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Day 308 - Are you in Control of your Mind or are you Mind Controlled?

What I have understood through the desteni material and realized through my own practice of the tools they share through the ‘process’ that is recommended to walk is that the mind is not just a simple thing that is to be mistaken for a part of human life, we have never really spoken about the mind in any authority as we do with the physical world because we have never understood why in fact we speak as thoughts within our mind, and where and how these thoughts and thinking are created within us. We know the physical in a sense because we can see it, dissect it, study it tangibly, and test it to gain a relative definition and understanding of what the physical is in our world, with the mind though such as a thought, we can do none of this. We know the effects of these thinking patterns have on the behavior of a person and at times what feels like possessions that come over us through bouts of emotion or feeling that are created through the thinking, but again, no one can explain in detail and specificity, where emotions and feelings come from, how in our body/mind they are created, what are they for, and questions such as how can they be natural if we know nothing about them? 

This is self honestly for yourself to consider and have a look at in your own life, you can see evidence of this involuntary and absolute certainty of the mind creating these thoughts and emotions within an anger outburst for instance, it comes up due to thoughts accumulated towards another over and over that can not be voluntarily stopped, and then the emotions will rise and rise until eventually you will be triggered by an external force and blow up and release the energy of anger within what has been accumulating.  So we are moved due to our thoughts and then the accumulation of energy through the thinking of these thoughts over time to then have a outburst that is not self directed nor self controlled, but is what feels like forced through the mind to engage in the environment in this way as a release of all the energy built up within oneself, so the question here is are we really in control as we presume we are or is it all our mind?

We speak often of mind control, like monks and sages having control over there minds and thus being able to direct there body into extremes within human capacity that the ‘average’ human couldn’t believe could be possible. I remember when I was in primary school, a father came in and he was a tae kwon do master/teacher, so he was highly trained in this martial art, and he said something that completely baffled my young mind at that time. He said he sat still for 8 hours with out moving once. I couldn’t believe that this was possible, I put myself within his shoes and tried to imagine myself being able to sit for 8 hours, and I just could not fathom that it was possible, I didn’t have the patients, the control of my mind and my body to stay put for that long, but the question still remains is, is it beyond the human capacity to control the mind and thus direct self for instance in this case to sit for 8 hours? No, as proof of this tae kwon do teacher, it is possible, one need to use tools, and realize in physical reality how this is possible and walk the steps to master it. The imagination of me as a child though was not controlled and thus was not directed within reality in common sense, so I completely got possessed by this line of thinking in my imagination, and from that point on never believed it would ever be possible for me to do such a thing, it’s too hard, I am to impatient, I would be so bored, what would I do, and so never allowed myself to walk this path as I had given up before I even tried due to the mind controlling and possessing me into the imagination thought pattern of defeat.

Now, here this is an interesting way of seeing our reality, me as a child in this instance, being taken over in that moment by the mind and absolutely giving up before I even tried, and really having absolutely no desire for movement to do anything in this sort of manner, of controlling the mind, having self discipline, mastering patience, breathing through uncomfortablity, angst, and committing myself to become a person who is able to direct myself to do something that is not within the realm of what I could believe myself to do. Although I don’t advise to sit in one spot for 8 hours, the act of self discipline, self control, mind control, and stability this teacher showed is quite honorable thing though as it definitely takes a form of effort and self will and mastering one’s own capacity of belief and stimna.

But my point here is the point of where the mind as me as a child so easily took me to self defeatism, self giving up and giving in, self sabotage as these thoughts and imagination scenarios, like a tv show going off somewhere in my mind in another realm or dimension within my body I can’t, see, touch, nor smell, but it in all ways has absolute control of who I am. And what kind of human being did this create within me as this mind that I was listening to and allowing and accepting to direct me in this one instance out of countless instances within my life up to the point of finding desteni, it brought me to become a person that is not in control or has little to no self will and thus within this outlook of myself brought on no real point of self respect or self directiveness. I suggest to read my earlier blogs for proof of this claim and evidence of the way in which I saw and behaved towards myself and my world, all within the starting point of self sabotage and self inferiority, and I am sure you will recognize these patterns as well within yourself.

The mind has complete control of the human being in this life, we don’t really know what this mind is nor what it consists of or operates from or as, and thus is this something we should blindly trust and become directed by so easily as we do? Is the mind a point of life affirmation and creating an optimum world and betterment for the life that is here? No obviously, ok, if not, why not? We can see through the evidence of this world, this creative power we call our mind is not our own, is not self power as life power as self direction, but has a mind of it’s own within our minds as our physical, quite a tongue full, lol, but worth investigating. Study and research the links for more unprecedented and mind blowing material, videos, articles, and first hand experiences with walking the mind of self, and how one can walk a process to control it and thus direct it not only for what is best for self, but what is best for all to create a world worth living in. 

The mind is not the enemy nor the victor, it is us, we have to take self responsibility as it and direct ourselves in all ways of considering life in equality and what is best for all, using the mind as an equal part in this equation through accepting and allowing what is best in self honesty, and always correcting self to live in this standard into eternity. This is not a process that can be walked alone, there is support and much research done on the mind and self within it, I suggest investigate desteni to find out more. 

I leave you with another fitting quote by Loa Tzu, enjoy:

“If you correct your mind, the rest of your life will fall into place.”

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