walks, I would interact with insects when I had a moment in my day and they had settled somewhere where to interact with, I took care of my plants and expressed within myself towards them the appreciation that I had for it as it grew new leaves each and every few months or so as I gave it water to live. I felt at ease and at home within the paths in the woods I would run and it was summer and everything was in full bloom like running through the jungle, I would take deep breaths and run fast and jump on rocks and jump over big fallen trees, and was in awe at the diversity of life that exist in just a simple scan of my eyes. It was so beautiful, I could not think or imagine anything better then this, living in the heart of what is real as nature, so I enjoyed all of what nature had to offer. This because of the understanding that we are all one and we are supporting each other to exist, nature has taught me so much and we can learn so much of how to live for real and co exist with all the beings on this planet, if we but let go of our egos, our desires, our needs and wants, our excess for more and new, and live simply so all can simply live. We are able to co-exist and create balance in this world and existence, but I have realized it starts within the relationship within myself and my own living, and nature as the animals especially can mirror self quite starkly.

Nature is not all beautiful and serene as they also have to survive and the habitats in which they live have been extremely compromised by humans desire for resources and there extreme need for survival through the creation of excessive consumption we have lived and made ‘normal’, but it is certainly not normal if you see nature as the testament of what life on earth is suppose to exist as. The black rhino for instance, I just read in south Africa is just about extinct and that is due to the fact that a few countries in Asia see it as a miracle cure for hangovers and the believe it can cure cancer, when the rhino horn is in fact made of the same organic material as the human fingernail and has no medicinal value whatsoever. So the solution for this is for one to get out of these beliefs that are not realistic and do not hold any benefit to doing what is best for all on earth, and so stop the death of innocent beings on this planet that have the same right to life as anyone else, and come to a change where our education system and money system is changed to support the expansion and growth of life into a value that is equal within all.

There is ways you can learn more and support a solution that embodies these set of principles of life being equally valued within all and it has been proposed within the living income guarantee proposal, where life will be invested within the value of each one’s right to exist and so given the support that is necessary to exist within a decent and dignified way. Why? Because it’s possible and we can by changing our way of living to support life rather then destroy it. This proposal is also introducing change for the start of the reform of our current destructive systems to be of life support systems like I mentioned above from education to grow to all our necessary systems that make life on this planet possible, but the most important value I have learned is this value that life is equal within all no matter what it looks like, it has an awareness unto itself and exist unto itself, and so by birth and virtue of it’s existence should have the right to exist in freedom.

I was going to write about my experience with the horses to start when I lived on a farm in south africa and also with my dog and some other cool animals I have and am living with cause I read a cool series by GianRobberts on the Death of His Horse Titan and found some really cool insights and support he shared with walking with a horse for many years as he did until he died late last year. He explained his experience of finding the physical as breath through walking with a another physical being such as a horse demonstrates quite distinctly, and the gifts and the struggles he faced while doing this. I also wanted to share some feedback as well about working with a horse specifically because I also gained much insight and realizations about myself in relation to my daily interaction with the horses those five months I stayed there, but I will leave that for tomorrow night. Thanks for reading and please support the best for life through the links below.  

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