Thursday, June 21, 2012

Day 65- Death by Competition


Re defining the word competition:

Dictionary Definition:


the act of competing rivalry for supremacy,a prize, etc.: The competition between the twoteams was bitter.
a contest for some prize, honor, oradvantage: Both girls entered the competition.
the rivalry offered by a competitor: The smallmerchant gets powerful competition from the chainstores.
a competitor or competitors: What is yourcompetition offering?
Sociology rivalry between two or morepersons or groups for an object desired incommon, usually resulting in a victor and aloser but not necessarily involving thedestruction of the latter.

I forgive myself for allowing and accepting myself to compete with others for a prize of energy as good feeling only seeking and pushing my own self satisfaction while others lose and become defeated. I realize and see that to compete with another is competing with myself, diminishing myself, and creating abuse towards myself because the other is me and lives equal and one to how I would in that moment, not enjoying the competition and pain that is caused with the conflict that is played out within this 'game'.

I forgive myself for allowing and accepting myself to go into a form of possession to get my mind experience as an energy rush of good feelings or feelings of power when I beat another in winning the prize of gaining the most energy and seeing myself more then the 'loser'. I realize and see that all that this is showing me is that I am willing to abuse others and diminish others so I can gain a 'prize' = energy, but within this I gain nothing as I have done it in spite and lost any point of self worth as I have not given equal worth to the other who is in fact me as we are life, but caused them to suffer and causing me to become closer to ceasing to exist as energy dies and life as a competitor ends as the energy I have become will run out = eventually at death.

I forgive myself for allowing and accepting myself to spite life and those who are here within and as my self judgement of defining life in terms of competition were I fight to live and based on this acceptance of creating and causing conflict to get an experience as winning as is competing I spite myself as I am the one who will lose as I created the lose when I went into separation towards the other and accepted myself to walk life in ignorance. I realize and see that within this I am not really doing or creating anything that is of use to me as life but becoming a demon within myself as my mind direct me to only seek my own pleasure while others lay in suffering and I walk over them like trash.

I forgive myself for allowing and accepting myself to be ignorant towards the suffering and abuse of others I am participating in when I participate in the action of competition. I realize and see that life is not in need of competition and abuse, but only the mind walks this as ego as myself as I accept to have my desires met over others well being in equality to me.

I forgive myself for allowing and accepting myself to not consider the well being of another when I go into competition but seek only for my self interest desires to win and get nice feelings within. I realize and understand that I must stop the completion and desire to win and walk equal with all if I want to live in true peace and freedom and become life in the physical as this is only walked within the stopping of abuse and separation of self and walking one and equal with all life for real. 

I commit to stop competition and desire to win, and stand here within and as life as me and walk with side by side in unconditional support and give to another what I would life given to me.

I commit myself to check the ego at the door and not accept and allow myself to go into desires to win by stopping the addiction to power.

I commit to stop all points of separation with others and walk the solution that will be best for all by walking the process to equalize myself with all who is life here. 

Re-defining Competition to live best for all:

Use a point of competition in a giving way were one realize who will be best within a task to support a world that is best for all, this also can be seen within systems that support life in finding the best possible outcome for life in equality and oneness in what is best for all life using a form of competition as measurement to see in reality who will be best suited for the position in all points of equality in all ways. 

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