Friday, May 3, 2013

Day 290 – Self Judgment – “I Deserve to Suffer” – Self Commitment Statements to Live

Please reference the blog - Day 289 – Self Judgment – “I Deserve to Suffer?”, to see the self forgiveness in correlation with these self commitments. 

When and as I see myself go into the thought that ‘I am flawed, and I deserve to suffer’, I stop and breath, and realize this is a point of self manipulation to gain attention from others and not face the reality of myself as being a bully to me. I realize that I have to walk the process of letting go these self judgments within and as me so I can see myself from the physical within and as what is real as the physical and let go of the mind definitions as I realize they are not real, they are illusion, and I can and have to will this point of self definition and direction in who I am in each moment of breath.

I commit myself to let go of all the thoughts that are of a self judgment and immediately apply myself in breath to not allow the energy as depression take over and walk through the point of low that comes with self judgment.

I commit myself to remain in the physical by moving through within and as the physical body as a stable support through focusing my movements, my breath, and focusing on the fact that this is what gives me my life to live, my physical body and my breath.

I commit myself to embrace myself within all considerations and appreciate myself within the things that I walk through within a point of self-discipline and self-dedication, giving me self-praise and self-love.

I commit myself to let of the desire for perfection and focus on my physical perfection in my living, moving in the direction of this physical reality as perfection through my blogs, vlogs, and living action with self and with the group that walks this into being.

When and as I see that I go into the point of seeing it is time to abuse my physical by mentally beating on it, I stop and breath, and immediately realize and focus on the fact that this is not real, it’s coming up as thought, which is not physical and the nature of it is self harm, harming myself and physical which is unacceptable as this is what is supporting me to live.

I commit to accept all forms of the physical and thus walk the process of correcting that which is harmful to the physical and self as the physical within self honesty and self correction through self forgiveness.

I commit myself to stop all forms of judgment onto the physical and embrace that point by speaking the purpose of it here as it giving me life. For example, the eye gives sight, the heart gives flow, the breath gives life, and connecting the physical with the physical purpose of it in reality to see for real and sound for real who I am for real as the physical and that it is all support.

When and as I see I go into a point of self interest in not caring about what I do to myself or others and thus cause harm due to ignorance, I stop and breath, and realize that every action I take has an equal reaction, and thus I realize I am interconnected to everything and everyone and my actions have consequence.

I commit myself to stop and breath before I go into a point of action, becoming physically here and assessing my next step within the basis of how I would want to be treated and what will be best.

I commit to continue to walk this point of stopping my actions and breathing before I act through accessing my next action in equality and oneness until I am remain here and can direct myself in full consideration of others as myself in what is best.

I commit myself to write out all points that come up that don’t align with equality and oneness and find what the practical solution is to implement this alignment of equality with others in my world.

I commit to become humble within all my interactions with others and reap what I sow eventually which will be a humble self through and through living and pushing physical realizations in self living to all as equals as one life here.

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