Sunday, June 24, 2012

Day 68- Walking the Physical: The Body

I forgive myself for allowing and accepting myself to identify who I am based on the way my body looks and is shaped within the idea that I have a nice looking body and bodies that are not nice looking are not as acceptable. I realize and see that the human physical body can not be defined nor limited due to the idea I have placed due to my own self interest as mind energy nor can any being be judged based on the accepted and allowed nature we have all existed within overtime of abusing ourselves and abusing our physical body by the mind as ideas, judgments, beliefs, thoughts, ect. I realize and understand that the physical human body is life and here and thus I am the decider to have life here by aligning myself within and as this physical human body by aligning myself with and as the oneness and equality of this physical existence within and through my physical body as the physical is what is real, this by living my words in all within and without that is me.

I forgive myself for allowing and accepting myself to judge the human physical body within an idea that I have created of some are more acceptable then others due to my desire and knowledge of what will attract others to me and how the body can be used in such a way to feed my mind desires and ultimately get my good feelings of energy through praise and/or sex and thus within myself use this praise or sex that  I may be able to get through my body manipulation to gain acceptance for myself as I am still defining myself by outside sources instead of seeing myself within and as all that exist as life that is here in this physical existence. I realize and understand that judging my human physical body and using it in such a way for my own gain is taking advantage of the gift that is here and always has been here within and as the physical as I breath, walk, and able to express myself with life as life. I thus see and understand that I must stop the definitions as ideas of what is acceptable within what a body should look or be like, and accept all life here as is, walking and living the correction of myself in all areas of life til I have perfected who I am and thus walk the perfection of all life to be the best possible potential we all can be by living in systems that harness this and create the opportunities for this to become manifested through the equality and oneness of all life as self within the life being lived here within this physical existence as how we create it as such.

I forgive myself for allowing and accepting myself to exist within and as a point of desire to have a certain body type as athletic and toned and thus within myself create a split as separation with all human physical bodies who are one to me by defining bodies in such a specific and limited way. I realize and see that within and as life we are all different meaning our physicals are different shape, sizes, colors, looks, but this is not in any point of separation as within and as who each one is as the shape, size, color, look is all one as life, we are all one as life thus there is no limitation within and as the body as life, but only self correction through walking myself to self perfection through becoming the living word and birthing myself as the physical in equality and oneness with what is here, so life is here and within this there is no separation only life. So within this realization I understand that I must stop defining myself within specific limitations such as body types and stop judging and limiting others within who I am by accepting all as myself and walking this point as myself within and as life here as all as one as equal as the physical we all are as the gift that is our human bodies that allow us to live.

I forgive myself for allowing and accepting myself to take advantage of the human physical body by desiring it in a certain way and only desiring my own self happiness where in I am only in limitation within ego trying to get energy to make me feel 'good' as I have become addicted to this relationship rush. I realize and see that the physical is here and always has been here within and as oneness and equality with all the life that is here and within this realization I see that I have been the one who has diminished my physical and abused my physical based on following the mind to compromise my physical by not living what is best for it, so within and as the understanding that the physical human body has always and continues to support me as the physical life within each and every cell, to each and every organ, to the physical body itself one and equal to life and thus supports me unconditionally to live and breath and walk the process to life as myself and I must take this opportunity to walk this realization to completion as myself as life for what is best for all to have eternal life and stop the death process of myself as energy, energy will die and thus that is why the physical dies as we kill it by accepting ourselves in the chase for energy missing ourselves here as the physical itself living in each and all moments.

I forgive myself for allowing and accepting myself to become addicted to energy as a rush within and as the self interested life style I am currently existing within and towards the physical as I get a rush when another see me in a certain way and thus have defined this certain look to be acceptable as I see that I am getting the energy I desire, and thus create a polarity with the physical as separation based on my own happiness within my own self interest to create energy. Thus I realize and see that I am existing within and as the mind in separation with the very physical that is giving me life unconditionally even within the fact that I abuse it for my own self interest, thus realizing and seeing that I am creating this abuse and diminishment to my body such as disease and so thus I must walk the correction through walking self investigation through self writing, self forgiveness, self honesty, and self corrective living to prove to myself as life that I will not abuse what is here in unconditional support and what gives me life the physical existence one and equal with the physical body one and equal with myself as I am here as the physical breathing.

I commit to stop all polarity play outs of separations within ideas of what the physical should look like and walk the physical in practical breath here as I move and breath, stopping the mind, thoughts, judgments through the support tools until they no longer direct me.

I commit to walk within and as each and every physical pain to find it's core origin as this is the physical assisting me to see where and how I am existing within the mind as the pain signifies system activation within and as the mind consciousness system which is embedded within the human physical body.

I commit to stop the separation of the physical by stopping my desires as ego in self interest and living within and as self correction through self forgiveness until I am here and clear and able to be trusted within myself and prove that I will no longer abuse life and walk what is necessary to be walked to restore who we are as the physical manifest within and as our human bodies which gives us here the gift of life itself.

I commit to walk self forgiveness unconditional to stop any point of back chat and secret mind desires so all is investigated within me and I am able to be birthed from the physical as nothing is hidden and life is here as me until it is done.

Key: Physical = Life

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