Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Day 269 – What Does Being a ‘Winner’ imply in this World for the Human Being?

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So I am going to have a look at the positive polarity play out of the win-lose/weak-strong play out we as human beings play into in many different ways throughout our lifetimes. The positive polarity obviously being the one that gives one the nice, comforting, strong feelings of importance one experiences when one becomes the winner, the better one within the play outs of our lives causing the experiences within us to grow of self righteousness and superiority because we have beat others, showed more skill, overcome more obstacles, was the fastest, the quickest, the smartest, the most strategic, creative, decisive abound, but in essence what does the winner within self represent looking at it in self honesty, it represent self satisfaction.

Within me I can see within myself when I win, I have a sense of self satisfaction because I fulfilled a belief within me that I can do something, I can achieve something in my life, I can accomplish something, but this desire for this fulfillment is also implying that I lack something, that I lack accomplishments, I lack something within myself to thus make me thus seek fulfillment. So winning is not an actual point of self expression within considering all of who I am and what I am in fact giving to others within this point of expression of myself, and thus allowing all to win equally to how I will enjoy and benefit winning, but it’s an act done to create a feeling of self satisfaction and thus acceptance of myself within the interest of only making myself feel goof, better, fulfilled, this through the energy or feelings received through this experience of winning at something. So what cause one to not accept oneself and thus seek self-fulfillment through winning?

This being due to our thoughts, specifically about my thoughts of self insecurities, self imperfections, self flaws, and thus the quickest and easiest way to push these thoughts aside and away for a bit is to win, winning in something for a moment, gives oneself the feelings and energies of accomplishment, success, and strength that create the feeling of self fulfillment, but then the feelings go away just as it came as the energy diminishes, and then again I am stuck with myself feeling the same insecurities, the same self imperfections, the same self flaws, where again I will seek the next competition and thus the next opportunity for a good feelings again. This though is no easy task as it takes much practice and perseverance to become successful and succeed at the top, but even the most practiced, the most successful, the most accomplished in one’s selected competition, will eventually lose the energy, be it physical energy or mental stamina, and then again will be faced with oneself, the reason for seeking and driving to be in this road of seeking wins in the first place, and that is the thoughts of insecurities, self imperfections, and the self flaws.

We all can relate to this and understand this within ourselves, we have always pushed ourselves to win in relation to being better then others to show that one is superior and thus not have to face the truth of ourselves, the truth being that we have never really lived acceptance, lived who we are, live life to it’s fullest, one and equal with all in all that exists.

Will continue in next post, thanks.

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  1. Very clear and insightful. Thanks for the supportive perspective on wanting power through winning.