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The Child – Expression of Self as This - Series - Part 2

For Reference and context, the first part to this series:
The Child – Expression of Self as This - Series - Part 1

Continuing with the process of opening up and redefining the word child and adult for myself, and how I see it best to be lived in what would be best for all. I am reflecting on my own process of how I have come to understand this word and living of these words child and adult for myself based on who and how I have walked within the desteni I process that I have been diligently walking for the last 10 plus years. The desteni process I have found is important with supporting me with a foundation point to be able to indeed redefine this word child and adult to be child and wise child, because it’s the process I have found of the adult being birthed again as the child of existence and from there one walk into the ability to respond to reality directly and so learn the way of this physical world and reality, the laws, how it’s designed, engineered, and structured, and within this how to be able to stand in the stead of another and raise this other to be a wise child, holding onto the wondrous nature of the child in this world as well as harnessing and using to all’s benefit the understanding through experience to live in a way of harmony and symbiosis to support oneself as all as best possible, thus the adult birthing as the child of existence through the desteni of the universe which is the desteni i process becomes the child of existence and through time and space becomes and creates the wise child, which will be what self create as there legacy.

This all will be cyclical of course, so one will indeed individually walk the process of becoming the adult, which is the a dull in one’s location point as the adult’s in this world currently are living disconnected and void of the understanding and so example of giving the child they create into a being that honors life and so stands for solutions that are best for all. Now a days and in the past, we see that this world was not created in symbiosis, support for all, understanding of natural order, and doing what is best, we have lived mostly in survival, fear, brutality, and death, and thus our children are not becoming the solution as we have hoped, they are becoming the a dull, meaning arousing little interest, lacking liveliness, boring, they are not operating in the means in which we as life are meant to and have the potential to live, which is like a child, innocent, engaging, alive, here, present, curious, adventurous, wild, carefree, freedom, independent, and much more, this point of child in our reality is a gift that has been given to ourselves from life itself to once again see self in a pure form and through that learn how to live in a way that supports all, as this will support oneself and so one’s child as well cause you can take care of it and know when it goes it indeed will expand in all ways possible as self has given that gift of self.

Without though understanding the how to take care of a child properly in this world, one will have difficulty transcending this dullness that occurs to ourselves when we come to adult hood, not everyone in this world does this, but the majority of us do, meaning we settle, we go into the system, survive, don’t question ourselves, don’t question the status quo of this world, don’t question why we accept and allow the annihilation of billions of people, animals, plant species, our clean environment/natural cycles in our eco-living system, and much more. We go into the idea that we are not enough, we can’t do it, we are not smart enough, good enough, there is not enough resources, money, knowledge, but when push comes to shove for myself, what always comes up within me in these moments were I have to face what I am doing to my own inner child and any and all children I meet in this life that I can potential support in a way of what is best for all life, what I do when I don’t stand and essentially let that spark of life that we all see in children’s eyes get snuffed out within me when I settle for a mediocre life, a settled life in the system, a life that is not what is best, this in essence is what the adults in this world have done, we have snuffed out the life within the children to come cause we have essentially done this to ourselves over generations of time and programming. But things have changed, life has emerged in the most unlikely of places and spaces, and is here, standing, with and aligned with all children to come to be able to stand as guardians of not only the children's lives to be best for all, but equally so the home and land in which we were birthed from is lively, enjoying, expressing, and aligned in symbiotic relationships that are supportive and life giving always in all ways.

So it’s a switch of perception I have found into a single focus of what is best for all life in oneness and equality as what would be best for self, and through the tools at desteni and eqafe explained in unbelievable detail over hours of material resources (this source a few of many, but here I see desteni i process my tree of life, my root system from which who i am as a being from this point of starting my process is growing from, so it's a foundational platform to support one to stand as life and essential i have found if one walk this journey with what is here, which I highly recommend) you too can become the steward of the children to come, making them grow from child to wise child as the adult in essence births themselves equally so as the child of existence from a dull location point one was walking into the wonderment of living as a child of existence and through this process of self forgiveness and living the change, one become and so can stand as a support for the children that are here to become wise in the sense that they know and have examples of how to live to be there highest potential, along with and aligned and integrated as best possible with all life around them as oneself, as one's example, as one has done it for themselves, and so now can stand and give the gift to another of self creation. 

This is a journey and a process, though this particular structure I have seen as a pattern for myself of the journey I have walked and now can say am able to stand for the children in my care and to come to be able to give them wisdom to live there best self and truly be able to live life here in joy and peace and prosperity for all life as we know it. And for all life children to come as our future selves, long live ourselves in the best life has to offer. 

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