Sunday, May 6, 2012

Day 21- Fuck you!

I forgive myself for allowing and accepting to take others actions towards me personally, like it is a personal attack onto me where they are seeking to abuse me and bring me down.

I forgive myself for allowing and accepting to feel offended and hurt when others yell at me or tell me to do something in a demanding and forceful way.

I forgive myself for allowing and accepting to go into immediate resistance towards the other in a stand off to battle with them as egos as I am taking it personally and seeing that I have to defend myself.

I forgive myself that I haven't allowed and accepted myself here as the other in realizing that I am only reflecting myself to myself where in I am not accepting that part of the other as myself and seeing that it is being done onto me when in reality I am doing it to myself as I am not stopping it within myself and thus enforcing the reaction as forceful words and anger within myself and thus resisting it as an attack brought on by the other when I am not doing anything to correct it here, I am causing it to continue.

I forgive myself for allowing and accepting to not live the correction as myself to stop separating myself from what is here as I realize what is here is me, and thus to stop the battles within myself and me as this world, I must stop it within myself and become a solution for myself so I will have a set of principles as guidelines to walk the correction until I am here as life one and equal as the physical world.

I forgive myself for allowing and accepting myself to go to war with myself as life within the starting point that the other has done me harm, where within this acceptance of others doing harm onto me and thus retaliating in the same way as separation with the other in bringing battle to them, I am perpetuating the abuse as this world as it is the same abuse that is going on within myself. I am the cause of the abuse of this world as I abuse myself as another living into the separation that 'we are enemies'.

I forgive myself for allowing and accepting within myself the belief that 'we are enemies' here as this world as this has brought the atrocities and suffering within and as this world as within this belief it is stating that I am not here, I am in conflict, I don't know who I am, I don't accept myself as life, and I don't accept the life within another, and thus this is what I create a world of hell, suffering, conflict, war, bombs, and kids being killed as well as many adults, animals, nature, this world as me. I realize and see who and what I am within this, I realize I am life, so thus I must walk this in absolute fact as myself to turn the tides and create a world where all children, adult, animal, nature, and this world alike are safe, and all life is respected and honored as I would want for myself.

I forgive myself for allowing and accepting to go into self interest as desires to gain more then another and thus when I do not get this more, I go into a disappointment and a point of revenge where I seek out this point of fulfilling my desire where I will do what it takes to fulfill this desire so thus I don't have to feel the disappointment again, but within this I forgive myself for allowing and accepting to live into this polarity play out of desire/disappointment, when I realize and see this will always be the case, as I am chasing emotions and feelings which are not real nor able to be sustained eternally, thus its a constant search for more with no real fulfillment possible as I am addicted to the high, but always with the high will come down to the low, what goes up must come down.

I forgive myself for allowing and accepting to be addicted to the highs of desire and fulfilling the desire as good feelings for a moment, and thus accept the enslavement of myself to this point as living within the limitations as polarities, never being here and living stable in all that is here as this world as myself as the unlimitedness potential of the equality and oneness of all life in truth. I realize I am one and equal with all thus I don't need to desire nor go into disappointment, but be here, share, and stop the energies as emotions and feelings from directing me, stop limiting myself by chasing energy as mind projections and movements.

I forgive myself for allowing and accepting the mind as emotions and feelings direct me as desire and disappointment and thus separate me into attaining this desire even while I abuse and bring suffering onto others, and thus go into ego points of staying on top to keep these feelings and emotions and have them come more and more where I attack others as I believe that I am separate and thus continue the abusing life so I can feel good.

I forgive myself for allowing and accepting myself to separate myself from life and not stand up for myself as all as one as equal and walk the correction. I realize and see this is who I am and the path to real lasting eternal peace for all life as well as myself, thus I stop my mind as ego and walk to life here as the physical equal and one to all.

When and as this point comes up where I take things personally and desire to go to battle with the other, I stop take a breather and leave the room to stop the energy build up. I communicate only when I am stable. I realize that I am life here and thus I walk the path to life through self honesty, self forgiveness, and self correction.

I commit to stop separating myself from others and see that I am reflecting me, I take the points shown back to myself, walk them out in self forgiveness, and live the corrections so I stop abusing life and thus become as life one and equal to all as how I would want it for myself.

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