Sunday, October 21, 2012

Day 157 – What is in a Name? 'Garb' age Part 2 Self Corrective Statements

I commit myself to stop the pictures of digust within my mind when the word garbage is spoken as I realize it is what it is within the physical consequences of our partipcation in physical life.

I commit myself to stop the judgment of the word garbage as gross and disusting and stop the point of correlation to me as my name as garb within it and thus I assosicate myself and judge myself as gross and disgusting because of this point when I realize it has no relevance to myself, the only point of similarity is the letters within a sequence that is the same to the beginning of my name.

I commit myself to stop the negative charge to the word garbage by stopping the pictures in my head of rotting groos waste, and thus breath through this reaction and stabilize myself by focusing on the common sense understanding that it is the consequence of how living process here as life and the physical process of the food process and life process.

I commit myself to stop the judgment of myself in seeing myself as negative when called the word garbage, as I stop and breath, and let go of the judgment I hold of this word as disgusting and gross, and thus see it within the context of a joke or an ignorant person, and thus direct the point within understanding that I am not defined by a word but who I am within what is here or said to me, I define me, I decide.

I commit myself to let go of the judgment of self based on the word garbage, and thus stop the inner conflict when someone calls me this by stopping and breathing when I go into any judgment realizing that I am not defined by this word through stopping my negative association with it and living it for what it is here in the physical meaning of it.

I commit myself to stop the feelings of being attacked based on taking the word garbage personally by stopping the reactions through breathing.

I commit myself to direct myself within a stability point when this word is spoken towards me by stop taking it personally as I realize it is just a word and has no relevance to me but only if I allow it to, so I stop this point from bothering me.

I commit myself to stop the point of giving up and reclusion when I am called this word as I stop taking the word personally by breathing and remaining in in the breath until the emotions/feelings stop, and realize that it is just a word.

I commit myself to stop going into a suppression point when I hear this word spoken and directed towards me and stand stable in the understanding of how I am as equal to others and that I am not directed by words, but I direct myself as

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