Sunday, December 22, 2013

Horses and People– Before/After Starting Process with Animals and Nature Part 2 – Day 362

Cerise Filing Down Fat's Hooves to Keep Healthy

Growing up, there was a specific street that I would travel on once and a while to go over to my dads work a few towns over, and this street was a country road with a lot of forest and land, there was a house with stables and about four to five horses in the fields I would pass. I always thought horses were cool animals but of course they are quite big and so their size scared me. When my niece was young, I would take her there once and a while to visit with the horses and interact with them through a fenced in enclosure. I remember looking into one of the horses eye while my niece was petting him, and a huge fear rushed over me and I went tense. I did not realize in that moment that the horse was showing me my fears, was a mirror to me to see where I am living in fears, because the horse was just there, standing, staring at me, and breathing, there was no reaction whatsoever, just two beings looking at each other. But for me, I was afraid, went tense, and immediately backed away. I avoided going to the farm again and getting to close based on the idea and so the fear keeping this idea alive, that horses are dangerous and I need to stay away.

Years later, who would of thought, but I was on a farm in south Africa and they had 10 horses, I was asked if I wanted to work with the horses, and immediately I wanted to but just as immediately the fear came. So that visit, I kind of shied away from the responsibility and did not work with the horses as I was suppose to, and so allowed the fear of the horses direct me. When I got home, I was looking at the point with the horses and saw I completely gave in to the fear without even giving it one once of a try, I completely avoided the task, and so I made a promise to myself the next time I visited, I will work with the horses. And so I was there for another time, one year later, and again I was asked if I would like to work with the horses, and this time I said a yes. I was going to work with Cerise and her beauty of a boy, Fat.

I met her the first day and went through the routine, after a few days of this, Cerise asked me again, do you want to work with the horses, I need you to commit if you do. So I looked at it within myself, and I saw the fears come up, the horse kicking me, the hard work it took, the waking up super early, and the daily need that I will be responsible for, and so all these points come up to attempt to thwart me from the opportunity that is here to work with Cerise and get to know her, and Fat and walking with him as a horse for three months. And so I took a breath and moved through all the points within myself in that moment by realizing there is no real reason stopping me from actually preforming these tasks, there is no physical or mental hiccup, so I decided in that moment that I will walk this, I will commit, where the mind was screaming for me to just quit.

These are moments, I have found that make a person grow and build the self trust that is very important for a person’s self worth, and it is done when one decide to walk a commitment and then follow through and live the commitment to the best of one’s ability, that I did, and will share more of my experiences walking with Cerise and her horse fat and the others in the next blog. Thanks for reading.

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