Friday, May 18, 2012

Day 33- Considering Myself

Do I consider myself within and as who I am accepting myself to be? do I value myself? do I consider myself as equal to life? do I give myself appreciation and acceptance as I would want from any other as equal? Do I consider the life that is here equal and one to me, and do I live this equality as me as all life?

I forgive myself that I haven't accepted and allowed myself to give value to myself as life as one and equal with this physical existence as who I am here, but have separated myself into a diminished form of myself based on the limited experience play outs within polarities as energy poles of positive and negative that I cycle within not realizing that I am just going around in an infinite circle not moving anywhere, but only within the illusion of time as movement within my mind dimensions.

I forgive myself that I haven't accepted and allowed myself to consider myself equal to and one with all of what is here as nature, the animal kingdom, the insect kingdom, the oceans, the marine life, and all life I have seen as not as great as me as I have been defining myself within ego where I have created the idea that based on me being more 'intelligent' as I can speak and live civilized within this society, I am better and this within this idea that I am better I have disregard myself as nature and the splendor of these life forms as myself in the abundance of exploration and depth that is there for me to engage and understand, but abused within and as my living to be consumed and used for my own self interest.

I forgive myself for allowing and accepting myself to engage and live this idea that I am more then other life here based on my 'intelligence and civilized living' not realizing I was separating me from me, seeing me as lesser then actually what is here as the physical as nature and the multiple dimensions and complexities that the nature as all forms of natural life exist within in balance and equilibrium unto themselves, and thus disregard myself as equal to the natural world to the detriment of my living here on this earth as it is in the process of dying right along with me based on my desire for more within ego as self interest and not seeing that life that has always been here equal and one to me but followed my mind as ideas which is not real and based on my own desires.

I forgive myself for allowing and accepting myself to separate myself with all life here within and as the idea and desire that I am more powerful then life here as I am a human being that has intelligence which is assumed and based on the idea that I can communicate and thus conduct myself within this society and animals, nature, insects, marine life can't, not considering me as nature where they exist and conduct themselves in communion and equilibrium just in a different way then humans and in different frequencies and processes but all the same and thus actually stand in more balance and unconditionality within there living expression as equality as themselves, where in fact nature demonstrates over the authority and power it has over the human when life becomes real in my world, the physical always remain, me as my ideas, beliefs, assumptions do not.

I forgive myself for allowing and accepting myself to miss myself  here as equal to and one with nature as this physical existence, but destroy it because I am not seeing that the nature and all life that is here no matter what it look like or who it is, is one and equal with me as we are all here in the physical and we are all life, and thus I can live and walk in consideration of all ife here as myself in practical common sense and stop the dominance and desire for more for myself over the life that is here and always will be here in equality and oneness whether I align or not, life will always remain and be eternal as this is what life is eternally here in this physical REALity I as thoughts, ideas, beliefs, will end as it is mind and the mind I realize is based on illusions as consciousness not reality.

I forgive myself for allowing and accepting myself to not consider myself within and as the marine life and oceans of our home as earth here and respect the equilibrium that has been created through and as nature as life and become a life giving environment for who I am as the life that swim and move about in the oceans, but disregard myself and separated myself as life and consumed and destroyed the natural habitat that is the oceans and marine life in this world for my own self interest greed for profit and consumption, the balance and equality of life one to me must always be considered equal and one to remain here within equilibrium with myself as physical life which is what is real.

I forgive myself for allowing and accepting myself to not consider myself within the life that is being tested for products and consumer goods and the suffering that is going on within this system where life is not being consider equal and one to how I would consider my own life and well being but only used and abused for consumption and thus taken advantage of for profit and money. I realize and see that this life is me as I see that when chemicals and foreign products go in/on the skin or in/on the physical that is not conducive and in sync will cause pain and suffering and thus to do this deliberately is an act of abuse against life, against myself, I am abusing me here as I am not considering the oneness that is here eternally within all that exist adn thus in my mind as self interest abusing myself for a momentary satisfaction that will never last and I will never live eternal as who I am as life.

I forgive myself for allowing and accepting myself to separate myself from the oneness of all life here within all it's forms, all it's manifestations, all it's creations, and all it's living expressions and thus I realize and understand that in fact that all that exist here is me so thus I am to consider all the life in all ways in equality and oneness to myself within and as my physical being as I am the other in another life as all that is is here within the physical is me as we are all life here this is who we are, I have always been here, but missed myself due to allowing ego and self interest as mind relationships within energy experiences to direct me, thus I stop the energy as mind relationships to direct me and direct myself within and as the consideration of myself within all the life that is here and thus stand as myself to realign back to who I am in my oneness as the physical in equilibrium and balance and stop all suffering and abuse to myself as all the life here forevermore.

I commit to stop all points of separation with all that is here to thus re-align myself step by step back to the physical by continuing to walk out my personality play outs as mind dimensions I have created and walk the correction within and as the physical one and equal here as me.

I commit to stand for solutions that stop all the abuse to life here and walk the correction within myself to consider and realign within all in equality as life.

I commit to walk myself in to and as correction to be able to be aware and consider myself within all facets of my world to thus not create any separation with any point but walk within and as equilibrium by starting with myself to equalize myself with my world and the beings currently existing in my life and thus step by step expand and equalize til I am here and all that remain is self.

I commit myself to accept myself here as all and stop all the separations as mind ideas, thoughts, and beliefs within better/more and stand within equality with all life in what is best for all.

I commit myself to slow down and thus walk the breath walk and become aware as myself as the physical within and as the rhythm of my breath til I am here and all that remain is self as the breath of life.

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