Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Day 64- Taking a Different Approach

Tonight, I was talking to my sister and we were discussing an issue I was having with someone we both know, I was saying that the situation always ends up in the same way, and that I can't see what the deal is. And she said to me to take a different approach to the person/situation and walk with the person in accordance to this new approach. I looked at this point and realized that I never really physically have taken a different approach with much in my world as I see it does take physical effort as well as an awareness and consideration of the other in a more wholeness point of view and how you will in fact change to walk with that other. I saw this as a really cool point, because until now I haven't yet implemented this in my world nor really come to realize the relevance for change with this new consideration within the 'normal' 'mundane' daily tasks and life that I come in to contact with and see I am having the same reactions too over and over again in time. So here I will walk some self forgiveness on the point, and see where and how I can take a different approach, but to note for myself and anyone who is reading this and finds support, it's not to take a different approach within the the point of morality being good/right rather then bad/wrong, but walk within common sense practical consideration of the reality of what is here within my/our world and consider the other in more awareness and care then I have been and see the equality that in fact exist here and always has been between us.

I forgive myself for allowing and accepting myself to go into a situation or communication with another based on the preconceived ideas I hold of them and who I have defined them to be as this hinder my ability to see what is really here within what is being said and cause me to react much more then if I was stable and able to hear(here) what is really being said/physical moved within the situation/communication with the other in my world. I realize and see that to really be here and hear what is being said or moved physically within the other I must look/see/consider in a different way/approach/outlook then I have previously been looking/seeing/considering as I see it's manifesting in consequences that is not one and equal with the other and myself, but creating consequence that is not helpful and cause abuse as it's always done or ends up within friction and conflict.

I forgive myself for allowing and accepting myself to have preconceived ideas and definitions of another being based on my desire to be the winner and for me to be right so within myself I can gain a feeling of accomplishment for a moment and feed the buildup of energy as anger/anticipation/competition within me when in communication/living within other that is in friction/conflict and release this energy build up on the other or living situation, so I can win and be able to gain the most feeling as good because I won and beat the other, but I realize and see within this scenario of desiring to win/be the best/gain good feelings, I am causing another who in essences is me equal and one to feel less/defeated/abused as I have deliberately created the words and physical movements of my physical body and sentence structure to abuse/diminish the other so I can gain. Thus I realize and see this is not the approach nor acceptance I will allow for myself as I do/would not want this for myself as I realize and see what it is like to lose and it's not enjoyable. So I must break this cycle by taking a different approach to others as life in equality focusing on the breathing of my physical body and not going into the energies to fight back/be the winner/gain feelings, I essentially realize I have to give up the fire to fight and win and the addiction to the energy that is created within the feelings attained when on top and become humble with and as life in gentleness.

I forgive myself for allowing and accepting myself to equally exist within the competition play out with the other in my world by participating in the desire to come back from the feeling of lose/diminishment through the others words or movements towards me and take it personal like a personal attack or vendetta that I must retaliate against as I have taken this as a challenge to who I am. Within this I forgive myself for allowing and accepting myself to limit myself to a mind energy play out of win/lose with essentially myself eating away at my human physical body as I am in conflict/friction with myself and beating and abusing myself while I gain but a moment of energy as 'good' feeling so I can have the moment of glory within and as my mind and know that I beat another and I am better again for a moment, but realize this has to be sustained thus will never be satisfied thus making me a slave to energy/the mind. I realize and see that within playing this point out of playing into the feeling of being diminished and personally attacked, I must not allow this and take a different approach to walk into the attack and see what can be done within equality, push myself to solve the issue in consideration of the others words and how the other is seeing the point in it's totality and not react to the words/gestures/actions in the moment of conflict. Approach with the starting point of equality and doing what is best for both and really pushing myself each day to implement this within and as my world. I must let go of the desire to compete and win and let go of the desire to gain energy through conflict with others, and realize it's just a trap and it only cause the destruction of myself as life.

I forgive myself for allowing and accepting myself to go into conflict with others and retaliate towards others based on me not seeing or living the other as myself, seeing the other as the opposition  that I have to figure out and compete with and survive with based on the idea that this way of life is what I know and it's the only way to make it in this world. I realize and see within this that this is just an addiction and a fear of not wanting to push to see what lies on the other side of this addiction where I let it go and live in equality with my 'enemy', walk in the shoes of them, and see that in deed they are living just like me, in fear, in desires, in wants, in needs, and not really seeing past the reality of there mind as energy addiction in the belief that this is the only way to live. I realize and understand who I am within this life equal and one with life here as life/source/substance our origin points and what has always been and will always be, and thus I have the tools within and as me to walk with others and stop the reactions to fight and so walk the solutions to walk a better world with others by considering who they are and only walking what is here in common sense and what is best for the other as well as me in compromise as equal consideration with all involved. I approach each 'enemy' type being within common sense and really strive to walk a new approach that I have not done yet, which consider the other in equality and see what comes of it.

I forgive myself for allowing and accepting myself to see other life as the 'enemy' and that I have to compete and combat others due to allowing emotions and feelings to possess me and the belief that this is who we are and all we know. I realize and see that emotions and feelings are just forms of energy that move within my body in relation to a certain circumstance, so thus I can and will prepare self to breath through these circumstances where I see and realize they are about to or on the verge of manifesting to conflict, and walk the practical steps I know will be more conducive and supportive to the both of us or the life involved, taking the different approach form mind addiction and possession to life here in equality with my environment and myself within it. Also, I understand and realize that the beliefs that is all that is here is the mind is false as I breath and see what life is in breath here and it's all here for me to see one and equal.

I commit to walk with all life within and as my world in a new and different approach each and every breath as I see a point time looping and the same reactions reoccurring, I push myself to implement breath and equality with my environment and realize that 'I' as Self is the only one here.

I commit to walk as an example for others still stuck within the mind dimensions so life and all points of life within their realizations of self can see and understand from the life that is here that theirs is another way and different approaches to what has always been and what we as a society have defined as 'normal' by walking and living one and equal in common sense practical solutions for what is best for all.

I commit myself to always walk and face myself within self investigation, self writing and self forgiveness through and as all points that don't align with who I am as life in oneness and equality and so I gift myself the opportunity for change and support to trust that I will walk the change as I see self is the key.

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