Friday, June 22, 2012

Day 66- Walking the Physical: The Face

I forgive myself for allowing and accepting to judge my facial structure were I see my jaws being to big. I realize and see that the structure of the face is based on the dna design from the physicals of my parents and thus is a physical consequence of this and something that allows my face to have form and my body to breath air to live.
I forgive myself for allowing and accepting myself to judge my mouth as big and my lower lip as too much hanging out. I realize and understand this judgment is based on a desire for a certain outcome. Here I see and understand the mouth is for the processing of food and grinding it down to nourish my human physical body and to communicate with life as life thus I stop the desire for a certain outcome as that is diminishing  my capability to live in equality with my physical as I am separating myself into an experience for my own self interest while the physical suffer with limitation.

I forgive myself for allowing and accepting myself to judge my ears as too small as I overheard someone saying that people with small ears were born with a deformity or not fully developed so I always judged myself as incomplete and not someone who is at full capacity which I resented my mom for. I see and realize that this rumor was just that a rumor as I can hear fine out of my ears and I am able to hear and understand the direction of life and thus am grateful to be able to hear out of my hears so I can function and live in this world through hearing and understanding.

I forgive myself for allowing and accepting myself to judge my nose as too big as I desire to have a small and straight nose as I have seen my sister have and always desired to have a nose like that. I realize and see that judging nose and desiring a certain nose type is chasing a feeling of experience to get what I desire within and as my own happiness where I can use my face in such a way to attract a man and be happy within being with the man of my dreams. I realize and see that this is all made up bullshit as it is not manifesting any point of support for myself or life here but feeding the mind as desires and keeping me distracted into desires, diminishing myself by judging my physical when my physical has always been here in support unconditionally supporting me here.

I forgive myself for allowing and accepting myself to judge my eyes and ugly and not normal looking where I have created such a picture in my mind I have attached the eyes with experience from the past where I was teased and thus blaming my eyes for the pain I felt in that moment. Not realize and seeing that I myself am the one who created the experience of being made fun of as I existed as such equal and one to others where I was the abuser and abuse life to make myself feel good/better then others. I realize and see that judging and blame the physical doesn't make sense and thus diminish me into a lesser version of myself then I have in the potential of who I can be in equality. Thus I commit myself to stand eyes realizing that they are here in unconditional support to help me see the world around me and be able to live and giving me the opportunity to birth myself as life. I stop judging the physical face as it is equal and one to me and here as physical practical purposes to live and allow life to live.

I commit myself to stop judging my eyes, mouth, lips, ears, nose and myself based on desires and ideas, I let go of all ideas and desires I hold to be more and walk as breath to equalize myself with life.

I commit myself to walk as breath in practical common sense with my physical face as well as body and take care of it and nourish it so it can function at its optimal potential and it can live and express here.

I commit to understand and walk with my physical to walk through the indications of pain and release them to thus walk through the systems causing the pain and bring life as the physical in alignment with the physical equal and one and stop the suffering of the physical forevermore.

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